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Silent Assassin (Version 2)

Author File Description
Emperor Mars
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Only
Number of scenarios: 4
You play Robin, a skilled bowman with massive arms from pulling his 130 pound bowstring. His arrows with strong bodkin tips to punch holes into the enemies armour. His skill, power and speed make him the envy of other archers. But his main weakness is his armour. Being an archer his armour is poor and receiving a heavy blow from a sword or arrow can damage his armour. But his fitness keeps him strong and ready for attack.
So can his skill, fitness and strength guide him on a mission that will shape his country and the history of the civilization. Or will fate hit him straight in the face and leave a great bowman dead, just for what he believed in.
How will the tale end? If it does that is.

This scenario is an update of the last. It has been changed so that the story line is clearer, with more chat in each scenario and also elevation added to increase difficulty a bit, so I hope this is an improvement.
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Official Reviewer
Map Design4.0
The campaign consists of four scenarios, one cut-scene and three playable ones. It is a RPG. The story is fiction, the events start in a small village where the council decides to send their best archer to kill the evil King Morcar who persecutes his subjects with high taxes.

PLAYABILITY: The campaign begins with a short, simple cut-scene with no pace, just talk and one task-objects trigger. Fortunately, I also played the following three scenarios and did not regret it. The player, who has some experience with this kind of scenarios, where you have to play with an archer, will enjoy this more, as the campaign is quite demanding. Silent Assassin has a good pace, great game play and a high replay value. The campaign had an inverse learning curve; the third scenario was the easiest and the first the hardest. The opposite sequence would suit the game play better. 4

Balance: Perfect, what else can I say? I never thought it is possible to achieve this kind of balance in a RPG. Apart of the end of the third scenario, where a friend joins, you control one single unit, an archer. I finished the first playable on standard and moderate and the other scenarios also on hard. The freeze AI achieves the difficulty level dynamic with the different range of sight for the enemy comp player. It seems that the tutorial served as a blue print “… a player should not need to reload 15 times to get by a certain part of a scenario. That is frustrating and the scenario is probably way too difficult. The ideal scenario balance happens when a player gets stuck, but he knows that it's possible to complete the objective if only he did something a little differently.” Some sequences demanded about five reloads from a saved game, which I consider top, both thumbs up. 5

Creativity: I had the privilege to train my archer skills with some great scenarios/campaigns like Blacksun, The Swallowed Realms 2, Against Thee Wickedly and The Revenge of the Templar, but never have I played almost three scenarios with just one longbow men. The idea to do such a unique scenario is creative by itself and courageous. Key to the success is the good balance, one shot for the long ranged units like archers/skirmishers, two (you shot the horse) for the fast cavalry, three for a man at arms, four for a huskarl and your longbow man has one tile more range than the enemy ones. 4

Map Design: We only rate what we see and that was above average. It was a good design of walk able forest with elevations and shelter for strategically game play, micromanagement. Placing Gaia like forage bushes, rocks and stone mines behind trees, is a failed attempt of showing ‘eye-candy’, all you see are unappealing white outlines. 4

Story/Instructions: For the basic idea, to fight abusive taxes, the author has all my sympathy. However, even though the story develops in game, it is one-dimensional. The objectives are clear; you get hints, a bmp and a good read me. 4

IN CLOSING: Silent Assassin is a creative balanced campaign, which I recommend to download.
Chris_novais Aaaargh ! your campaign is horrible ! I'm sorry but I didn't liked it !
Jarlaxle Daerthe That comment is sure gonna help this guy make it more like what you want...
Official Reviewer
I like the map very much and the idea too but the rest is just boring. Im sorry but i didnt like it.
Most of the Scenarios are only the same.

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Map Design4.0
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