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Adventures of Exar

Author File Description
File Details
Version: Age of Kings
Style: Role Playing Only
Number of scenarios: 17
No Description Available
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AOKrater88 Ok do not take offense from this review or anything but your campaign is um amusementally challenged, I do not reccomend this download and there are many bugs you should make a second version to, the 1st scenario was the only one worth mentioning but it had the most bugs as well as some general ones that were plain dumb, the objectives were not clear, no hints, whenever there was a trigger message it was excessively repeated, elite wizard should br called elite jannisary, Objectives dissapear during first scenario, no point to some of the civilations in the game the pub people, there is no people and they get destroyed anyway, and some of them are defeated right in the beginning of the scenario, it is way unfair it should not have been militia for the orcs or at least there should have been more of them, no point to to the demo master in scn 2, the scenario was pointless, automatic win for scenarios 3 and 4, it jsut takes walking for about a minute and u find it,and the last scenario the flkag wasnt visible;) nice attempt but you need to add to the challenge, more enemies fix the bugs and add some triggers or some plot.

AOKraters overall rating- 4/50
File Author
I know it's bad...but I'm working on a much better Campaign called "Coldnights -The Dark Path-" It takes you to the real history of see Exar is "The One".
The Boss in Coldnights is a wizard named "John Zerenicus".
He trys to take Exar's so called "Demon Powers" and use them for his revenge agianst the High Elves. I promise it will be good. Anf sorry for not whriteing a discription...
File Author
The Demon Master was placed on the Isle to find out when it was time to send his army of Dark Riders to invade Octhilion.
Aegis_1000 This wasted my hard drive space and time. The maps are too easy and there are not enough enemies (except for the Isle of the Dead, which was the most fun, but still lacked triggers). The best part was the story, except that I didn't get it at all! If you make improvements, it could be considered below par!
Map Design3.0
This is one of the best reviews I have given, which sort of saddens me…

This is a long RPG campaign. You never do anything aside from fixed force and simple RPG.

[b]Summary [/b]

This campaign is too long to summarize each mission so I will just give an overview. Most of the missions are either “kill all enemies” or “go to the flag”. There is a story but it isn’t developed properly and doesn’t really go anywhere. The missions don’t really get harder and once I finished it I was like “Oh, that’s the end?”

[b]Playability [/b]

Lacking in this area, the campaign just doesn’t have enough to do. In each mission you will be given a very simple objective, and often the mission is over in less than 5 minutes. There are adequate instructions, inasmuch as I was able to complete the campaign without using cheats, but playability was reduced by a minor lack of clarity sometimes. A couple of examples are messages that keep looping perpetually, a cutscene that lasts less than a second, and a scenario where you have to just go to a dock (nothing else)

[b]Balance [/b]

This is the weakest area. I am aware that rpgs aren’t challenging in the same way as regular B&D etc, but there was little role playing element in this. There were no puzzles, just fixed force fighting, duels, and bring object to area. Another thing to note is that the campaign is 16 scenarios long, which unbelievably can be finished in about an hour. Each scenario is too short, and they should have been condensed into larger scenarios.

[b]Creativity [/b]

Here is the strength of the campaign, although some of the names were borrowed from LOTR, it had an original feel, some original map design, and a unique story, yet the map design never really looked “right” and the story never really seemed to go anywhere

[b]Map Design [/b]

It looks good at first, but it has too many areas that just looked messed up. The towns are okay, the eye candy is there, but it doesn’t really come off. It’s close to a four, but too many of the maps just look very messy, like a map where you have just a straight tunnel to go through.

[b]Story [/b]

The campaign has an original story, a nice bitmap (but forever recycled), but the story never goes into any depth, and lacks a real ending. It is utterly forgettable, in fact I find myself forgetting what it was about even as I type.

[b]Conclusion [/b]

For a big download this one seems very weak, like a balloon that pops when you touch it. It has some interesting aspects, but a lack of depth and balance hurt the score it receives, which still looks too high for me. The designer is obviously competent using triggers, if a little inexperienced. I can’t understand why triggers weren’t used more often and I can’t understand why it wasn’t tested. If you are really desperate for something to play you could give it a look, but there are probably better ways to spend your time.

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Map Design3.0
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