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~Phoenix~ (unfinished)

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors
Style: Role Playing Only
Number of scenarios: 1

By Teotl

NOTE:This is an unfinished version of the game.

This is the story of the World of Magnavis,
a world created by the deities known as the Three Phoenixes.
More precisely, about the Fall of the Three Empires at the hands of a single man.
A man who possesed a most rare quality... Care for human life.
This is the story of Draos, told by himself in his journal.
A tale that talks about Greed and Arrogance, and how a perfect world can be destroyed by the most dark of Human qualities...

This is an unfinished version of Phoenix. Originally consisted of 10 chapters, this game is playable until half of the chapter 1, suming up 45 minutes of gameplay. This is basically a taste of the full game, and I hope that someday I can finish this.

Thanks for reading.

Teotl, of Black Forest Studios
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Official Reviewer
Map Design5.0
"Phoenix" is Teotl's long awaited project, that promises an enjoyable RPG gameplay with a deep story. Though for the moment there is no reason to be optimistic about its completion, we now have a taste of what the full game will be like, through this unfinished version.

Playability: 3
We are given the introductory part of the game, that consists of a pretty long cutscene and a good amount of gameplay, just enough to raise one's enthusiasm about the game, because it clearly is a damn good and potentially epic rpg. However, the fact that it's unfinished has left its mark on the gameplay of this first part. I was waiting for a long time before the gameplay really got interesting (the castle part). Some of the characters are not renamed in some scenes (Draos inside the castle for instance), and there are a few glitches that nearly made me restart (Akelos got stuck outside the locked gate when I was facing the monster and I could not recuperate him afterwards). Some further polishing of these details would make a big difference to an already promising start.

Also, the introductory cutscene seems to drag on a little bit too long, but this might have to do with the fact that I couldn't experience the sounds that went with it.

Which brings me to this... I experienced big problems with the sound files, that seemed to crash my game all the time. First, I removed the sound that plays in the beginning, but the game just crashed when the next sound file played, and then I just gave up on the sounds alltogether and removed them. I am aware that the sounds might've really improved the experience, so I hope the author will fix them in the future.

Balance: 4
The game was well balanced generally, but a little on the easy side, and instructions were clear and extensive (the author has gone so far as to provide tutorials - a nice addition). The only "unbeatable" part was the monster segment, but it was only unbeatable because one of my two characters were stranded outside the gate due to a bug. If that hadn't happened, I assume it would have been a balanced fight.

Creativity: 4+
Creativity is generally standard for a good RPG, but there are also some nice touches by the author. The purchase system with the outposts was interesting, but I don't know if it's the best solution as far as map aestetics and realism is concerned (those outposts take a lot of space, especially when you have a lot of items to sell). The tutorial, which I have already touched on, is a very unique and nice addition to a game such as this. Of course, the mechanics of the game aren't so complicated as to warrant an in-depth tutorial, but it shows professionalism and it leaves a good impression to have that.

Map Design: 5
The design of the game was really impressive to me. I think obvious progress can be seen between this and the trailer as far as map design goes. The city looks good, and so do the landscapes, though you will need to marco polo to experience it all. There are some "pond" areas, such as the one next to the palace, which have really impressed me, and watching the map I almost felt like watching a (top) pretty town contest entry. A lot of work went in map design, so I hope Teotl will eventually give it purpose with more actual gameplay.

Story/Instructions: 5-
As I said, the instructions are clear and extensive, provided even in-game. One slight problem is that in the beginning quests don't get updated in the instructions tab, so sometimes you have to check out the chat history to see what you were supposed to do.

And the story is really intriguing and well set-up through the initial cutscene and then through the gameplay. It would be pointless to spoil it, but I will just say that, even in this initial phase it still manages to have plot twists and to make the players eager to find out more.

Additional Comments:
This is a very recommended download for RPG fans. THey will surely find it enjoyable, even though it is not a full game yet, but a project with lots of potential, and that should definitely not go to waste.

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Map Design5.0
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