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Hrolf's Adventure (Updated)

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Mix
Number of scenarios: 6
EDITED 22 June 2005:

Now updated to AOK:TC Version! I have completely reworked this campaign. I have fixed some minor errors, changed some maps, added a new scenario, deleted a couple of scenarios, and tried my best to create a story. I hope you like the changes!

Any (helpful) comments are welcome!

Mix of Build and Destroy and Fixed Force.

EDIT 23 June 2005:

For some reason, this new version doesn't work for me. So, there are TWO campaigns in the zip file. They are both the same, just different names.

The problem is that you complete the first scenario ... and that's as far as you get. It won't let you play the second.

If this happens to you, play "Hrolf's Adventure" instead of "Hrolf's Adventure (TC Edition)".

Apologies for inconvenience.
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Map Design3.0
Playability: 2

The campaign is a mixture of very basic FF and B&D scenarios which I did not find particularly appealing. The levels were all very simple, almost always requiring you to kill a single opponent. I was concerned it may take me a long time to get through the campaign, but I did it in two sessions - first the initial scenario, then the rest this evening. The levels are, simply put, too short. The average new designer builds levels like these, with a simple goal and little tactics needed. Make fewer levels and flesh them out a bit.

The reduction in score reflects my enjoyment of simple levels. When you first play a game even the simplest of levels have their charm - this is why the ES campaigns are so much fun, even though they are fairly basic. I still enjoy a good level just as much as ever, but as a reviewer for AoE, AoK and EE I've played more basic levels like this than I can count, and I just don't enjoy playing them so much anymore.

Lag/Bugs: The bridge scenario lagged at the peak of the fighting, and the one scenario where you had a unique objective (build a wonder) was winnable simply by making the AI resign.

Balance: 1

This area has not improved at all - I played through the whole campaign in an hour at most. The problem for balance is not that the campaign was so short, but the fact that I never restarted, or even took the precaution of saving. I think my initial rating of balance was too generous - the first time I played this campaign I never restarted either, yet I gave it a 2. The balance has not got any worse, but there really isn't any room for it to get worse I'm afraid. This is the most obvious area to improve on.

Besides just altering aspects of the players to improve balance, you should also start using AIs, instead of the default AI, which is not very intelligent, and easy to force a resignation from.

One other thing - stop giving players so many resources to start with. There's no need to even use the villagers if you have 15000 gold and food.

Creativity: 2

The creativity is probably lower than before. All of these levels are extremely basic, either a simple application of basic 1v1 FF or build and destroy. The gameplay is therefore extremely basic, and there is little or no strategy or tactics. The objectives are almost always "Defeat player 2", and they were likely to be the only player. The levels are very static - nothing changes from the beginning and you only have one objective. The maps show very little actual designing, but there was one thing that stood out in the campaign, something as simple as a bridge.

This is in the second to last level and the bridge not only looks very nice, but makes for tactics, and an interesting gameplay. First of all you must use the bridge to your advantage to kill of the enemy units, but then you must abandon it and charge into the enemy archers, as they outrange you. Quite a unique level, despite being so simple.

Random Map Design: 3

Nothing more I can say to describe them, but I would suggest making your own from scratch.

Story: 3

The story is similar to before - most scenarios skip straight to the gameplay, and the objectives never update during a level, but story has improved - it is now coherent with a simple plot, and seems to be a historical campaign to some degree.

[Edited on 11/10/05 @ 03:05 AM]

rwilde "The problem is that you complete the first scenario ... and that's as far as you get. It won't let you play the second."

This is a normal bug - you need not include another campaign, you just have to exit out to options and create a new player. The bug appeared in AoE and AoK.

[Edited on 11/08/05 @ 02:24 PM]

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Map Design3.0
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