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Helm's Deep by Magnus

Author File Description
Lord Magnus
File Details
Version: The Conquerors
Style: Mix
This is like a deathmach based on the great battle of the Helm's Deep in the Lord of the Ring movie. You have to controll Rohirrim, Elves, Aragorn, Legolas, Gimli, Theoden, ad you must defend the fortress until Gandalf arrive with renfoircements, or the world of men will fall. It seems easy at the beginning, but more time pass, more enemy arrives.

Please give me some advice, it's my first scenario, i don't know if it's well playable.
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Official Reviewer
Lord Magnus, i_like_h3ll, please use English when commenting on this file.

Thank you.
Lord Magnus
File Author
@Aragon_FN: open C:programs/microsoft games/age of empires II, then copy the file .scx in the scenario folder, the files IA in the IA folder and the file sound in the folder sound/scenario

@panel: sorry...

Map Design1.0
"Helm's Deep by Magnus" by... Lord Magnus... is a B&D/Defend the Spot scenario that follows the battle of Helm's Deep as outlined in The Lord of the RIngs: The Two Towers.

Playability: 3
For the most part, this scenario was moderately enjoyable to play. It essentially required micromanagement to constantly defend your walls, but at least the first time through, wasn't boring or annoying. There were a few bugs, like the fact that I was able to build a few buildings like Town Centers, Siege Workshops, and Universities, which I used to block holes in my walls. Also, when Gandalf and Eomer arrived, the Conquistadors, Mamlukes, and Camels were very out of place; To fit the best with the Rohirrim, I would have used exclusively the knight-line and Scout Cavalry-Line soldiers. Aside from this, it worked well and was moderately enjoyable to play, although the replay value is significantly lower. Functionally, this scenario was well done. Almost everything the scenario was supposed to do, it did. It's just a matter of putting the functioning engine into a pleasant setting of map design and enjoyability.

Balance: 2
It was a little too easy. I beat it the first time through without using my villagers to repair the gates or even build soldiers until about the 15 minute mark. Had I started building units immediately and kept it up throughout, there's no way the Uruks would have broken through my defenses. 2 Siege Onagers flattened any rams and a handful of Trebuchets countered enemy trebuchets, and Longbowmen and Skirmishers killed everything else. In fact, I just abandoned the Deeping Wall before it was even breached and the enemy never even attacked the western gate. Overall, even though I didn't take full advantage of my resources, I still easily won. I think had the AI been more advanced, it could have more effectively broken the defenses and actually been a challenge.

Creativity: 2
I've seen a few Helm's Deep scenarios, and this scenario doesn't add much that I haven't seen before. Map design was very uncreative, triggering was very basic, and the story was lifted right from the movie. While much of the scenario was well designed, it was not very original.

Map Design: 1
Map design was definitely the weakest part of this scenario. Much of the map was a large flat grass field with nothing on it. Orthanc was a large muddy area behind a wall of trees, and even Helm's Deep itself left much to be desired. If the designer is going to included Orthanc itself, the ground between Orthanc and Helms Deep needs to be developed as well. Helm's Deep itself did not resemble the movie much, or really much of anything. In short, Helms Deep and Orthanc look like the only parts that had any work done on them, and even then, they needed more work to look good.

Story/Instructions: 3
The story was decent, not including much, but outlining the necessities. The instructions were explained clearly and a few hints were given. The story could have been developed more, but it was adequate for the purposes of this scenario.

Additional Comments:
While this scenario definitely needs some work, functionally, it was quite good. If the designer was to finish and improve the map design, strengthen the AI to more strategically attack the defenses, and maybe introduce something new or unique, whether a clever trigger trick or a piece of map design, it would drastically boost the score. As is, it was fun for a quick defend the castle scenario, but I would hesitate to recommend it for download.

[Edited on 04/25/12 @ 03:01 AM]

Lord Magnus
File Author
Thank for your review Sarn, i think u have reason on all the things you said, there were all noob errors, that now i know how to correct. Just one will be my problem, i quote you:
"Helm's Deep itself left much to be desired. Helm's Deep itself did not resemble the movie much, or really much of anything. In short, Helms Deep and Orthanc look like the only parts that had any work done on them, and even then, they needed more work to look good."

Have u any suggestion about making Helm's deep? Or can you suggest me someone who made one realistic Helm's deep?
That's because now i'm working on the making of a LOTR full campaign, from Rivendell to the end, and i would like to do a satisfyng Helm's deep even in design.

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