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Snake 8.5

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Ok, This are my most Recent AI.
Snake has been an ongoing project this year, civs have been added gradually over time. It is pretty decent and not a bad ally or enemy.
; Script name: Snake AI
; Author: UnfairestEel
; Date: 2012

; Game settings:
; ==============

; Map type - Any land map including Land Nomad
; Starting age - Dark Age or PIDM
; Starting resources - Normal
; Victory - Prefers conquest
; Civilisation - Any
; Difficulty - Hard
; Map size - Any
; Game type - Random map or Death match.
; UserPatch - Yes, can also play 1.0c very well.
; Population Cap - 175+ Prefers 200+
Snake is made to be efficient, it will usually be a strong opponent and it rarely causes lag. Could be fun for beginners and experts alike.

Snake Updates (in progress)

3.9- Saracens now fixed and Franks improved.
4.0- No longer gives an error as aztecs
4.1- Improved farming
4.3- Lots of changes
4.4- Lots of changes, experimental as well.
4.5- Big update because of a pretty important bug fix
4.6- Hopefully a noticable improvement to it's Economy.
4.7- just better
4.8- Just better again, not too noticable except in AI wars though
5.1- Teutons should counter krushes better now.
5.2- much better attack intelligence in AI wars now.
5.3- some AI wars improvement
5.4- Mangonels added. Enjoy!
5.5- Improved Mayans
5.7- various finetuning.
5.8 UserPatch features further added.
5.9- critical bug fix
6.0- Team game improvements.
6.1- Should now be more aggressive.
6.2- Should actually attack lol
6.3- various bug fixes
6.4- Mayans much better
6.5- defends against castles much better.
6.6- Multiple bug fixes
6.7- Krush more Common.
6.8- Beastly update.
6.9- Bug fixes, team game improvements, yeah.
7.0- FFA better played. Should be fun and challenging.
7.2- Better at team games
7.5- Krush improved
7.6- Krush further finetuned
7.7- UP bugs fixed
7.8- 4v4 bug fixes
7.9- UP TG Improved
8.0- MUCH better flush lol
8.3- fixed for non-userpatch
8.4- Flush more violent, gets pikeman upgrade faster, gets archer upgrades faster when using xbow strat\
8.5- Last update I hope, fixes critical 1.1 bug

Side Note: Snake is currently buggy as saracens, this will be fixed in the next update.

Final Note:
Guys. Please Download and give it a try, at least Snake anyway. MiniEel may not be so fun.
Also, if you like it or see an issue with it or even a way I could improve it, it would be nice if you gave me feedback and I will change it accordingly.

Enjoy guys and have fun.
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File Author
Saracens fixed and Franks improved.
Snake Aztecs no longer give an error.

[Edited on 04/26/12 @ 05:53 AM]

File Author
Update, improved farming.

Ok, I would like someones else's opinion on this:

At the moment, MiniEel 1.5 is being included in the file but I'm no longer updating it. However I am constantly updating Snake. So should I...
1. Continue what I'm currently doing and include MiniEel 1.5 in future updates.
2. No longer include MiniEel 1.5.
3. Create a new Thread (download page) for Snake and it's future updates and include only MiniEel in this thread.

File Author
Ok, so I have removed MiniEel from the package.

If you want access to MiniEel, TELL ME!

Here's a link to MiniEel in

btw Snake 4.3 is a big update, worth downloading.

[Edited on 05/05/12 @ 08:01 AM]

File Author
Update for 5.4 Will train mangonels to counter archers... ;)
File Author
Big Update, Now 6.2!
File Author
Another pretty big update Snake 7.5 should perform better krushes now
File Author
Update 8.2 gets rid of that annoying spam.
and more lol
File Author
8.3 allows Snake to play without the UserPatch again :D
SonicBlade Hey can you update this AI to work well in DE?

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