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Kingmaker v3

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Build and Destroy
Richard Warwick, 16th Earl of Salsbury and current Captain of Calais, had fell out of favor from the King. He was popular though, and both peasants and Parliament view him as a hero, following his extraordinary leadership during the 1457 invasion of the French. In fact, it was Somerset of Glamorgan, his old time rival, that poisoned his image in the eyes of the King, who experienced occasional bouts of insanity. On one of these occasions, Somerset has managed to banish Warwick out of England.

However, under very mysterious circumstances, the King choked on his meal, and him being less fond of the Queen, died without any heir. Somerset was fast in accusing the Queen of regicide, and even hinted on him knowing the truth that the Queen and Richard were lovers.

Distraught, the Queen sent an envoy imploring Richard to come to her aid. This is where our story begins.

//This scenario is inspired by Richard Neville's life, but it is not to be construed as a historical scenario. Rather, think of it as an "alternate" take on the War of the Roses, that, according to the theory of parallel worlds, may have taken in a different timeline and reality :)

Special thanks to Popeychops, Den cekke and Greo, all made valuable contributions to improve this scenario.

The Sounds came from Lords of the Realm III (go and buy it, before Total War, there is Lords of the Realm!), and I've unashamedly used it's witty dialogues (piecing them together here and there) to develop a credible plot. My sincerest thanks to it.

This scenario is best played on Normal:Moderate. The sounds you've downloaded together with this campaign file is necessary for the proper timing of the dialogues. The background music which you could get here is optional, but it can definitely enhance the atmosphere of the game.
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Den cekke I tried the campaign but it always crashes at the start. I hear someone say "England", the screen moves and something converts to my ownership and then it crashes. Maybe it's too much in one time. Idk if you've had this problem.
Official Reviewer
I haven't experienced any crash, it might be one of the sounds that is causing you this trouble.
File Author
haven't experienced crashes too. could you please take out the accompanying sounds, and see if it still crashes? (although if you do so, the dialogues would come out fast - no problem since they are just dialogues, the objectives are given in the objectives/ instruction section)
Den cekke I extracted the scenario and played it in the scenario editor and it worked so maybe it was just my game. I've played it and it's a nice scenario with cool sounds but is it normal that everyone attacks me? Every spot I try to build in England they all team up to kill my vills=D. I'm still playing it so I'll give more comments later.
File Author
*grins* that's "unfortunate" of you. :P the "unluckiest" i experienced while playtesting it is at most 2 AIs ganging up on me simultaneously. The AI is standard, so it depends on them when to attack or leave you alone.


i'd choose the "peripheral" regions, where there's only 1 place for the AI to attack. it's better to defend a choke point that way. hope you like the scen. :)
Den cekke Did you add an AI or do you use the standard AI? Cause I didn't see any AI files and the standard AI doesn't change diplo so easily.
File Author
just standard AI. what do you mean by the AI having difficulty in changing diplomacy?

since the AI is standard, i think it's safe to assume it will be the one choosing when it will attack you. if this happens, you could of course change your diplomacy to the attacking AI to Enemy. if for example, you want to be the one attacking the AI first, then, you need to change your diplomacy to Enemy vis-a-vis that AI, even though it's status is Neutral.
Den cekke I see, so you're just allied to everyone and when they attack you you have to change your diplomacy to enemy. With the description I just thought it was something more complicated.
I like the scenario, it's a a nice build and destroy map. There are some things you could improve on though:
-There is too much stone, I could build like 20 castles and because the enemy was neutral to me they didn't attack my villagers so it was really easy to win the game.
-Some of the voices seem to be just random and I didn't really get why they said the things they said(particularly when you get back to Calais).
-A lot of dark water gave the map a kind of unattractive appeal in my opinion.
-The end was very sudden. I built a castle in the last fief and it was game over. Some text or speech to end the story would be nice.
File Author
Thanks for the feedback Den! I'll definitely take into consideration your suggestions when I update the file.
Greo This looks better then the usual trash that floats through the 'New Files' list on the Blacksmith. I'll play through it and get a review up at some point.
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