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MGC12 - A Matter of Choice

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Mix
A town near Ulsan, Korea, 1597

I am Gwak Jae-U, and I lead my town's resistance force against the Japanese invaders. The Korean government has abandoned us to the enemy, but instead of running, we fought the invaders, and drove them away. But at such a terrible cost! My eldest son, Kyesu, died in my arms today, as well as six of my dearest friends among two dozens more over the week-long struggle.

Maybe the governor was misinformed when he branded us rebels. But the gall to order government troops against us all! And why? For the reason that we used government supplies against the invaders?! Either the governor is in the pay of the Japanese, or he is just plain lunatic!

An envoy from the Japanese army has contacted me, promising our families' safety, in exchange of our cooperation in the coming attack against nearby Ulsan. We have seen scouts from the allied Korean-Chinese army though. I am not entirely sure if the Korean contingent is the same one ordered by the governor against us, or if the Japanese will honor our agreement if ever one is reached. The only one thing I know is that I must pick the right choice, or it will ultimately cost us our families' lives.


- Music from Shogun II: Total War
- Base map from template by Lord Basse
- Playtested by Devestator (thanks for the valuable feedback!)

//Designer's Notes:

The Sounds are optional, but it sets the mood of the game, so I encourage you to download it. This scenario allows you to play the 3 sides of the conflict, each unique in game play.

This is my first try with AOK's scenario editor. I hope that you'll enjoy it as much as I took pleasure in making the mini-game. :)

- shieldwolf
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Official Reviewer
elegant map design, I like it. Especially for a first try in the editor.

However, I feel that people would be more compelled to download the sound files if they were compressed to a lower size, and that way they could be included in the download too.
File Author
thanks panel. :) yes, it was late when i've seen the sound file came up to a whooping 76MB. i'll try to update it, but maybe after the competition date.
Shuvro So, I just finished playing this scenario with all 3 available options. A very nice detailed map design and good gameplay are the characteristics of this map. In my opinion, the Koreans were easy to play, then the Chinese were a bit harder and the Japanese were the hardest to play. I played on standard difficulty, and it is possible to win on every difficulty. While playing with the Japanese I felt the first real challenge, where at the end of the game I had my castle at only 67 HP. For the other two civilizations, it was difficult to lose actually. Overall, I had fun!
Official Reviewer
Map Design4.0
A Matter of Choice was Shieldwolf23’s entry to the 2012 Minigame Competition.

Playability: 3
The scenario depicts the historical Siege of Ulsan, a battle between the joint forces of China and Korea against Japan for control of the titular city. This minigame takes a creative approach at tackling the particular battle by allowing the player to chose a faction. With the option the chose a different side each time you play extends the replayability of this scenario. The scenario is quite entertaining, although there’s not too much to extend the gameplay and it can get quite repetitive at times. There were times where I found the scenario a little boring. Despite this the game is well made with no bugs or lag to be found. The spawn points for your units aren’t marked so it is possible to cover them with a building or unit which can be problematic and mess up the scenario.

Balance: 3
The balance is a bit of mixed bag and changes depending on which faction you decide to play with. The Koreans were the easiest to play with whilst the Japanese were definitely a lot harder. On the most part I found the scenario to be fairly easy, with very limited threat or challenge at all. Whilst playing with the Koreans it was almost impossible to lose and I barely had to do anything at all, just keep attacking the castle every time an army of reinforcements arrived, which was very regular. Playing as the Chinese was practically the same. As the Japanese I had to use at little bit more skill and tactical thinking but still completed the scenario with ease.

Creativity: 5
The scenarios name stems from the creative idea that the player has a choice at the start of the the scenario on which factions they would like to play for. This is a really creative idea which gives it a replayability factor, as you can play with each team to see what’s different. There’s also other creative ideas such as gathering relic gold, and once you accumulated enough you’ll get an army of reinforcements and focusing on building siege weapons to storm the castle. Having a different way to build your army, rather than relying on a standard build and destroy method is creative, and allows for a full on swift scenario to be incorporated into a minigame.

Map Design: 4
The minigame is beautifully designed with an elegant winter styled design. The minimal is set upon a frozen river with the keep of Ulsan to the left and a forested area to the right. The map is designed well for a minimal, I especially love the design of the frozen river. The terrain mixing is done well as is the effective use of elevation. The forest is well designed with trees laid out in a realistic fashion, yet not to clumped together so it will effect pathfinding. The monastery seems a little out of place but is necessary for the scenarios mechanics to work.

Story/Instructions: 3
The story’s not much but there is a decent introduction to the setting of the scenario and the events about to take place. It’s doesn’t really expand much in game but concludes well enough in the victory screen after the game ends. The instructions were ok but lacked in areas. While I understood my objectives it took me quite a while before I really understood what was going on and how the game worked. Some more information and hints in this area would have been welcomed.

Additional Comments:
Overall this is a nicely designed and creative minigame which I would recommend downloading, yet it stills has room for much improvement.


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Map Design4.0
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