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Age of Empires: Feudal Warfare

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Age of Empires II: Feudal Warfare

Total Conversion Mod

This mod brings a whole new gaming experience to Age of Empires II, with new mechanics and new units.
This mod is to anyone who enjoys good tactics to play with his peer. Every civilization is more individual than the vanilla version.

The Forces of Feudal Warfare:
- England - France - Scandinavia - Spain - Hungary - Poland - Swiss
- Teutonic Order - Templars - Hospitallers
- Saracens - Moors - Syria - Byzantines
- Japan - China - Korea - Mongols

*Taxation\Fief - Your treasury will be mainly filled in coin collected from TCs you own, gold mines are a rare resource.

*Noble concept - A player's goal now is to Conquer enemy bases, instead of demolishing anything in its path. Create Noble Units to own the enemies' Town Center.

*Experience Techs - Your units stats are improved through techs that require an amount of Kills or Razed buildings, etc..

*Original New menu theme

Current Version: 1.1
I stopped supporting the mod for the near future. If anyone wants to take my place or aid in some way he is welcome to make contact.

For bugs\suggestions\general discussion visit here:,40671,60,30

Please comment and review!
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Khan Ivayl
My love for conversion mods has let me want to review this work for quite a while now. Total or partial, conversion mods reinvent the game and the more complete they are, the more they refresh the fun in playing Age of Empires. 'Feudal Warfare' by Carmelious is a great attempt to recreate the feudal system of the early middle ages. It also changes the set of available civilizations to include famous knight-orders and proud nations.

Usefulness/Novelty: 5

Inspite of most graphics comming from the game itself or the blacksmith, the mod is highly novel and creative. Creativity is most evident from what I use to call translating historical reality to gameplay: You need a blacksmith to start building barracks; the bell you need to ring for your peasants to go hide is in the church; while stables and archerys enable cavlry and archers, but all military units are still trained in the barracks. Most interestingly, you have noblemen to convert Town Centres with, which gives war new dynamics. I could go on with examples, but the point is that the mod offers what is promised in the description: a completely new game experience. The way the graphics are combined and rearranged the esthetics also change and fit the reality of feudalism.

Quality/Instructions: 3.5

For a first upload the quality is impressive. An installation script quickly transforms the game and the combination of data-editing and visual arrangements make up for an almost completely new feel. However, I feel more changes need to come in the future. Right now the illusion of a complete conversion gets busted when you look at the history files, listen to the speech of your peasants or see that the mill of the Hungarians still looks like an Aztec building. Some of these changes are not strictly necessary. Adding native speech for each civilization would be a cool extra, but that's a little detail few players would notice. Leaving the original Aztec architecture in place when designing a central european civilization is a more serious mistake that makes my eyes itch. Overall the changes that ought to come, are in my opinion worth 1.5 points and this free space for improvement is reflected in the rating.

Additional Comments:

In its current form the mod already offers an exciting new game experience, but with the original game shining through on some occasions, you don't really get to completely dissolve into this other reality. Such little details like the aztec mill remind you, that your game is just wearing a mask. A mask that rips apart here and there. Ofcourse all mods are a bit like masks and let something shine through, but I decided to be particularly critical as this project has the potential to be a very good and solid mask and I would therefore like to encourage further polishing. The player is adviced to closely follow the development of the project. With a few more far-reacing changes, this mod might become one of the best out there.

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