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King Alexander

Author File Description
Bedo Salama
File Details
Version: The Conquerors
Style: Puzzle
Number of scenarios: 4 (Plus 1 Intro And 1 Outro)
King Alexander (65.5 KB)
For The Conquerors Expansion
Play The Story Of King Alexander, A Person Who Was Without A Family, He Went To A Country, And Became A King With A Strongest Man In The Country Medal, Enjoy, More Than 150+ Effects.

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TheAOEman57844 Did you updated part 2 yet?
Bedo Salama
File Author
I will create part 2 soon, as the story will be disappointing as Borotasia will be finished by another country.

About progress the first SCN (Cut-Scene)or(Intro) are already created but, the rest 5 SCNs are still not created designed or even written but, the part 2 will be finished by the death of Alexander and the upgrading of Borotasia completely.

View part 2 and 3 soon.

I will upload it soon and comment on this SCN to inform you.

Part 3 will be about son of Alexander,but, Part 2 will put it in the stories.

Also, there's a next project after (King Alexander) will be called (The rise of wars) that will talk about a series of wars and adventures.
TheAOEman57844 Good Luck then.
Bedo Salama
File Author
Thanks my website mate
Bedo Salama
File Author
The Script
King Alexander II
The CPN starts with a war between Borotasia and Sovotania.

Then, You will have some villagers that will need to work but, your goal is to collect 40000 points as a score.

Then, You will have to war with Sovotania.

After it, You will have to make an adventure in the town as you will travel to Sovotania and make a peace-license.

The last SCN will be the killing of Alexander by his wife and his guards and his son (Richard).

It last you will see an outro as the outro of Part 1 but, there will be a small words about the next CPN but, in an adventure.

King Alexander III will not be about Alexander it will be about the fall of Borotasia and death of Alexander's wife.

Alexander wife is called (Mary)
TheAOEman57844 Let me know when you've updated it
Bedo Salama
File Author
Download Part 2 To Know The Future Of Alexander On The Link :
Bedo Salama
File Author
I Have Uploaded (King Alexander III) Today Morning (Approximation 16:00 (Local Time)) And It Will Be Available After A Small Period (Now 21:28(Local Time)).

Also,What For The Three (King Alexander) Campaigns In A Golden Edition Tomorrow.
Official Reviewer
Map Design1.0
This review might appear a bit harsh considering this is a newbie's campaign, but I will try to give honest feedback and pointers for improvement. However, I need to be honest with the downloaders as well, and the truth is that this is a very dull campaign.

Playability: 1
The campaign is not enjoyable at all. One of the reasons is the overly fragmented game. This is a 6-scenario campaign, but most of the scenarios are uncalled for and could've easily been cut down. For instance, in the first scenario you just move your unit from one side of the map to the other and click on another unit, thereby finishing the game. This cannot in all honesty be called a "scenario". Most of the missions in the other scenario are exactly the same: going from one side of the map to another, most of the time without any indication of where the location you're looking for is, and then clicking on an unit or a building. Sometimes even the hints that the author included are flawed (he says the research center is a blacksmith, when it is actually a university). The author warns the player not to use marco polo, but if he doesn't he will be spending a long time searching a totally dull map where nothing is happening, for that ONE unit he is supposed to click. So obviously, everybody will be using the marco polo cheat to get to the bottom of his game.

This is not gameplay. If you don't want the players to be bored out of their mind, you need to give them a reason to play your game , some kind of challenge. Also, if you want the player not to be frustrated when looking for something on a big map, then you should put a hint, or a flag or a map revealer, showing him the place he is supposed to find.

Balance: 1
Speaking of challenge... There is none. There is only one scenario that actually contains a battle, (which is impossible to lose because you have a lot more units than your enemy), and there's a few archers that hopelessly shoot arrows at you in the first scenario, that you can kill easily with your one overpowered unit. The rest of the scenarios are as I described above. Making the player search blindly for a unit or a building that he is supposed to click doesn't count as challenge. It's just frustrating, as I explained earlier.

Creativity: 2
THe author obviously enjoys to tell a story and design a game, and he also likes to use triggers, but his knowledge of these things does not allow him to properly use his creativity yet. He has at least tried to give some kind of shape and functionality to the city he designed.

Map Design: 1
Apart from the Borotasia city which received some level of attention (though still very basic), the other maps are totally bland and lack any kind of creative design input. I cannot give you any other advice here except download high rated maps (preferably newer files) and try to learn from them how to do terrain mixing, how to use eye candy, how to make a city look nice.

As a general observation, you are using way too much space for your scenarios, making the player travel huge distances for absolutely no reason, which will result in total boredom.

Story/Instructions: 2
The story is very hard to follow and understand, mainly because of the author's difficulty with expressing himself in English, but even trying to go past that, the plot still doesn't make much sense. The instructions are clear enough, however the dialogues are extremely hard to follow, just like the plot. It would help a lot if you didn't put more than one dialogue in every instruction slot, and allow the player more time before the next instruction is displayed.

Additional Comments:

Well, I tried to be as helpful as possible with this review, and I might have even overrated your game, but the truth of the matter is: this is not a game worth the download for the casual Heavengames user. I hope you get better and wish you good luck.

[Edited on 08/20/12 @ 11:26 AM]

OtmShankIiI "Strongest Man In The Country Medal". Wow. That's worth millions.

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Map Design1.0
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