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Vlad Dracula

Author File Description
Great Emperor
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Strategy

Vlad Dracula

Vlad Dracula


The 15th century was a violent time. Wars and famines were as usual as terrible
tortures. Constantinople, the last defence against Islam fell and the Ottomans
invaded Europe. On their way they fought against Serbia, Hungary and the little
kingdom of Wallachia. So it's not astonishing that such a bloody ruler reigned
during this brutal time.

In 1431 AD a son is born for the voivode (Wallachian ruler title) Vlad II and
gets the name Vlad as well. Vlad II is called Dracul, meaning "dragon"
in the Romanian language. For he is a member of the Order of the Dragon, a
secret organisation with the aim of protecting the christianity. Therefore his
son will be later called "Dracula", it means "son of the dragon".
But "Dracul" has another meaning, it's "devil"...

Dracula's childhood is hard. His father is murdered when he's 17, at the same
time his brother is blinded and buried alive. And when Dracula seizes the throne
much later he executes thousands of people, his popular method is the impaling.
This is when a dull stake is rammed into a person's backside and erected. The
stake destroys the inner organs and it takes often days until the victim dies.
It's because of this cruel punishment that Dracula was called Vlad Tepes (pronounciation:
Tsepesh), Vlad the Impaler.

One time he impales 20 000 Turkish prisoners in front of his capital and calls
it sarcastically "the impaled forest". When the Turkish sultan watches
this scene, he and his army turn around, in spite of a 3:1 advantage...

This scenario is an RPS game about the turbulent life of Vlad Dracula. There are
three possible outcomings, Dracula becomes a vampire in one of them.

I created this scenario originally in German. That's a translation (the sound
and trigger names are still German). So I apologize for all the mistakes that
surely have occured. You can find the original version at

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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Jagatai Khan
Map Design5.0

Playability is perfect.I am also interested in Vlad's life,so I had great fun while playing it.If you place the sound files,the game becomes a thrilling movie!I got the shivers!


Although the instructions are good enough,the scenario is a bit hard.Maybe Vlad's life was hard,but sometimes,the game becomes impossible to pass.Also I didn't play it in hardest level.I don't want to think how will the game be like in hardest level!


What can I say?In this campaign there are 7(yes,seven) parts is one scenario!It is a professional work as you see.However,I think if there would be seven separated scenarios,the game could be a legend,like Tamerlane campaign.This is a subjective opinion,maybe someone likes one-scenario campaign.

------MAP DESIGN-------

I liked the map design,there were not any unnecessary areas or big spaces.The map is suitable for triggers too.But because a one scenario campaign,Moldavia-Prag-Romania is too close to each other.

--------STORY INSTRUCTIONS--------

This is the most perfect part of the game.Vlad's story takes you to an another world,you will certainly fell in the magic.Vlad's story is amazing,but the sceanario has an amazing story too.A lumberjack is telling to Vlad's story to you and you are in the part of the story.There are very amazing parts,like "cleaning" in the city,Civil War in Moldavia,Great Turkish Invasion,childhood of Vlad etc.The historywas used correctly with the clear an understandable instructions.

My idea is:This campaign allows you to pass entertaining hours.Other Vlad campaigns I played were not good like this.This will be one of the best campaigns you will play.

Akula I've enjoyed alot this campaing, very nice the recreation of the scenarios, and the personality of Vlad.

One of the best downloads!

Thanks Roman Rausch!
Great Emperor
File Author
Thanks for the review, Akula.
But It would have been much better if you had said a little more about why you have given me that amount of points.

It guarantees that I'll do it better next time. ;)
Map Design5.0
Playablility: Extremely well thought out and done to the perfect centimeter. You could go to many places and sometimes go to places you weren't suppose to be at yet, but only a cliff would block your way instead of a wall or something like that. Well Done, 5.0 all the way!

Balance: The level was difficult, but also very funny at the same time, which eased my pain. Also, I'd like you to know I am horrible at these type of games, so I'm sure it is completely evened out. Plus, I like when there are hard spots to finish. 5.0 is your score in this.

Creativity: I'd give it a 63984639.0 if I could, but sadly, I can't. It was great! Eye candy everywhere you look, as far as your eye can see. I also love the opening castle and buildings with all of the trees that look dark and evil. It adds a great touch to the game and makes you feel like your there. I love that feeling. You get a 5.0!

Map Design: This subject went with the crearivity of this map. It was a custom map made beautifuly right down to the last block of it, even if you never were never going to be there. Plus, even if you used marco and polo to cheat, it would STILL be hard to find your way around! Once again, challenge is good and that is what gets you to the Best Of AOK...believe me...I know ;). 5.0...well done!

Story/Instructions: Ok...this is where I start to feel odd. The story was great! It had a ton of detail in every sentence and you could talk to many people who needed help. I love that because it's an extra "to do" thing on your list of objectives. However, the instructions were basic at points, which I don't really care about, but I HAVE to rate you on. A bit more info and you would have gotten a 5.0. If I could, I'd give you a 4.5 just to tell you. But 4.0 is what you get...sorry!

OVERALL: A wonderful map that you can play over and over and not get angry about it! I think your the real true scenario maker that I have seen in a while. I must say, there are only a few corrections to be made before it gets into AOK. I don't blame you on spelling, I mess it up all the time too, but it would be good to fix that before trying to get it anymore popular. The instructions are just a bit dull. Touch them up and I'd give you a 5.0 overall. Don't give up making scenarios! They rock, especailly from you and I'm not just saying that. Your the best I have seen in a LONG time. Have fun and continue your great work!

Nice job
Ingo van Thiel This is a great campaign with detailed map design, challenging battles, high creativity, and a lot of effort was put into the cutscenes. The cruelty of the story is astounding. It's probably the conversations Vlad has with his victims before having them murdered. Brr... not really a guy I'd like to meet personally.

I found two bugs though: If you don't bring Vlad to the gate after defeating the Paladin, your army can move South to the other castle where the lumberjack storyteller and the two monks are. The monks will run off to heal your army, and your chevalier Vlad meets a cataphract unit called Vlad. Maybe you could stop this from happening with an invisible cliff, and remove that barrier when Vlad has passed through the gate?

The second problem stopped the game for me: When I garrison the eight villagers into the town center and bring Vlad to the torch between the tarkans, nothing happens. I tried to move Vlad around on that torch, and counted eight villagers in that town center, but this doesn't change anything. Is this a trigger bug or am I doing anything wrong? It was a great game so far, and I'd really like to play on.
Great Emperor
File Author
The first bug ... Well, of course one can go that far, one could even scout the whole map at the beginning, but that's boring and I did't think that a player will go so far away from the objectives, that's why I didn't place a barrier there.

To the second: This seems to be a bug of the game, I did also encounter it. Though the trigger is definetly on, sometimes nothing happens. Try to load a former saved game, this should work, I suppose. At least it worked when I played.
Jagatai Khan This campaign deserved my 4.8...
Bultro One of the best scenarios i've ever played!
A must download :)

Just one thing: when you have to kill the 4 turkish camps... it's TOO hard, i can't beat it even at easiest level!!
Chris80 This is brilliant. The only fault I encountered was in ?part 4 when you have to garisson the sick villagers inside the town centre; if you miss-click on one, (say assign him to a task), his info changes and nothing happens when you bring Drac to the flag.
Otherwise, and forgiving some unlikely dialogue, this is the best campaign I have ever played.
Jagatai Khan Yes there is a bug.You must kill villagers yourself.

I achieved to destroy Turkish camps.But after it,Vlad's brother,Radu appeared and he ruined my castle named Fagaras.I could beat him too.But my pop.limit was only 75.
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Map Design5.0
Favorites: [Who?]15
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