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Zarus v4.5

Author File Description
Lazarus II
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Goths, Huns, or Teutons, land maps only. Preferably 1 vs 1.

Fixed some stuff.

Fixed a escrow problem.
I don't think there are any problems in this version. Also is a flusher now.

Added some escrow and the things that were suggested. Also fixed a bug I had with houses.

Improved TSA. It actually works now
Much improved in other categories too.

Update for the AI, now uses TSA for Goths. Note: When using Goths, you can only play tiny maps. Other civs are still the same.
Some other edits too.

An update deserving of a whole number; My AI now plays Teutons! It will do a flush.

Huns now flush sometimes.

Fixed some bugs... I HATE BUGS.

Some edits.

Way improved the Huns.

Now plays Huns too!

Edited it a bot more, removed flushing, because it didn't work very well.

Edited it a bit, added lategame full military spam.

SUPER BIG UPDATE! It deserved its own number, so it is version 3.0. Completely changed how it decides what to train, plus I organized it a lot.

There were bugs in version 2.0, so I deleted it. Use this one. It has bug fixes and improvements.
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vintorez How do I test this A.I. vs the standard AOE2 A.I.?

Where do I acquire the original A.I. (for SetupMulti)?
Promiskuitiv I don't know about SetupMulti (never used it yet, just downloaded it ages ago), but you can create a scenario in the editor (you can just generate a random map of Arabia type for example), then go to player properties and then change the personality of the AI. Personality = AI file.

So you can let Player 2 be The Horde AI and Player 3 the standard AI if you want. Player 4 can be Promi, Player 5 can be Zarus, etc..

Then you just open the multiplayer game and load this scenario, just fill the AI slots with "computer" like usual and ingame (even if the names of the standard AI are shown) you'll play against The Horde etc. (for example).

The standard AI is really easy to beat for other AI's though ...
vintorez Thanks. Is there any way to spectate (or co-operate) a match? AoE demands to have at least 1 player ('either') but I'd like to watch or play as a computer.

II2N You can pick p1 to be any AI just the same way you picked the others. Then you'll coop with AI.
vintorez II2N, could you explain?

If I set player 1 in the map editor to Either (can't set it to computer) and adjust it's personality to anything but standard, it still won't work. I still have full control.
Promiskuitiv II2N means to set player 1 to computer in the lobby.

For example when you just start a singleplayer game and you are setting players 2-8 to "Computer" then you can do the same with your player 1 slot. You can change "yourself" to be computer and then you'll spectate the computer. You can even interact then.
Campidoctoris "How do I test this A.I. vs the standard AOE2 A.I.?"
You can play a normal Random Map game but selecting the player 1, instead as Human, putting the Standard AI or Zarus (better Zarus if you want to see the game from its point of view instead from Standard AI one), and putting the other AI as Player 2.

"Where do I acquire the original A.I. (for SetupMulti)?"
Download the Goose AI, it includes an explanation about how to convert any Single Player AI in an Multi Player one. Goose AI is also a strong AI itself.

If you want to convert the Standard AI in a multiplayer version I think that you'll have to download its code from aiscripters forum. Anyway there are a lot of strong AIs which will provide you more fun.

Zarus AI. There are stronger AIs because it's author has begun to script very recently (he will improve a lot its AI in the future). But it's NOW clearly stronger than the Standard AI, I know it because I have tested it and I've seen Zarus facing quite well even games against AIs which smash very quickly the Standard AI.
Lazarus II
File Author
Working on adding flush defense right now...

Maybe going to make it flush if certain conditions are true..

Updated. Twice since this post.

[Edited on 02/20/12 @ 06:20 PM]

Lazarus II
File Author
SUPER BIG UPDATE! It deserved its own number, so it is version 3.0. Completely changed how it decides what to train, plus I organized it a lot.
UnfairestEel Nice!!!
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