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Downloads Home » Single Player Scenarios » the TWO KINGS by Genghis

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the TWO KINGS by Genghis

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Fixed Force
my first scenario: the two kings.

please tell me if it was playable, as this is my first upload.
read the readme file and follow the instructions!
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Official Reviewer
if the scenario wouldn't be playable, it wouldn't be approved, so that answers your question.

if you meant "enjoyable", i think there's a good chance that it is a decent scenario. The map design at least looked reasonably promising. If I have the time to really play it through I will give you more feedback.

For now, a little tip: instead of making the player worry about setting up the scenario with certain settings, it'd be better to make it a campaign (cpx format). since it's not a multiplayer game, there's no reason to keep it scx.
Map Design4.0
"Τhe TWO KINGS" is a B&D scenario, where the player allies with 3 other kingdoms and you are fighting 4 others.
The game is generally good, but more attention should be paid so that it gets improved.

Playability: 4
You initially possess only two Royal Guards with whom you have to establish your base and contribute to the counter-attack of your allies (basically, the Yellow is the only active). It takes some time to find villagers to do the task and, when you do, then you advance and start fighting back.
Through exploration, the player enjoys the scenery and finds that there are many alluring places where a base can be set...
The idea is to make a strong army and begin attacking. After some time, though, you encounter limited or no resistance; it becomes dull after some point.
The good thing is that there is much stuff to devastate, so the game's idea fits the B&D characterization.

Balance: 2
The fiercest battles are taking place at the beginning of the game; then comes your role either to help your ally and defeat the enemies or let him play on his own. There is generally little flow if the player does not participate and if they do, the game comes to be easy to complete (especially when they build strong economy and sell to the ally).
The Yellow possesses few villagers (maybe the enemies possess few as well) so there is mainly lack of motives and army creation (which leads to inactivity)... The game is medium to low in terms of Balance.

Creativity: 3
There seems to be some creativity but not at the grade someone might expect from a long-lasting scenario of its kind.
Your ally and the enemies are extended and look powerful. They are generally well-made with some nice building sets and roads naturally designed. The general design is also good, but there are some not effective or non-good-looking things.
An example is the randomness of the computer players: Even at the Hard difficulty, they keep following the standard rules with the only difference of quicker reactions. The armies are randomly attacking; there is few organization, leading to self-degradation some times (if you manage to defend your ally, the game flows at your advantage). This is an expected result, but becomes annoying when the game lasts too much time.
Referring to more technical aspects, the are some issues as well. By accident, i found a faulty gap through some trees which leads in the Yellow's base (it's near the northern gate). Raids of enemies can easily pass through and damage the Yellow.
Another problem is the density of buildings: after some hour of gaming and when you pass through your ally's base you notice some uneeded walls, building that may prevent units from moving and such stuff. This phenomena are less apparent at the beginning of the game...
The terrain objects used inside the players' territory is not 100% "compatible". Why, for example, add flowers next to the stables? Tough places for such objects...

Map Design: 4
It seems that the author has put much effort in this realm... A realistic map, a very good-looking one.
It's a special mixture of benign and cold climate, composed of snow, grass and dirty roads through mountains and forests. The most snowy places are the northern and western ones and the center of the map, where a group of mountains exist.
There are also special bamboos across some parts of the river and next to the lakes, as well as cliffs (which enhance the alpin aesthetics). The main trees are oaks and pines. The rocks and bushes included are improving the map even more.
The map could easily receive a 5, but some details drop it down (not catastrophic, just a bit out of theme). For instance, the palm trees: In a climate like this, such trees are just not fitting. Another one is the non-fitting snow at some places inside the cities: Why should there be specific objects covered with snow (let's say, the snowy pine trees next to one of the Yellow's bridge).
Last but not least, the hay stacks among the forests: they may present dry grass; whatever it may be, they don't look so good there.
Many flowers around the map: So eye-catching! Some spots might look better without the flowers' density, but they are generally unnoticeable.

Story/Instructions: 2
The scenario is based on 8 kingdoms' fight for victory, 4 versus 4, the Evil and the Good kingdoms. You belong to the Good ones and are the one who needs to advance in order to survive, help the allies and conquer the enemies. However, the story could be more dense...
It's a classical B&D scenario with almost no plot, including few hints and information about the game. There is no scouting but, luckily, your ally's base is revealed to you.
The aim is this mentioned before, a single hint is the only help to you... The player can stand the game's challenge even without some information, though.

Additional comments:
It is a nice scenario to play which can easily be improved and show more potentialities and beauty.

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Map Design4.0
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