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The story of one man

Author File Description
Derek the dark
File Details
Version: Age of Kings 1.0
Style: Role Playing Only
Number of scenarios: 3
This is my second upload after the failure of my first scenario The two paths.If you manage to kill every bad guy you get a secret code to use in the next level......
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Map Design2.0

The Story of One Man (TSoOM) is just that -- the story of one man. It is a commonly held view that AoK RPGs are more difficult to make then AoK:TC RPGs, but this one doesn't even try. There are some nice ideas, but the tedious gameplay and often frustrating objectives make TSoOM a struggle to play. In the first scenario, you must escort a monk into a nearby town. Only there is a forest full of thugs in your way. This forest is a bunch of pine trees placed on grass terrain, with enemy militia guarding it every few tiles. You have to proceed cautiously through the forest, stopping every few tiles to kill the thugs (militia) who attack you in droves. Once you have killed all of the thugs, then you get your monk to heal you, and then proceed a bit deeper into the forest. It is frustrating to say the least, especially when your monk comes under attack -- which is fairly often -- and you can't defeat all the enemies before your monk dies. When your monk dies, there is no defeat trigger has been placed to save the player the trouble of restarting. There is a brave attempt at puzzle games in TSoOM, such as when you have to choose whether to stand on top of the blue flag or the red flag to win some gold. The trouble is I couldn't stand on either, because the flags had been placed on a university, and units can't walk on buildings. Even some simple playtesting would have been enough to correct problems like this. -2


The first scenario (with the militia-filled forest) was the closest TSoOM ever came to being challenging. The second and third scenarios are more of interactive cutscenes, so I'll stick to the first one. It was more repeditive then hard, as your monk can heal you at any time. Your enemies are all militia, and they no match for the two-handed-swordsmen that you are even when a dozen attack you at once. The only real danger is that they will kill your monk, thus preventing you from completing your objectives, but that can be prevented by having your monk lag behind. But the thing that hurts balance the most is a feature which the designer obviously intended as a novelty feature -- you physically can...not...die. Seriously, whenever your main character is killed, he respawns back at his starting location. Obviously that isn't good for balance! This system was implemented with good in mind, but it can be easily abused by the player. If you get damaged, just delete your unit and let him respawn. +1


This campaign's strong suit. While the RPG theme itself has been done many times before, TSoOM is redeemed by many creative and innovative tricks. There are some puzzles to complete -- most of which do not work properly, however. You also have the ability to obtain upgrades for your main unit, a feature which you can unlock by destroying all of the thugs in scenario 1. 4


Map design elements in TSoOM are minimal. The forest is little more then a scattering of trees, and the cities are just walls and houses placed on tiles. The map looks bland and uninteresting. Even some simple eye-candy (such as flowers in the forest) would have done wonders. -2


Another lacking area of TSoOM. The storyline is almost nonexistant. You start off in the middle of a town with no pre-game text, objectives, or hints of any type. You wander around the town, clicking on stuff, until you find the monk who tells you to bring him safely to the next town. From there you recieve an objective telling you to go to the next town. In the second and third scenarios the story improves, about how while you are staying in the city of Nople and the King gets murdered, which a guard saying "the murderer looked like you!" It would have been nice if the designer had enlarged upon the plot a bit, instead of having the whole story contained within three or four 10-second chat messages. There were some hints, so the score is a 4.


TSoOM was a struggle to play due to its numerous playability issues.


-- Some creative ideas, even if many of them were marred by poor execution.


-- Map design left much to be desired.
-- Gameplay was tedious and frustrating.
-- (Literally) impossible to lose.

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Map Design2.0
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