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The Christian Empire

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Mix
Number of scenarios: 6
Play As The Christians In 6 Scenarios.Fight Your Way Through The Arabian Peninsula And Forge An Empire.Some Scenarios Have New Ideas.
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Official Reviewer
Map Design2.0
"The Christian Empire" is a rather naive depiction of the crusades, with the player being on the side of the crusaders, and fighting against the Saracens in the Holy Land.

Playability: 2
This game was not very enjoyable, it felt like a random map game for the most part. The reason why I didn't give it a 1 is because it is visible that the author tried to implement some variation in the objectives, such as finding some herbs for curing a plague and building towers around your city, though the attempts were mostly unsuccessful at making the game more enjoyable. I didn't understand anything from the "plague" scenario. I was supposed to get some herbs but I only had a few villagers, and there was no trace of the "apothecary" mentioned in the instructions. I just cheated my way to the next scenario.

The first and the last scenarios are a little different from the rest, because they entail some fixed force also (the first one soon turns B&D though). All scenarios except the first are played on the same map, with different objectives and enemy bases, but there is no excuse for so little care given to this map, more on this in the map design category.

Balance: 2
There is little challenge that awaits the player, and all of it is due to the standard AI, so it's safe to say most people will find it ridiculously easy. Same thing can be said about the custom objectives, which do not require any kind of wit or thought or strategy to complete.

Creativity: 2
The only creativity that is visible, and which is more of a potential creativity, is the fact that the author has tried to give some diversity to the standard build and destroy. However, as explained above, this did not give the best results, mainly because the objectives set were not really interesting or challenging, and second because there was no real triggerwork to support them. Only the first scenario shows a little bit more triggered events, the part before the b&d. However, that one is very basic also, with the player having to go from one place to another to get some soldiers and ships to sail to Sinai.

Map Design: 2-
Only the first scenario has a map of decent quality, a real world map of the Sinai peninsula and its surroundings. The next ones use the same template, a horrible one I must say. It is a very sketchy representation of the Arabic peninsula, I think, only it is mostly just desert terrain with a few literally square patches of palm trees and some resources. Were it not for the first map, which looks decent, though random-mappish, I would've given this category a 1. A lot more care is required to get a bigger rating here. Not to mention that the same map is overused in 4 different scenarios.

Story/Instructions: 2-
Instructions and hints are basic at best, misleading at worst. The story of the crusades and the clash between crusaders and saracens is not enforced in any way, there is no background info whatsoever, nothing to immerse the player into the game and really make him feel part of history.

Additional Comments:
I hope this has not been discouraging, but there is a lot that needs to be improved.I recommend that you play high rated files and see what people are doing there, especially in terms of map design and gameplay. If you want to keep designing build and destroys, you should play the Macbeth campaign, to see how the author has made very suitable maps for this kind of game, but that still look a lot better than random maps, and that have triggered events which boost its creativity.

In closing, this is unfortunately not a recommended download.

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Map Design2.0
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