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King Alexander II

Author File Description
Bedo Salama
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Strategy
Number of scenarios: 6
King Alexander (44 KB)
For The Conquerors Expansion
The Second Of The Story Of Alexander
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design1.0
Playability: 1
I did not find this campaign interesting. It was a little boring. I would say that the first part was more interesting than this. Out of 6 scenarios in this game, 1 was prologue and one was outro. The rest 4 scenarios were not much entertaining. In one, the objective was only to collect some gold and click on a ship. It was not difficult at all. In the second, there was a battle, which was very easy to win, as player 1 had a lot of resources, military buildings and all the techs researched. In the next, only moving Alexander from one place to another, without any difficulty, was boring. And then killing Alexander with 2 units, with no one to stop or kill you, was also very easy but boring.
In the instructions you had told not to reveal map, but as it was a little confusing, I used it, and found the map made up of large empty spaces, and long paths to follow. It was a lot boring.

Balance: 1
Winning was very easy as there was no balance in this campaign between two players. Player 1 stared in Post-Imperial age in every scenario, except in the second scenario, in which there was no enemy to fight with. In the scenario with the battle, as mentioned earlier, was also very easy as the enemy only had some paladins and two stables. In the other scenarios, either no enemy was there or they had nothing to fight with.

Creativity: 2
I could not find this campaign much creative, as the heroes were just had edited names from other heroes. However, in some of the scenarios, I found some creative objects. I also found that the author liked to use triggers. So I've given a 2.

Map Design: 1
The Map design was not very impressive. The map consisted nothing but large blank spaces. In the second scenario, there were just a large no. of villagers, houses and farms. Nothing extra. In the third scenario, however, there were a lot of buildings, walls, units and villagers. That was something that attracted me a little bit. In the rest maps, there were nothing but walls, gates and some heroes. The player had to travel huge distances, leading to boredom. It did not impress me.

Story/Instructions: 2
If we talk about the story, it was a little confusing and difficult to understand.
The instructions given in the middle of the game were clear and good. But they were very difficult to follow, as a lot of instructions were displayed at once.

Additional Comments:
I would suggest you to play some of the high-rated campaigns and scenarios to understand the use of the scenario builder. Also, I would suggest to download the campaign manager and see how the scenarios of the high rated campaigns, and those which are pre-installed in the game, are made. It will help you a lot.
Thank You.
Map Design1.0
Playability: 1
For me, this campaign was nothing but boring. There is no large scale attacks, no base building and no real anything. The only missions where you actually attacked people were unbalanced to the point of ridiculous. The rest of the parts were so short that at times all you had to do was click a guy or a castle and you won.

Balance: 1
There is little balancing done, on any scenario for any side. You start in the Imperial age for nearly every playable scenario, and the enemy only has a few units. Some scenarios didn't even feature an enemy.

Creativity: 1
Not much to say in the way of creativity, it was very much lacking.

Map Design: 1
The map design could have been drastically improved. The use of a singular type of grass 1 or snow grass with some roads painted out does not look very appealing. Also when there was attempts at making it look nice, it feel short of doing anything more than attracting your eyes away from the mission itself.

Story/Instructions: 1
The story itself was pretty lacking, and I couldn't understand it at times, as it was very garbled and confusing. The instructions were also very poor, with grammar and spelling mistakes gallor. They

Additional Comments:
Perhaps focus on one scenario or campaign at a time instead of focusing on multiple. And perhaps take a look at some other peoples work and get a feel of how a great scenario would work out

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Map Design1.0
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