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Brotherhood of War (updated 1.3 version)

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Strategy
Number of scenarios: 5
I, Theodoric, am a commander of the 7th corps in the Northern Army. In the past two years, me and my brothers have been fighting to "liberate" the South. I led my fellow comrades through many narrow escapes, which have earned me lots of respect from my superiors. Now, the Northern and Southern governments have signed a truce agreement, and I think I will finally be able to return to my hometown and see my family again...

This is my very first campaign... I've made a few really crappy scenarios before, but this is the first decent one. :)

This game was originally posted on and received a rating of 3.2. This is the final 1.3 version which has no bugs or glitches (at least there weren't any when I tested it). Also, the final 1.3 version includes the prologue of the sequel, "Erik's Journey of Vengeance". I don't know if I should finish the sequel or not... this campaign is really not that good and a sequel might not be worth it.

And, please comment or post a review and tell me what I should improve on! Thank you!
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Official Reviewer
Map Design3.0
"Brotherhood of War" is a campaign suffering from a number of technical issues, with corrupted text ruining the first two scenarios and popping up throughout. The balance and playability also suffer a bit from a lack of playtesting and polish.

Playability 2

The campaign does start off on somewhat of a snoozer, as the player takes his trade cart through some terrain, gets some mysterious cutscenes, and travels to his home after witnessing some kind of religious\community event. It finished in about 7 minutes, so atleast it wasnt particularly egregious. The choice of Theodoric the Goth as the players unit was a facepalmer, especially when you consider this reviewer couldnt read a thing of the instructions and had to explore more to make up for it. Im not sure there are many units with a worse line of sight than this guy, and he seems slower than an actual huskarl to boot. There was an issue in scenario2 when you fight the camp using jannisaries, the enemy leader is stuck on defensive and can be shot down by safely staying just out of reach;this kind of thing tends to plague the entire series. Ultimately i couldnt finish scenario 2 despite traversing the entire map and visiting the marked locations that were possible to access;without being able reading the objectives im not sure how to progress. There was a dockyard with boats but they didnt talk to me.

Unfortunately the problems dont end with scenario3, which is thankfully in english. The author didnt seem to give the immobile units faction the immobile AI so your brother villager you need to talk to takes off and is used as an explorer by the AI. You will need to marco polo and hunt him down across the map;there is no way you could track him down without cheating or spending hours. Its even possible that villager will get killed fairly easily;also you get two Erik clones soon as your villager isnt taken away. There is also the problem you can walk literally around the entire map to the end because its not sealed off near the start.

Balance 3

The difficulty of the first two missions was very low. The choice of AI for the enemies in scenario2 crippled them;i could fire them down at range with jannisaries and they didnt often fight back, if there wasnt a clear path they would actually just retreat a bit. Anyway the players elite jannisaries are way to strong for the castle age type opposition.

Starting in scenario3, it ramped up, with the first two missions providing a fair challenge while mission3 was reasonably difficult, relying on the player finding his companions from earlier missions as the enemies arbs, hand cannons and cavalry archers are difficult to cope with using infantry. Scenario4 is well balanced, but when the enemy paladin arrives you can simply put a light cavalry on the flag and prevent their spawning altogether;alternatively you can situate your force in a square around the spot and massacre them all. There was plenty of space on the map to put a garrisoned military encampment here with some beefed towers to keep the player out. The difficulty of taking down the castle was way to high however, the enemy had good walls, many towers and a good garrison and all you get for siege is a single ram and some petards. I found myself forced to use paladins to soak tower fire while being healed with monks, and meanwhile sniping the towers with my jannisaries. For the castle i had to use theodore to tank its fire while being quad-monk healed, while rushing it with my ram, all the petards, and my foot component, and barely took it down while losing all-non heroic infantry.

Creativity 3

The campaign had alot of elements and kept throwing new situations at the player. The use of tricks like cave systems, water waves on beaches and shipyards with canals being dug;the execution of these elements needs improvement but its good to see. All the elements are in place to create a fine campaign;its just the implementation that could stand to improve. The usage of sounds and music was good to add same immersion into the game.

Map Design 3

The campaign features some promising map design, but is let down by its lack of consistency and polish. Some areas look like a fine 4\5 but all to often there are vast areas that have the appearance of unfinished, hasty design. The mountains used to form valleys is a good idea, but you need to realize when they come into the players LOS it looks horrible, with the base of the mountain plate coming into full view, and really the mountain objects need their edges covered with trees, rocks, and other details;too often these mountains are nakedly placed on the map with no detailing at all. To take it to the next level beyond just detailing, setup triggers to bring the entire valley into view with map revealers so the player doesnt see them pop into view one by one. Again, its a good concept that just needs a little more technical execution.

The players initial impression is a poor one indeed, as it appears he has loaded into a blank map world with only some roads and dirt. I would recommend having the players opening view be of some of the best map design you can bring to the table, so that they are interested right away in exploring and playing more. The start of scenario3 and scenario4 is more like it, its good. Also, dont accuse the player of cheating when you fail to properly wall off a area;its easy enough to walk near the champions in level2 and see them with jannisaries. Its very obvious that river isnt unwalkable from a single glance. Infact you can walk around entirely to the next area through there.

There is a river flowing down a hill in scenario two;this is very plain with no detailing on its edges or attempt at making a physical channel it could plausibly flow through. When you play as the fishing ship late in the campaign, the forest transition into the water was very poor with no detailing at all in most spots. A nice shoreline with maybe some bamboo and grass would be nice. The water mixing was also poor, with a pure water1 waterway to traverse.

The best:The forest terrain in scenario4 is very nice. Its good terrain mixing with detailed forests. This was a very pleasant environment to play in and explore.

Story\Objectives 3+

The first two scenarios are almost entirely random characters, with only a few objectives and hints at times being readable. Later on its mostly OK although there is always some corrupted character dialogue to be found. There are many instances where dialogue is delivered via chat and not instructions;its tough to read these smaller messages.

There turned out to be a substantial storyline, with good objectives and hints. Normally this would net a 4, but i found the actual delivery to be fairly weak. The dialogue needed some cleaning up, and some events just entirely lacked plausibility;at one point you are dressed as the kings enemy, come to join his army, and he just trusts you instantly and overrides his advisors, taking your advice and giving you an infantry contingent. Also the cab driver stuff is really breaking the immersion, you could instead try making it look like a historical horse and carriage affair for historical plausibility here.

Final Thoughts: A decent campaign with too many technical issues for me to endorse a download. The author should certainly not get disheartened at this state of affairs;your so close to having a finished, playable campaign with another update!

[Edited on 03/02/17 @ 03:19 PM]

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Map Design3.0
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