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ESRC12_Shadows of Betrayal

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Mix
Historically, the Battle of Manzikert was such a shattering defeat that the Byzantines were never able to speak of it as other than "that terrible day". It was on that terrible day in 1071 that "Anatolia, heartland of Byzantium... was lost forever to Christendom". In one catastrophic day the eastern Roman Empire had lost its major recruiting region, its major grain producing region, and its vital trade route between Constantinople and the riches of the East.

But today, you'll find yourself re-living what-if scenarios that will be based on your decisions - decisions that will either follow history or reverse it.

+++ Seven Playable Characters
+++ Thirteen Unique Endings
+++ An aggregate 8 hours or more of game play replay value.

+++ Updated to Version 1.5, thanks to Sword of Storm (aka Jatayu) (changelog included)

Enjoy! :)
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Official Reviewer
This looks good, can't wait to have the time to play it in full. The choice given in the beginning seems very interesting indeed, and I can only guess it gives the game a lot of replay value.
File Author
thanks panel!
Map Design4.0
Playability: 5
The Playability is very good, I doubt another campaign around the blacksmith, has so many options, certainly the Playability is perfect.

Balance: 3
The balance also depends heavily on the choices you make, but overall is quite uneven, for example, if you can keep the Byzantine army together, in very bad balance, and the army of Alp Arslan is very small compared to my pareser I miss you a little polish this part.

Creativity: 4
Creativity is a good point in this work, I've never seen someone miss ubiese character choice options before, nor seen so many random end.

Map Design: 5
The map is very well worked, Seems the Anatolian landscape, cities are very well made.

Story/Instructions: 3
The part of the story, is very well done, and everything is very well documented, I congratulate you for this part, but the instructions are very vague, not esplican where are the places with flags or something, nor where they are the characters (is that what it says are the places in the word document which is appended, but also the serious fine if you point in the game).

Additional Comments:
It is good that the blacksmith designers count on entrepreneurs, who still enjoy this game as old ;)
Congratulations and I hope you win the ESR12.
I have a question how long it took to make this scenario??

[Edited on 08/24/12 @ 01:55 PM]

Official Reviewer
This seems like a great scenario with nice concepts however it has many bugs.
I got an objective 'destory manzikert citadel' and I did so but nothing happened..
While playing Tamis, I could go right side to the Turkish camp..
File Author
Hi Sword (EDIT: Jatayu)! During my PTs, I was quite sure I have covered all the bugs. (Thus, the Victory report I have included in the Scenario Companion file). However, I may be wrong. It would be much appreciated if you could guide me on outlining where the bugs are.

1. On what character did the Manzikert Citadel objective fired? If it's on one of the characters wherein you took the Bulanik road, then, a Character POV-dialogue should fire saying (varies on character) "rest and build up additional forces". Also, if such dialogue fired, kindly wait until around 100 to 200 game seconds so that the Turkish main army would come to you. They should come.

2. On Tamis going to the Turkish camp, I have a trigger that forbids the player to do such thing while building up his forces, and the last time I checked, it's functioning properly. On what moment could you ride up to the Turkish camp? Is this the moment when you're instructed to come to Khliat to talk to Andronikos and Joseph?

[Edited on 08/23/12 @ 06:54 AM]

TheMazzarin So many characters to play, seems to be a interesting campaign! It appears that wise and rightful decisions make our life in the scenario more easy, and backstabbing attitudes made by our characters can difficulty a lot our chosen hero surveillance.

An technically question: Is the siege workshop supposed to produce so many onagers? (I was playing with the Norman mercenary without doing the treason over king Romanos).
File Author
Hi Mazarrin! Thank you. And no, the onagers are limited to spawn on a condition "fewer than 5" and if p1 has sufficient wood and food. this may mean you may have 5 or 6 onagers at a time.
Official Reviewer
Yes, Tamis can basically go anywhere including the Turkish camp when the objective to go to Khlat apprears. The Manzikert citadel problem was with the dude in the mountain fortress at the top.
File Author
Thanks Jatayu! I'll check again, and update accordingly.


I think I have found the reason why Theodore's (the dude in the mountain fortress) POV victory did not fire: it's because Romanos (the emperor unit) is supposed to be wounded, transferring his troops to the player. If the Romanos unit survives, then, the victory trigger won't fire since I have tied the victory trigger on this event, and not on an earlier event. I have addressed this fact in my update. I have also addressed Tamis' being able to roam freely. Again, thanks for pointing them out, Jatayu!

[Edited on 08/24/12 @ 08:04 AM]

File Author
Thanks for the review VanGalen, I appreciate it much. :) Although I feel that the points you've given for Balance and Story are well, just a bit too low. You know, I'd appreciate if you'd reconsider it. Hehe.. Also, may I ask if you've played all the characters?

The Balance of course is always a tricky one, since every person has their own way of playing, and we over in EEH take this into account. You've pointed it out yourself, the decision-making part affects it much. We can't really expect a bad decision to result in the same way as a good decision, do we? :D

On Story, I really wanted cut-scenes, but my lack of time discouraged me. I have stressed though that the Scenario Companion is a vital part, and I was hoping it will make up for the apparent lack of cutscene. :)

The scenario itself took less than a month (give or take 3 weeks and a half), although the History and research and game play features I have started way back, when the contest was announced. Like most of my scenarios (in EEH, I'm still new with AOK), the history part always take a big chunk of my scenario designing part.

With that said, I thank you for the review, and I hope you've enjoyed the scenario. :)
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Map Design4.0
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