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Naissus battle (443 A.D.)

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Mix
Naissus Battle

Plot: You take orders from the emperor to drive-off Huns and their allies Goths, who want to raid Naissus and plunder gold and resources.
This is an imaginary scenario, thus don't take it as a fact. In reality, Huns managed to conquer Naissus along with many Roman towns (See TC Campaign).

Although, this scenario is mainly B&D , you can notice RPS elements. Don't hesitate to leave comments and rates which will be used to improve the scenario.

Playtesters: dikaios

Credit to the creators of the AIs : Firelord21,Cherub MDE,II2N and Zanzard Lothar

*Report bugs, so fixes can be implemented.
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design5.0
I think that "Naissus battle" needs some feedback. You are a Roman Commander, who was sent to Naissus to protect against the Hun Raiders, their powerful King Attila and his loyal vassals Visigoths. In the start of the game you have to protect Naissus and to find out where is the Hunnish raiding base. As the game continues, new objectives and powers come to your aid, you get a town center and go to the next age, with more powerful weapons than before and you have to wipe out Attila from the Roman Lands. Also you are able to buy some mercenaries and take under your command some of the Roman refugees and survivors...
Of course the end of the game is fictional, because you have to win Attila and his allies, and as all of us know that Naissus had fallen to the Huns...

The Siege of Naissus (or better I say the Battle of Naissus) was designed with much thought and time by the author. I enjoyed playing the scenario due to the fact that there were no lags, bugs, or trigger problems preventing me from going from one challenge to the other.

There weren’t any areas which I could find (not that I was looking for any to begin with as from experience I usually stumble on them). This was another bonus. I could have my units moving along and suddenly finding themselves in hot water with enemy units. There were no long stretches of map where I thought: “When is something going to happen?”
Until I find the Hunnish camp, then the real action started...

Overall, the scenario is very well balanced. However, some points were a bit easy for me. I had hardly any trouble defending Naissus and destroying the Hunnish siege camps. After liberating Naissus completely from the siege, the player gets a Town Center and get upgraded to the next age. When the enemy was attacking our gate, to Danube River, I could easily create an army to repel them, since the training time for the units is extremely small. I also noticed Naissus will never be attacked later in the game (maybe that’s because I destroyed the Hunnish camp very quickly).

The creativity is a definte 4. There were not much new things in the scenario, just a combination of old tricks (which is not bad in itself). To sum it up, it just did not strike me as surprising and impressive as some original trigger tricks (which to this day hardly anybody uses) in TDS's epic campaign "The Nexus". But it was still good.

Map Design:
A wonderful map, well put together, and as realistic as it gets.

Although the story was quite poor the instructions were clear and easy to follow. Moreover the hints and scouts, were very helpful and understandable, so I could play this game very easily, and to have some fun.

Additional Comments:
I think that this scenario is very interesting and it is worthy a download!
Official Reviewer
Map Design3.0
"Naissus battle (443 A.D.)" is a simple but playable historical B&D game putting the player as the Romans tasked with throwing back Atilla the Hun. Its a good try from a rookie designer.

Playability 4

It was a fun game with the enemy applying a good amount of pressure;I opened up the center to attack the Huns far too early and had a long running battle to maintain control of the crossing. The player receives an ally from the start who he is encouraged to support, and if allowed to build up will contribute their own armies to the attack. The battles were fairly intense with the AI bringing a good game, though it was a bit lopsided anyway with the players Cataphract UU being very well suited to handle all comers, and the Byzantine monks contributing a great deal of combat efficiency with their heal speed bonus. The dense woodland made playing a bit irksome however, and im glad the enemy didn't deploy hordes of cavalry archers on such a cramped map.

Balance 3

The difficulty was decent, with the player early on lacking resources and needing to slowly build up and fight the Hun troops off with feudal age units and lingering elites. However castles had been left on the table, which soon saw any difficulty neutralized as two castles on the river crossing annihilate all comers. Before that a force of cataphracts, crossbowmen, and monks had satisfactorily handled every attack with no losses for long stretches of time. There are too many resources on the map, even if they are sometimes difficult to access smoothly. Winning the scenario was quite annoying, as the player gains one enemy as an ally but must actually change diplomacy to finish him off before winning, and knock down multiple enemy castles at a time when they no longer defend themselves.

Creativity 3

A decent effort was made to spice things up from a normal B&D. The scenario is split into sections, with the player first holding off some raiders and smashing their camp, while defending a weak ally town. Later on the main enemies are brought in, and the players full B&D assets are unlocked. The map had some creative eyecandy touches with some sidequest stuff and mercenaries, though I found them not very useful. Sounds were deployed to lend some life to certain scenes, but I wouldn't have minded some music.

Map Design 3+

The map looked nice if a bit cluttered. The broken up forest look was employed across the entirety of the map, with some more solid traditional forests with flower patches underneath. A bit more open areas would have been nice, as its quite difficult to navigate, harvest resources, or place buildings. A significant amount of white outlines from gaia objects is showing itself across the map. There are some good points of details, with good looking swampy outliers along the river, which itself has a detailed bank. The water itself is well varied and interesting. The towns and cities as they were are fairly decent looking, with the Huns and goths having appropriate yurt housing. I contemplated giving a 4\5 briefly but the map is just a bit too cluttered to really justify it. I recommend removing half the straggler trees on the map minimum. Don't be afraid to leave open areas of land. Elevation usage and terrain mixing was fairly good so there is no need for the tree overdose.

Story\Objectives 3

There are basic story elements present, and both winning and losing messages, which many designers seem to have forgotten to include lately. The hints, scouts report and pregame history messages are not much to consider however. Its enough to provide an excuse for the B&D action. There are several villains including Attila but they receive little characterization.

Final Thoughts:A worthwhile playthrough if your looking for a simple B&D. The battles in the middlegame can be substantial, though uncomfortable at times in the dense woodland.

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Map Design4.0
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