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Downloads Home » Multiplayer Scenarios » Roll The Dice ! V13.7 Final (1.0c Version)

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Roll The Dice ! V13.7 Final (1.0c Version)

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Other
Number of players: 8
~ Roll The Dice ~ V13.7 Final (1.0c Version)

This is the final official version of Roll The Dice for 1.0c version.

Original gameplay map, main idea is to surprise players with unlikely situation. The good point is all events which are coming are random, so you will always improvise your strategy in terms of players, units they get, and their psychology.

Roll The Dice is a 8 players moba like map, FFA or teams. Each player spawns in an arena as a random unit. When that unit dies, another random one spawns for you to fight as. There are 8 outposts in the arena belonging to each player, and when destroyed the player loses. When you get kills, you earn money you can use to upgrade your units, your outpost, and more. Last tower remaining wins. Attack and gold bonus appear randomly on the map as relics and broken carts that you can pick.

This is a fun map with a part of luck, but this is also a very strategic game which need lot of reflexion. You can become skilled and win most of the time without luck. In fact, it's like poker. Skills are to know get kills with any unit, to have reflexes, know what to buy in the store, and know which player you have to attack. It could seem easy but it is not, define the player you have to attack depend of lot of factor. It is the weaker point of almost all players, they choose wrong target. Also there are too much random factors so there isn't a constant best buy order, you have to show reflection, always.

Play FFA is advisable for learn the game ! 8p better for fun.

Changelist and more info at voobly thread.

Voobly Thread => Here
Map screen => Here

How to play:
Check RTD voobly thread to learn how to play: Here
You can also read hints in game.

Triggers statistics:
15 704 triggers
57 962 conditions
92 367 effects

- A real new game
- Lot of triggers to make lot of random events
- A super fun store
- Rare spawn and events
- Many possible strategies
- Nice anti delete system
- Shortcuts trick for panic and get new units fast
- Playable in team

Lock teams
All tech disable
Age: Standard
Ressource: Standard
Map: All visible
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Official Reviewer
Map Design3.0
Roll the Dice is an ingenious scenario that is popular all over the internet in terms of of multiplayer matches. I actually first came upon this scenario in a set of videos on youtube. Not a minute into the first video, my jaw promptly dropped and I decided that I *had* to try this out for myself on LAN with some friends. The experience was incredible.

Playability: 5++
If there was a top standard for playability, this would be it. The scenario essentially plays like a first person shooter slayer match, but the unit you receive is completely random every time. You can upgrade your unit or your outpost (which you must protect) with gold that you gain from kills, picking up carts, and picking up relics, all of which culminate in using trade carts to purchase improvements. Multiple random selection mechanics ensure that every game will be drastically different, and players can coordinate--or choose not to-- to achieve a result. No matter how many times you play this with your friends, it will never, ever, get old.

Balance: 5+
The game is perfectly balanced, with no upgrade being overpowered and trinkets randomly appearing in the arena. All of the random selection mechanics ensure balance by randomness, and all units are enabled--even heroes. From what I've seen, players usually join to destroy an incredibly potent unit like an elephant, siege weapon (takes down the outpost), or hero, so they are never imbalanced. Long, hard-fought matches will ensue where no player has any edge over another except through merit, and as the author stated in the file description, noob and expert can play together competitively on this map. In case of dire situations, there is a "panic" mechanism that kills every players' unit in the arena. Players must be smart, knowing each unit's strengths and weaknesses and using them to their advantage (also using uphill advantage where you can).

Creativity: 5++
Again, I cannot stress the uniqueness of this map. Units randomly spawn, obstacles move, and the concept in itself is unique. The shop for upgrades is well thought out and creative, and the randomization assures a different experience each game. There is also an anti-delete system which ensures that you must use every unit you receive until it dies, otherwise you lose. This prevents players from constantly deleting trash units until they receive a Master of the Templar or something.

Map Design: 3+
The only downside of this scenario, I felt there could be a little more effort in this department. The design is not bad and is well-suited to the game (mostly favoring utility over aesthetics), but there is nothing special to speak of and I feel that there could have been a little more effort put into the design of the arena and the "shop" area, at least. I understand that the map is not centered around design, but nonetheless aesthetics play a part in the experience, so I feel it merits an average score of 3 (instead of the 2 that a blandly designed map would usually get).

Story/Instructions: 5
Story is nonexistent, but that is not the point of the scenario anyway. It is an arena duel map, not an epic saga, after all. The instructions are clear and informative, telling the players everything they need to know about the mechanics of the map, how to play, etc, leaving no detail out. No errors or complaints here.

Additional Comments:
One of the best multiplayer AOK scenarios on the internet, Roll the Dice is an ingenious masterpiece that should be an AOK classic for years to come. Go ahead and hit the download button, you will regret it if you don't!!!

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Map Design3.0
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