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The World

Author File Description
Felipe Vidal
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Mix
Number of players: 2 to 8
These are the Real World maps that I've made:
- Western Europe, with Great Britain, Germany, Spain, The Papal States, Holland, Portugal, and France (x7).

- Northern Europe, with Germany, The Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, Sweden, Denmark-Norway, The Zaphorozhian Zich, and Russia (x7).

- Eastern Europe, with The Ottoman Empire (Istanbul), The Holy Roman Empire (Vienna), The Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, The Crimean Khanate, and the Princedoms of Transilvania, Romania and Moldavia (x7).

- Mediterranean Sea, with Portugal, Spain, The Papal States, The Ottoman Empire, The Mamluk Sultanate and The Kingdom of Morocco (x6).

- Near East, with The Ottoman Empire, The Mamluk Sultanate, The Safavid Dynasty of Persia (x2), Iraq, Syria, and Arabia (x7).

- Africa, with The Mamluk Sultanate, The Kingdom of Morocco, The Barbarian Kingdom of Somalia, The Kingdom of Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, Dahomey, and Songhay (x7).

- West Africa Coast, with five African tribes (Ashanti, Yoruba, Lunda, Ngola and Kongo) and the Portuguese slave trade ports (x5).

- Central Asia, with The Golden Horde (x2), The Ottoman Empire, The Safavid Dynasty in Persia, Armenia and Russia . Some geographic points may not match, as the cities were intended to give an advantage to most players (x6).

- The Silk Road, with the Golden Horde, the White Sheep Turkomans, The Northern Yuan Dynasty, and the Khanates of Sibir and Chagatai (X6).

- India, with The Empire of Hoysala, The Bahmani Sultanate, The Kingdoms of Tibet, The Delhi Sultanate, The Vijayanagara Empire, The Mughal Empire, The Rajputs and The Sultanate of Bengal (x8).

- Indochina, with The Kingdom of Ayutthaya, Cham Pa, Dai Viet, The Khmer Empire, Lanna, Sukhothai (Thailand) and The Kingdom of a Million Elephants (Lan Xang) (x7).

- Indonesia, with Cham Pa, Sukhothai and Malacca Kingdoms (x3).

- Indonesian Wars, with the Majapahit Empire, Po-Ni (Brunei), Sriwijaya, Sulu, Singapore and a Portuguese colony (x6).

- Borneo, with the Sultanate of Brunei, the Kingdom of Sulu, the Sea Dayaks tribes, the Kingdom of Majapahit, the Kingdom of Malanau, the Kingdom of Kutai Kartanegara and the Colony of Portugal (x7).

- Australasia, with Muslim merchants from Makassar, and the German and British colonies in Papua New Guinea and New Zealand (x3).

- Polynesia, a Deathmatch game representing some islands of the Polynesian Region, with Great Britain, France, Spain, the Ottoman Empire, Korea, Venice, Sweden and China (x8).

- Yellow Sea, with Japan, three Chinese Administrations (x3), and The Kingdom of Joseon (x2). (x6).

- China, for players who play the role of Chinese administrations under Manchu Rule (Ho-nan, Hu-pei, Honan, Shang-hsi, Che-chiang, Szechwan and Chiang-hsi) in a fully administrative game (x7).

- Chukchi - Alaska, in an exploring game (x8).

- Canada, with French, British and Danish explorers and settlers (x3).

- American Issue, a "medieval" version of the American War of Independence. The players are: The Thirteen Colonies and the Continental Army*, France*, Great Britain & Ireland* and it's Hessen-Kassel allies, and the Iroquois tribe (x3).

- Eastern North America, with Dutch, Spaniard, British and French settlers, The Aztec Empire, and American tribes (Apache, Navajo, Comanche, Lakhota, Sioux, Iroquois, Seminole, Cherokee, Mississipian, Mayan and Kalinago) (x5).

- Pirates of the Caribbean, with British, Dutch, German and French pirates ready to loot the Spanish treasures in the New World (x4).

- Northern South America, with the Spanish Captaincies of Chile, Guatemala and Venezuela; The Viceroyalties of New Granada, Peru and Argentina; and the Portuguese Brazil.

- Antartica?, for eight players, just to smash down your friends in a full combat game.

- Mars: What If?, a representation of the Cydonian Region of Mars, with eight hypotetical civilizations (Aeolis, Chryse, Acria, Tharsis, Hellas, Elysium, Arabia and Amenthes), just to smash down your friends in a full combat game...

- Venus: Ishtar Terra, a representation of Ishtar Terra in Venus, when occurs the tragic story of two enemy sisters (Thetis and Aphrodite) in a two player rush (made for AOFE).

Instructions? Just put the files in the correct folder in C (Scenario and Sound/scenario or Games/AOFE/Scenario if AOFE).

If you think I could improve them, please share your opinion.

Have fun conquering planet Earth.
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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Keisari Tapsa Nice maps!
Copulador All your maps are the best!
TomYo689 Are the coastlines made by a computer program or something? Or is it all human work?

[Edited on 06/22/12 @ 09:06 PM]

Felipe Vidal
File Author
I don't know how to use any program to draw the coastlines, so I had to do them manually...

Thanks for the comments, and if you think I could improve any map for anything (playability, design, etc...) please...

[Edited on 03/20/13 @ 02:19 AM]

Augenis Finally somebody remembers that Polish - Lithuanian Commonwealth is not only Poland.
Felipe Vidal
File Author
Just a little more information:

You can play these maps alone (against PC), that's why there are no transport ships (because for some reason the standard AI won't select a place to land) in some maps that should have them. There's a little classification for them:
..... a) Random: Africa, Europe, India, Indochina, Western Europe, Northern Europe, Borneo, and Indonesian Wars.

..... b) Diplomacy Defined: Northern South America, South America, Mediterranean Sea, Far East.

..... c) Cities Battles: Central Asia, Eastern Europe, Near East.

..... d) Random Against PC Triggers: Eastern North America, The Silk Road.

..... e) Deathmatch: Antarctica, Mars Cydonia, Polynesia, Pirates of the Caribbean.

..... f) Exploration and Colonization: Australasia, Canada, Indonesia, Chukchi-Alaska.

..... e) Multiplayer Story: An American Issue, West Africa Coast, Ishtar Terra.

..... g) Administration: China.

[Edited on 01/16/14 @ 10:11 PM]

Mameluke134 Hello, Felipe, Ummm.... May I request some new indonesians map with larger scale that focused in kalimantan / borneo

sorry for my bad english, i am indonesian
Felipe Vidal
File Author
Oh, sorry... I hadn't read it... Of course!, I'll start working on it.
Felipe Vidal
File Author
Any recommendation, please feel free to share...

[Edited on 10/23/13 @ 12:03 AM]

tropicalisland Hiii,,Felipe,, awesome works bro.. You've made a very high quality maps with high precision.
have you heard about the history of Majapahit Kingdom? it has ruled nearly the entire region of Southeast Asia and The Northern of Australia with the strength naval forces and quality of diplomacy. Could you create a scenario that is focused on the history of Majapahit? Majapahit has prime minister named Gajahmada. He is the conqueror of the region that i've mentioned before. Thank you very much... Special thank for you .. comrade .. :-D

The Capital City of Majapahit is called Trowulan placed in the middle of East Java (Java Island).

[Edited on 11/23/13 @ 10:06 AM]

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