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Siege of Antioch

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Build and Destroy
See how their feet drag, they of the Christian order. For too long have they marched, and fought, and died. Why do they go on?


Because no other generation has more determination than they for achieving their goal. That is why they will win.

And Antioch stands in there way. No other obstacle stands more firm, more defiantly than that city. Its govorner, Yaghi Siyan, is determined to withstand any seige. His walls are strong, and of towers, there countless of the indominable structures. The city's girth is wide enough, they farm within its borders, not without. If the Crusaders had thrice the men they could not hope to surround it. How can such a fortress be beseiged, let alone captured?
In October, 1097, that question racks Bohemond, leader of the Crusaders. If he cannot subjugate the fortress city, than it will be worst than the loss of a few thousand soldiers, it will be a blow to the honour and glory of Christian Europe.
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kevingamer prime
Map Design4.0
In my first review of The Seige of Antioch, I marked it way down because I kinda played it wrong. Going back on my work, I found that I played it on easy (go figure) and never initiated an action that would have sparked half the scenario. It was wrong and misleading. Going back and playing it on normal, like I should have, I realized that this scenario is a wonderfully built B&D with some other elements.

Playability: 5/5
Upon playing the game correctly, I realized that this scenario is amazingly fun and intresting. Despite fighting off a constant steam of enimies, I had to explore the map and raid other towns. Due to the lack of simple AIs, such as Immobile Units, some parties resigned while the game was being played, though this did not affect gameplay. I found no bugs, and no lag. The game is nice and long, with many different things to accomplish. The "climb to the tower guard" thing was really neat. The enemy is smart, raiding nother resource lines, attacking with trebuchets and camels at strategic points, and elsewise. However, towards the end, the small town to the south that you raided and ships supplies to you starts shipping "0 food, 0 gold", which is a problem with the resources, but did not really affect gameplay alot.

Balence: 5/5
A little hard, as resources in the desert are rather sparse, but this is realistic. Building up and overcoming a mammoth enemy and getting enough resources was rather hard, but if you find a good place to build a base, it was not too hard at all.

Creativity: 4/5
Very creative! the "Climbing up to the tower" section is very clever and makes a user think. Making the user find a good base is also an excellent touch, as there are many different spots with different advantages. Though the basic victory condition is rather linear, there are other minor objectives branching off that make the job easier, such as raiding the fishing village to the south and climbing up to the tower. The army at the beginning is good and well baclenced to fight off enimies for a time being, until you build a base, which is very thoughtful. Why I got God's own Sling and Bad neighbor is beyond me, however.

Map design 4/5
It looks like a random map, but spiced up with some extra stuff, especially to the south. Some parts of this map looks very real and neat. Good desert. Slightly bland and plain, as more stuff could have been added. The design of Antioch's interior is wonderful, the actaul siege in the game was very intense and realistic. Designs of other towns were great, also.

Story and Instructions: 4/5
The instructions were good and descriptive and told you what needed to be done. The hints and stuff were also very helpful. The opening intro is neat, as well.
The story is mentioned at the beginning and end, but during the long middle of the scneario, very little is connected back to it. Though druing the beginning and end, the sroty (historical) is very descripitve and vivid.

Good job, and sorry about my first review, which was just.... wrong.

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Map Design4.0
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