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Modded Realism Mod! v1.4

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File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c

I lost my old computer and with it my most up to date readme for all the newest changes. I still have the finished product but I'm afraid the game contains many more small changes than are detailed here. I probably won't put in much more work on this as my brothers and I are happy with the current version. If anyone finds anything they'd like to point out I'd appreciate any feedback/ideas.

V1.3 -

It seems like I've been updating this every other day! I've been spending a lot of time playing and rebalancing things with my brothers the last week or so and figured I'd put my latest update here. I definitely recommend checking this version out, a few neat new features in addition to tons of balance changes. Again, the included readme has all the changes.
A couple highlights: Complete Aztec/Mayan revamp; they don't get Imperial Age! A ton of changes were made to compensate for this and they were still definitely a viable choice in the games I played.

Mining Camps and Lumber Camps can be converted just like sheep now! I always found it annoying when I would randomly run by an old abandoned mining camp and my enemy would know the exact location, direction and composition of my entire army because of that. Seemed like quite the unintended use of camps. This change certainly mitigates that effect a certain amount.

V1.2 -

1.2 is done, along with a host of new major changes. As usual, the readme is included with the zip file with details on all the latest changes. Enjoy!

V1.1 -

1.1 is done! The long-awaited (by practically no one!) update is the version that should have been released originally, much more finished than what's been up on the site! The game is much better balanced, archers and skirmishers are no longer too powerful in the early game, late game balance is ok. As always, I'm open to suggestions for balance changes. The full notes are available in the readme.

This is my first attempt at a mod of any real substance. I've started with Keisari Tapsa's Realism Mod 1.12 and changed quite a bit. Honestly, there were stretches where I got a little carried away making minor changes and as such not everything is reflected in the notes.

The major changes are: Most civs get a unique unit and/or tech at the wonder, which no longer enables wonder victory. Monks carrying relics are able to be built at wonders for 750 wood and stone and 125 gold. It is very slow. Castles cost 600 wood 3000 stone 240 gold and are available in Feudal Age. Castle Age makes them 16% cheaper. Castles build very, very slowly and appear for everyone on the minimap. Archery Range available in Dark Age, early military units stronger. Everyone gets redemption. Can always build archers even after researching crossbow, they get cheaper as you advance. Can always build knights, Paladins slower. Paladins get attack bonus vs archer, knights attack bonus vs siege, crossbow and arbalest attack bonus vs cavalry Gunpowder units slower reload, more damage, faster projectile Costs a lot more and takes much more time to advance ages. Light cavalry, hussar better armor, attack bonus vs. siege, cost gold. Champions replaced with Dismounted Knight, researched at barracks, trained at castle much faster. 1.5 pop, slightly slower and more expensive. Town Center 20 los. Poleaxe Guard added, stronger than Halberdier. Halberdier moved to castle, pikeman moved to feudal, spearman moved to dark. Spearman, pikeman, halberdier, poleaxe guard better vs all units, approximately .5 range, cost a small amount of gold. Cannon galleons fire multiple projectiles. Mangonels, onagers and siege onagers, less AoE damage, fewer projectiles, longer range, more damage to buildings, Mangonel range 9, onager 10, siege onager 11. Turtle ships fire multiple projectiles. Military buildings take 3-4 times longer to build, cost more, and food. Camels much better. Trebuchets take 2 pop Bombard cannons cost +25 wood +25 gold, get splash damage House hp reduced from 900 to 400. Chinese get Chemistry in castle, costs less, researches faster

Wonder Techs and Units:
Aztecs - Land of Gold(Relics built cheaper
Byzantines - Varangian Guard (high attack axe wielding infantry 20 atk, 13 bonus atk vs infantry almost no armor
Chinese - Shotgunner (powerful, short range gunpowder unit, multiple projectiles)
Franks - Bloodlines at wonder
Koreans - War Wagons and elite war wagons pierce like scorpions, longer reload(done) Heavy War Wagons(at wonder) fire multiple projectiles, take 1.5 pop, more expensive, slower, more armor, bonus against buildings
Mayans - Slaves, free villagers built quickly at wonder
Mongols - (Hussars and cavalry archer type +15% speed, attack speed)
Spanish - Lose paladins
Teutons - faster food and wood gather rate at wonder(done) harder to convert(done)
Vikings - enabled full fire ship line, full pike line longboats faster and garrisonable

I'm still missing a few civs' Wonder tech/unit and am not sure about the balance. People to playtest it with me have been pretty much nonexistent the last week or so. Many thanks to Keisari Tapsa for his Realism mod, gave me many ideas and sorry for the amateur work, it's my first real pack. Also, I can't figure out how to get different graphics for the poleaxe guard, dismounted knight and Chinese Shotgunner, all my work so far on figuring that out has ended in failure and I've since given up. Any suggestions, advice or details about why I am a worthless human being and should kill myself for making such a terrible mod are welcome! :D

Update 1.0.1
I added stables with scouts to dark age, this was intended to be in originally and I forgot...
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LarsPorsinna Not bad - reminds me of
File Author
Definitely needs quite a bit more work, I finally playtested the **** out of it with my brother the last two days and have been making constant changes. There were a lot of balance issues and a few unexpected results from some of the changes. (I want to promote more early age fighting but the ridiculously long age advancement times actually just seem to encourage more booming, strangely enough) I must say I'm very impressed with DuckOfNormandy's IS Machine AI. Even with many, many drastic changes to resource costs, unit balance and research/build times, his AI was still able to put up quite a fight pretty much every game. Very, very impressive AI...

Edit: In case anyone is interested, the game is much more balanced in my opinion and has been playtested quite a bit. There are many changes from previous versions and it is a much better final product. Let me know what you think.

[Edited on 07/14/12 @ 03:05 AM]

Keisari Tapsa Nice to see my work being reused :) and no, this is not sarcasm. I really mean it.
File Author
Thanks, I appreciate your stance on that. You certainly had a lot of good ideas in your mod that I either wouldn't have thought of or wouldn't have been able to figure out on my own. I've definitely made some substantial changes and gotten about to the point where we were only occasionally finding things we didn't like, most of our games were quite a bit of fun. Anyone who has played this with other people let me know what you think.
pastanro Sorry for my "noobness", but...
How do I install this?

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