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Balance Mod

Author File Description
Emperor Pingu
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
So basically, in the original game there was no counter for mamelukes. If you're playing a 1000 pop game like we do, paladins are a problem. Halbediers aren't a good counter for them, because you literally had to mass them in 1500 before u could kill a 1000 paladin army. Nations like huns had no chance against mamelukes. So anyway, here's the list of things I changed.

Japanese - Samurai +1 Melee, Fishing boats +10 hp, +.100 Work Rate, +4 pierce armour,

+5 Melee Armour, +.080 Speed.

Chinese - Towers converted into walls, can be garrisoned, archers garrisoned fire

arrows, has 5 range when fully upgraded, can garrison up to 8 units per

Aztecs - Blacksmith, Barracks, Archery Range, Market can now garrison 10 units, All

buildings heal garrisoned units instantly. Eagle Warriors, -5 base attack, 18 siege attack, cost less. Jaguar warriors +1 Melee attack, increased speed. Monks, 140

hitpoints, 205 hitpoints with all Monastery researches, +3 conversion range.
Outposts, 21 LOS.

Mayans - Eagle Warriors, -5 base attack, 18 siege attack, cost less.

Byzantines - Cataphracts now cost 90 gold, 110 food, increased armour/attack against

cavalry, increased base melee attack.

Franks - Axeman +1 range, +1 pierce attack.

Goths - Castles +3 range, +19 attack. Palisade walls as strong as stone walls, but

still cost 2 wood, and quickly built. Crossbowmen as strong as arbalests.

Teutons - Teutonic Knight +.100 movement speed.

Persians - Elephants +120 hp

Saracens - Mamelukes -3 base pierce attack.

Turks - 0 changes

Vikings - Beserk, increased attack against buildings, less base melee, increased

infantry attack

Mongols - Mangudai fire faster.

Celts - Woad Raider +1 Base melee.

Spanish - Conquistador Fire faster, more accurately.

Huns - Heavy cavalry have +1 attack, +1 melee armour, +.100 movement speed, more hp.
Cavalry archers, +2 attack, +1 pierce armour, more hitpoints, fire faster.

Tarkans, increased attack against buildings.

Koreans - War wagon, increased attack, 2.000 blast radius, 150 wood, 110 gold.
Turtle ships, Cost 50 wood and 50 gold cheaper. Stone miners work +20%

faster (40% total).

Unit changes

Pikemen Family - Increased attack against cavalry, Cost 40 gold (2 Halbediers >


Champion Family - Decreased melee attack, increased infantry attack (1 Champion > 3


Arbalest Family - Cost 25 gold.

Trebuchets - Blast radius.

Onager Family - Increased attack and blast radius.

Scorpions - Increased attack

Light Cavalry family - -8 melee armour, 0 pierce armour, very fast, 16 LOS,

Hand Cannoneers - 32 gold.

Other Minor changes.

---------CREDITS TO Mandalorion 1K population mod----------
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Promiskuitiv "Monks, 140

hitpoints, 205 hitpoints with all Monastery researches, +3 conversion range"

Tlamacazqui would eat you alive. :D

All in all it looks a bit unbalanced to me.
Emperor Pingu
File Author
Did you test it out against human players with 1000 population? The whole mod is based on 1000 population games. Please comment on unbalanced issues though, i'd be happy to fix them.

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