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Gladiator by Xergues

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Only
Number of scenarios: 8
This is a really easy campain.

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ScourgeofGod It was ok, But that gladiator in the arena was too much to beat.
cn sniper Ever heard of a little thing called...i dont know...SPELL CHECK???????pretty cool except for the horrible spelling
King Joshua III
Map Design2.0
Gladiator by Xergues ID 1430

This is essentially the movie Gladiator spanned out over 8 scenarios. You play as Maximus. You are a leading general in the Roman army, but Caesar gets jelous, and the story goes on from there.
Good Things to Expect:
- A nice story (even though it is a remake)
- Some decent battles
- A nice colesseum (though you can't see that it is nice unless you use marco polo)
Bad Things to Expect:
- Boring walks over boring terrain
- An end scenario that is pointless
- Lots of watching Maximus fight Gladiators which he is predetermined to beat
Playability: 3
I had to walk ALOT, this frustrated me. When I did fight battles, all I had to do was send the troops in, and the battle was over. The maps were all essentailly the same thing. However, the story was well created, and explained well enough to make me want to finish.
- Not so much walking
- If someone has to walk a long way, make it interesting
Creativity: 2
Not much here either. It is based off of the movie "Gladiator". It follows the story fairly well. There are no major trigger tricks, no cool eye candy, just a bunch of flat maps, with straight roads.
- Redoing a story is fine, but make it your own. (IE, have the jaguars actually appear in the arena, or do other interesting things with your colosseum)
Story/Instructions: 4
I almost always knew what I was doing (albeit, sometimes the map made it difficult to find the objective). The story kept me fairly interested. The hints were always vague at most.
- Make objectives come in as you go
- Make sure the player always knows where they are going next
- If you are going to provide hints, try to make them more helpful
- The story was nice, but you could have done more with it
Map Design: 2
Boring map. Very square, most outside maps consisted of a long straight road next to a long straight river. The colosseums were all dirt one with some pallisades. The mansion in a few scenarios was nice, and almost made this a 3, but it needed alot more work as well.
- Square is bad most of the time
- Roads need some variation
- Terrain Mixing is also good, and elevation
Balance: 2
All of the battles were easy. In the opening scenario, you fight against some invaders. The invaders are to spaced out and weak to be any real threat though. Also, if you simply walk north a few more seconds, you can attain troops that make it not even possible to lose (not that it really is anyway. There is one moderate battle in the colesseum (I think the 5th scenario).
- Make the colosseum battles a little more varied, and impose certain challenges during the fight. (IE. Try to fight Caesar at the end, with a slow health loss, because of the poison)
- The invaders at the beggining would have been tougher if they were in a formation.
- Make the player have to micro-manage at least a little to win the battles
Overall: 2.6
This was a decent campaign. It showed that you were willing to take the time to tell a story the right way. The author could use alot of work in the balance and map design areas. If you especially like the Gladiator movies, you may like this campaign.

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Map Design2.0
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