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Yekkelle's The Deactivation Folder

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Backround: Well it's almost spring time. As I dusted off the title to a folder I had locked away in my scenario folder I relized they were scenarios I hardly use and/or had broken down. My computer has...its problems. However mostly by being so NEW rather than OLD.
But I digress. The following are the files included.

Italy: (Historical, political) (Renaissance_v1.02)
Using the same basic prinible as in Brittania Colonia, (Which I uploaded in single player Scenarios, I'd recommend it.) This isn't a scenario set in the Renaissance. Rather it's set about a hundered years earlyier. Although I believe it might be slightly historicly inacurrate. But hay, I put Iceland on the wrong side of Greenland in Brittania Colonia after claiming to my friends that I'm an expert in Geography, but hey, whose counting.
Problem: This was before I relized that you had to COPY the units from the mod to the scenario. NOT directly placing them. Other wise the game becomes buggy, and every time I test it it quits. Ah well. Mabye I'm wrong but that's what happened.

Map O'France & England: (Map) There isn't a major bug with this one. It's just a map I made of England and France. I forget off the top of my head how big it is. But I did use it once on a bigger map. I had to work it a little but it did work. And work well.

Prolouge: (Fictional) Part one of an unfinished campaign that I'll never finish. Mostly because I found out that for some crazy and diabolical reason Macs dispite their wonders in all other things besides gaming, disided that you can only type about half of what you can on a windows in the Display Instructions, and send chat Triggers. Ah well. It's still good though. If you can fish out and spread out the chats.

The Kofu:(Fictional0 Part two. I never finished this one. I think I had another but I deleted it in disgust. It's still pretty good as well though. Perhaps even slightly better than Prolouge which I built because I was bored and so wrote a history. I do that from time to time. Much to my dismay.

Trinity: (Historical, political) By far the best scenario. It quit on me a couple of times, most likely trigger troubles. But I H-A-T-E triggers. I much rather built maps, with stories in themselves. There still isn't really a way to win though. It wasn't acutally in my folder of discontinued projects. But I thought I'd include it to make room for building other maps. I've never played multiplayer before. although the challange to built a map sounds tepting, if I knew the differance between the two besides the name. Or is that it.
Trinity is the story of my favorite time in European history. The times of three of the greatest kings:
England: Henry II King of England, Duke of Normandy and Aquitaine, King of Ireland, Dukes of various other realms in France. although I've used Richard I Lionharted instead as he was slightly more warlike.

Phillip II Augustas King of France.

Fredrick I Barborosa Holy Roman Emperor.

These three men ruled the most powerful empires in western-no-all of Europe at that time. And they were followed by great monarchs as well who, In my mind at least, ruled in the shadow of these great men. As was the case espescially in Phillip II and Henry II they built the foundations of the two most powerful empires on the globe untill the twentieth century. Their marks on the world can still be pointed to and it can be said. "They built this."

As you see I'm not quite done yet. But as many say "I'll finish this later" but they never do, I'd like to at least show you what I have. The rest is trigger work (And a lot of map work in the holy land.) Who knows, mabye this way it can be created even better than anything I could do.

I've also included an old and quite frankly useless scenario built by my brother. Hence the name. Which I changed as it had my name in it. You might be able to use it for something though. You never know.

City1: (map) Another map. but this one I built today. So its not complete. But I was just fiddiling around with the map copy effect. You could easily use it. (Just make sure theres at least three players, and that the third player is Asian. Other wise some of the buildings might look wrong, because they are. I also have two triggers, (Not effects, triggers.) The fist deletes some palisades that I placed to make a cliff walkable and also changes those asian buildings to player two. And I used NowhereT's bridge trick. Which I use quite commonly now. I highly recommend it. The map and the trick. The secound trigger is just some names. You can delete them if you want.)

If you use any of these, or parts pleese give me credit. (Exept for for the bridge trick which is the only tick I learned online.)

Enjoy: )
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