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Sir Spart on French Shores, Demo

Author File Description
Algren t l s
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Strategy
"On Frencch Shores" ; "Beachside Booking" ; "Sir Spart and the Landing" ; etc.

During the colonial years, there was an increasing greed for colonies in the Americas. The French grabbed a spot near the beach in the new world. But, the british wanted a beach view for themselves too. As the Royal Fleet of England approaches the french shores, its Sir Spart's duty to hold the last british camp and await for the landing. Accompany him and blow up the french!

Spoiler: This is just a Demo. There are only 3 missions, 7 sub missions in total. Also, it has a bug, if anybody is able to fix 'em, ill credit them in the 'full' version.

Duration: Apprx. 40 mins.

Triggers: 37.

Difficulty: Very Easy.

Note to player: Just go by the instructions. Dont Deviate, or there will be even more bugs.

Note to reviewer: Its requested that the area marked by N/A must NOT be looked at at all.

Ty for downloading, please post any commentz.

There is a bug though:
( ):Some strange affects with 'Task Object' trigger loops. It occurs when Sir Spart returns after defeating the highway men.

Please mention if you are able to fix it.
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Official Reviewer
Map Design3.0
This scenario is only a demo, and a beta version at that. However, this review in no way negatively takes that into account.

Playability: 2
The scenario was pretty fun to play. The idea of the scenario was that of an amphibious invasion set in colonial times, British vs. French. The missions of capturing/liberating certain spots were pretty interesting, and painted a nice picture of a more "modern" kind of warfare. Unfortunately, there were several bugs that damaged the playability to a certain degree. Some had to do with changes of ownership, while others had to do with a plethora of unit spawning. A serious issue was that when the objective said to "explore the area," I took it to mean that I should go fight the highwaymen and liberate the mine, as that was the only way to go other than the heavily guarded camp. Killing the highwaymen caused a later objective to be unable to be activated, forcing me to restart. I would suggest blocking that area off with rocks or invisible cliffs until the time comes to trigger the purple units to capture the lighthouse. The lighthouse and camp changed ownership before I had defeated the enemy forces inside them. Too much unit spawning and tasking during the defend the camp part, as Sarn mentioned, caused heavy lag and a crash, not allowing me to finish the game, which was truly a shame, as I had been finding it really fun.

Balance: 2
Although the author previously stated that the difficulty was very easy, that needs to be changed in order to create a more enjoyable experience. It is evident that the author tried to create an increased hp/morale system to make battles last longer and be more intense, which is admirable. However, it ended up being fairly unbalanced, with masses of longbows buyable for a pretty small amount of gold being able to slaughter everything in sight, making most of the battles a total joke with little micromanagement needed. I could virtually sit back, keep that galleon that buys bowmen selected, and watch the onslaught, at least before the aforementioned gamebreaking bug caused a crash.

Creativity: 3
I touched on some of this in the playability section, as creativity definitely contributes to playability. As I said before, the idea of an amphibious invasion and step-by-step conquest of the enemy's defences like D-Day was pretty creative, though not unheard of, but used well. It is also worth noting that not many scenarios of this style and subject matter, if any, have been made, making it quite unique. Unfortunately it is kept from a higher rating by a nearly nonexistant story (will be mentioned in depth in the Story/Instructions category) and the standards/precedents set by some of the blacksmith's best. In short, the creativity does not come very close to matching up with that of the higher rated scenarios in the blacksmith, like the works of Ingo, Lord Basse, Marscheider, Stoker, Panel, and others whose work has garnered near-perfect scores in this category.

Map Design: 3
The map design was decent. The author was able to create some pretty good-looking beaches, a fairly realistic mine, and a pretty well designed fort wall with cannons and archers to boot. Personally, I thought the highlight was the French port and military base, which looked pretty realistic with laborers (petards) walking on the docks carrying barrels, and a military base that demonstrated a good use of the map copy feature without overusing it.

Story/Instructions: 2
This was probably the low point of the scenario. The full extent of the story is what is included in the description here on this file's page at AOKH. A good story, though not absolutely necessary, does a great deal in positively affecting one's enjoyment. The virtual lack thereof is disappointing. As a player who enjoyed this scenario, I would love to know more about Sir Spart. Who is he? Why is he so significant? That sort of information wound into a story combined with a little more clarity on the setting of the scenario and why the French and British are fighting (again) would definitely raise the score here. The instructions, though not horrible, could be a little more specific to prevent the player from unintentially activating bugs forcing them to restart. Otherwise, they were pretty decent.

Additional Comments:
Although only a demo, unpolished, and incomplete, this scenario shows some serious promise. Some last minute but important suggestions would be to be to fix the bugs, improve the story, and make use of custom AI's. The Immobile Units AI by Zanzard Lothar would be useful for the "Royal Fleet" team to prevent resignation and for whatever one of the orange players controls the Fort Wall, to keep them in formation. The Immobile/Aggressive switch AI by Lord Basse would also be very useful to switch from immobile at first to Aggressive when the "defend the camp" part starts. That way, the enemy units attack by themselves after spawn and you can remove all of those task object triggers which probably caused the lag and crash. Implementation of "attack waves" would be more realistic than the enemy units streaming from their camp endlessly to attack the camp. Lord Basse's minigames "My Fort My Empire" and "The Escabar Ruin" are textbook implementations of this system and are recommended downloads for guidelines of how to improve this part of the scenario. Once again, I would like to commend the author on a unique creation that shows such promise, even though it is obviously the work of a newbie (to the editor at least).

Also, if you should choose to update, (which I hope you do), then just post in the "Review Requests" forum thread and I will redownload, replay, and update my review. Good luck!


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Map Design3.0
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