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Star Tower Defense v7.6 (Final - Official)

Author File Description
Black Spirit
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Strategy
Number of players: 7
Star Tower Defense v7.6 (Final - Official)

This new version with new features & difficults is better than old ones, also... this "Final" version fix any bugg in the map, yes, included the one of P6. I recommend play this scenario in easy for first time... maybe it looks very easy but if you play in other difficults you will see that it is not.

Here you can see all the updates that the map had till v7.6

Stone and Wood Shop: This new shop is not activated since the start, Host (player 1) have to activate it by moving the sheep on the flag infront of it, if you're asking to yourself "Why not like the other shops?" the answer is because some players (the pro ones) does not want it or sometimes if you choose easy difficult maybe you're not going to need that shop and well, if Host does not activate it in the first 15 minutes the shop will be closed forever.

Booter: I've added a booter for those laggers or maybe jerks that you can find in the world and sometimes they ruin the game.

How the booter works?
For boot someone you have to kill the sheep, each sheep have a flag infront of it that mean what player is. I've added too a function that allow the players that are not the host (P2, P3, P4 & P5) boot P1 if they want, this is disabled if the host (P1) and other player (P2, P3, P4 or P5) are the only ones that still alive, that mean that the function is disabled if only P1 + Other Player Non Computer are the only ones in the map, playing (total of 2 human players).

If Player 1 is defeated, the ownership of the booter pass to P2, if P2 is defeated the ownership of booter pass to P3, etc... If P2 was defeated before P1(or any other player) and then P1 die, the booter ownership pass to the sequence number of player that still alive.

Noob Shop: I've added the "Noob Shop" for those players that can't survive more than level 5 or something like that... but you can use it too if you want to make it a fast game or maybe you choose wrong difficult and you need help!

The Noob Shop is not activated since the game starts, you can use it when 10 minutes have been passed once game start and then you will have it only for 5 minutes open.

If you want something from there (but make sure that all players agree) you have to tell it to the Host because he's the only one that can activate the bonuses from there, when he moves the sheep to the flag infront of it automaticaly all players receive that bonus and trust me... those bonus make the game easy and fast that's why I put the name of "Noob Shop".

And if you're asking to yourself "But what can I get from there?" the answer is this:

a) +2 Villies for Build Area
b) +2 Villies for Resource Area
c) +5000 Gold
d) +2 Free Relics
e) +2 Tower of Flies with +150AP
f) +5000 Stone

Counter Area: In that area you can't do anything, I add it for improve the amount of Trades and Relics that you can buy at the Normal Shop, it is a counter area as the name says.

Auto-Boot Area: In v1.5 the auto-boot detectors was in the middle of the map behind the houses of each player but sometimes they crash the game or just stay there so I improve that function by changing the area site.

Spawn Area: Maybe you can't see it in this little map but if you look at the entire Screenshot of the map (1:3) that is below the information about triggers, conditions and effects, you're going to see that now the ways are closed because in v1.5 some units from other players ran out of the line and enter into other player line, also now that area have a specific area for Spawn the offensive units of each player (P2, P3, P4, P5, P6 & P7), that prevents the crash when more than 1 player was sending you a unit at the same time and then the game crash.

Build Area: I just added Hay Stacks in the shore of each side from build area for prevent units of P8 entering in the grass.

Monks Area: I improve the Monks area for capture the correct amount of relics. In past versions you was able to buy 20 relics from shop plus 2 relics that you get at the start of the game, 2 more from easy difficult and 2 more from "Noob Shop", the total amount was 26... and you only had 2 monasteries! You was wasting 6 relics, I fix that for exploit the relics 100%, I added other monastery for capture all of them, but I improve the total amount for not make the game very easy (24 Maximum)

Offensive Shop & Normal Shop: I just change the look of the area, that's all.

Well, those are the updates that you can see in the map screenshot but... there are more things that I added but you can't see them in the map, like:

10° Now each civilization gets the correct amount of Food, Wood and Gold for research the technologies available in the map.

11° The starting amount of Wood let you research all technologies available in the map and build 10 towers.

12° The starting amount of Stone depends on the difficult that you choose, that improves the difficult of the scenario and make it harder or easier.

13° The starting amount of Gold is exact for research the technologies available and make the maximum amount of Trade Carts at Market, that improves the difficult of the scenario and make it harder.

14° The starting amount of Food is exact for research the technologies available in the map, that improves difficult because in past versions you received more and if you was intelligent you could sell it for gold.

15° Now the bonus of resources for every kill is improved for all difficults.

16° The amount of Stone Bonus from the "Resources Area" is improved for all difficults.

17° Added a Gold Bonus in the "Resources Area" that is improved for all difficults too.

18° The original version 1.5 only had 4 resource villagers and 2 builders but there was a version with 6 resource villagers and 3 builders, well, in this version you have the same amount of villies like the original scenario, I mean, 4 resource villagers and 2 builders because the game was very easy with more villies (Anyway... if you want more you can get them from the Noob Shop)

19° As the shop says and like it must be, now you can only buy 27 trade carts and 20 relics, the maximum population is 54 if you count the 4 villies from Noob Shop but 50 withouth them like the original scenario, v1.5.

20° Now when you buy a relic you do not get other monk... you have one and if that monk die you only have 1 more respawn.

21° The difficults have an entire change, look:

Easy Difficult Settings:

1° +2 Free Relics
2° Bonuses (Stone, Gold and Kills 100%)
3° +2000 Gold at Start
4° Normal Population
5° +6000 Stone at Start

Normal Difficult Settings:

1° +1 Free Relic
2° Bonuses (Stone, Gold and Kills 50%)
3° +1000 Gold at Start
4° -4 Population
5° +3000 Stone at Start

Hard Difficult Settings:

1° No Free Relics
2° Bonuses (Stone, Gold and Kills 25%)
3° +500 Gold at Start
4° -8 Population
5° +1500 Stone at Start

- The Bonus of Stone is 5000 (100%)
- The Bonus of Gold is 5000 (100%)
- The Bonus per Kill is 8 Stone, 4 Wood & 2 Gold (100%)

22° Improve in the info. about the map, look at Hints if you're new, maybe that can help you a lot.

23° Fixed "Lost Unit", I mean, in version 1.5 if 2, 3, 4, 5, etc... units of Player 8 (The Spawn) enter at the same time in the area where you can lose HP for your king, it was only counted as 1 and you only lose -500HP, well now if 2 or more units enter at the same time in that area you're going to lose the correct amount of HP!

24° Improve in Normal Shop, now when you want to research imperial age withouth first have castle age you receive a message telling you, also if you buy the maximum amount of Trade Carts, Relics or if you already researched Castle Age/Imperial Age.

25° Improve in Offensive Shop, now you can't keep 2 units in the "Sent Area", you have to sent the one that you purchased before buy another one, if not you will lose both units (and obviously the gold that you spent for buy them), in that case you're going to receive 1500 Gold for your lost.

26° Improve in starting Population... now all players start with 11 Pop, in version 1.5 some players had more Pop because of Hiden Units in the map (specialy the Host).

27° Improve in the amount of towers that you can build, now all players can build 138 Towers Maximum! Everyone is happy now :)

28° Now when you buy a Trade Cart they do not go to other market than the one that is infront of yours, that fixes the traffic of trade carts.

29° Now villies can't block the road of the Spawn Units, if you try you can lost your villies so please... Don't be a noob.

30° Now you can't kill the villies at resource area with a tower and there's a punishment if you try to.

31° If you took the relic but you forgot move the monk with it now your monk moves automatically (but not for capture, just for not make you lose 950 Gold).

32° P6 Bugg is totaly FIXED, he can play withouth any problem.

33° Units HP Changed, now it's harder to beat the TD.

34° New bonuses added, if a player is defeated you get a little amount of Gold, Stone and Wood for it, enjoy it.

Well, I think these are all the improvements, adds, removes or fixes that I've made but maybe I'm missing something! I almost re-made the entire triggers of the scenario because they was wrong and sometimes they make the game crash... you can see my history version of the updates below.

Also, maybe you think that the map is now very hard or very easy, trust me... it is not, if you play in easy difficult it will be easy, in normal it will be normal (medium) and if you play in Hard it will be Hard, and if you're pro... try to beat it in Hard.


Triggers Information

The version 7.6 have:

Triggers: 1255
Conditions: 1819
Effects: 5082


Screenshot of the Map (1:3):

Version 7.6


Versions History (Updates)

What's New? v7.6

1° Fix Diplomacy Situation of all Players
2° New bonus added when a Player is Defeated
3° P6 Fixer removed, not needed.
4° P2 Build Area Improved, now only 138 towers can be builded.

>>> Final Version Official <<<

What's New? v7.2

1° Fix Villagers HP (The ones from Noob Shop)
2° Change of Instructions

What's New? v7.0

1° Minor buggs with arrows of P6
2° Added Explotions Again!

What's New? v6.5

1° Fix at Monk Respawn for P5
2° Improve in the tributes that boss completion give you, now you don't get the message "You received Gold"
3° Added Stone Bonus at Noob Shop
4° Improve in Monks Area, now you don't lose your monk if someone converted it.
5° Error in the amount of gold that P3 received when second boss was killed is fixed.

What's New? v6.0

1° Fix Player 6 shooting at other buildings/units
2° Added a Fixer if P6 have problems killing because of the Diplomacy
3° Fix villagers HP if the player is Spanish
4° Fix Relic Counter

What's New? v5.5

1° Player 6 now can play withouth any problem!
2° Change of prizes at "Stone & Wood Shop", now is better buy there than in Market!
3° Super Units caused because of taskers are now fixed!
4° Defeats improved... no more crashes! (yet)
5° Improve when you buy a Relic... now the monk does not stay there if he took the relic.

What's new? v5.0 (Final)

1° Fix P6 destroying monasteries of P2 because of Range
2° Added message when a player sent you a unit from "Offensive Shop"

What's new? v4.7

1° Corrections at Info. about history versions (4.6 description)
2° Improve in messages for "Noob Shop" and "Wood n' Stone Shop"

What's new? v4.6

1° New Shop Added for buy Stone and Wood (we do not want to but people ask for it many times)
2° Fixed Tasking of Trades when you buy one in the Shop
3° Improved messages when you have maximum trades limit, maximum relic limit or you are trying to research Imperial Age withouth have it.
4° Remove of "Debugg Mode" on Multiplayer Game.
5° Improve when you buy AP for Towers, now the "Towers of Flies" does not get it.
6° Improve in messages when you keep 2 units in the "Sent Area"
7° Added more info. on "Hints" tab.
8° Change at the stores look.
9° Ice removed because Noobs make "Walls" on it.
10° Improve on "Lost Unit Area", now if more than 1 unit enter in the same time you will not lose only 500 HP... you will lose the correct HP for each unit lost.

What's new? v4.5

1° Fix some bugg with techs from P6
2° Fix an error at task trade part

What's new? v4.3

1° Little bugg fixed with P4 Resource Villies Bonus
2° Little bugg fixed with when buy HP for the king at Offensive Shop

What's new? v4.2

1° Add/Change of each difficult bonuses
2° Fix error at P3 Purchase Ram to P7
3° Fix error at P5 and P6 Purchase VMDL to P3
4° New Feature! Now each Civlization get the correct amount for upgrade towers in the University and in the Blacksmith
5° Improved the technologies that are available for purchase and builds that you can construct
6° Improve in the Tower Area, now all players can construct 138 Towers and no more!
7° Fix error of Bonuses for difficult Normal and Hard
8° Fix error in houses HP when a Player was Byzantine
9° Fix error in -HP for king when lot of units cross the line

What's new? v4.0

1° Improve in Offensive Store
2° Improve in the entire map

What's new? v3.65

1° Just added a block bar that does not allow the units of other player go to a different player.
2° Remover if any P8 unit get stuck

What's new? v3.60

1° Just added a block bar that does not allow the units of other player go to a different player.
2° Remover if any P8 unit get stuck

What's new? v3.55

1° Better instructions added and info. about the map
2° Improve in the entire map
3° Improve in the Pop of Player 1, now all players have 11 Pop at start
4° Improve in the Noob Shop
5° Improve in the defeat system
7° Improve in Population (Maximum counting the villies at Noob Shop is 54 as it must be)

What's new? v3.50

1° Crash when P6 & P5 lose Fixed
2° Minor buggs

What's new? v3.15

1° Improve at Booter (No more crashes)
2° Improve Starting Units (P1)
3° Minor Glitches Fixed

What's new? v3.10

1° Added Improvement in Resource Part
2° Fixed Crash at wave 19
3° Improvement in Maximum Towers
4° Improvement in "Villies Blocking the Road"
5° Minor Buggs
6° Added Credits of the Scenario in the Map

What's new? v3.00

1° Improvements in Population
2° Improvements in the Start of the Game
3° Improvements in Difficults
4° Fix Players Defeat
5° Trade Carts Limit Done (As it must be, finaly)
6° Booter Improvements
7° Noob Shop Improvement
8° Monks Improvement
9° Relics Limit Done (As it must be, finaly)
10° P4 Auto-Booter finaly fixed 100%
11° Improved Food at start for an entire good research for the towers
12° Anti-Cheat with Starting Age added
13° Fixed Houses remove if player is defeated
14° Population Limit Improvement

What's new? v2.50

1° Difficult Improved
2° Noob Shop Created
3° Improved Population of Trade Carts Purchased
4° Improved Purchase of Relics
5° Buildings HP Improved (for no Cheat)
6° Able to work with Debug Mode (Only the Creator and the Fixer know what it means, how it works and how acces to it)
7° Improve of Age Upgrade
8° Improve the Build Area (Now all players have the same ammount of towers)

What's new? v2.25

1° Booter Added (read how booter works at the down part)
2° -1 Resource Villie (as the Original Game)
3° -1 Builder Villie (as the Original Game)
4° Difficulty Improved and Fixed
5° Villies can't block the road of enemies now
6° Population Blocked at 44 (as Original Game)
7° Gold Bonus Added



Where do I put the map once I downloaded it?

Once you download the file, extract the map in this folder:

Windows 7 (32 Bits):

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Age of Empires II\Scenario

Windows 7 (64 Bits):

C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Age of Empires II\Scenario

Tell Me...

If you find any bugg, glitch or something wrong please sent me an e-mail to:

Thanks to ~Babydoll420~ also called "Dwan" (GR ID: 2414465), LightofDarkness (GR ID: 1896586) and BrEEd (GR ID: 1297604) for help me at testing map.

The original version (1.5) was created by Impeached, more info. here:[/b]

Original Thread - Click here
Profile of Impeached - Click here
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Official Reviewer
I have approved the file as you have credited the original author and seem to have added some things to it as well. However, I hope Impeached is aware of the fact that you have used his design. If not, I believe he would be within his right to ask for it to be removed.
Black Spirit
File Author
Thanks, and I agree, if Impeached decide to remove it it's ok, it is his map, not mine, just for let you know with this versions the map fix lot of buggs and add things that the people would like to have (experience by hearing the comments), anyway if Impeached want the maps (of the versions that I made) I'm gonna give to him withouth any problem the maps (obviously withouth the triggers hide).

Hope you all enjoy it ^^

[Edited on 03/16/12 @ 01:38 PM]

Black Spirit
File Author
Finaly, all I can say is that after some versions more, the final one, withouth any bugg, crash or glitch are the versions:

7.5 (Final - Official)

[Edited on 04/03/12 @ 07:45 PM]

SharpX Editing, improving another guy's map should only be done with his permission. And then you shouldn't put your name on the credits.
Basse I recall Rambit did approve this edit, and I don't see the problem placing his name in the credits, since he did improve and fix this map :)

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