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LotR The Fellowship of the Ring 2

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Strategy
A follow up to STg_Pheonix's the Fellowship of the Ring. please leave a comment.
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Cooldan I cant download this because whenever i try to download i get the page that says "The Page Cannot Be Displayed" Please help!!!!
BIHSting Same Here! I really want to see this!
Official Reviewer
The download works as of now. :)
Helmet_Olsonm2 I really wanted to review this but you seem to have sent this off too hastily, Endoras. There is a "bug" if you would call it that. At the start of the game, Frodo is placed past Weathertop with Glorfindel. You likely did this to playtest a certain part, but you forgot to put him back to Bree before uploading to the Blacksmith. As a result, this campaign is unplayable without fixing the VERY MINOR "bug." I fixed my copy on my hard drive, but the Campaign and Scenario Reviewing Tutorial doesn't permit me to review a bugged scenario. Also, if you can fix it and resbumit an update (it will take you about two minutes to fix if that), I will review it in full. You're likely to get somewhere near a 4.0 overall rating, I'd guess. I looked through each of your triggers and it looks like a solid scenario.

One more thing: Add messages. You need scenario instructions, history, hints, victory and loss messages or you'll get a "1" for the "Story/Instructions" category.

Good luck Endoras.
Cooldan Yes please update because this bug completely messes up the scenario.
WildCardDoW Besides the bug mentioned by Helmut. It is an enjoyable scenario, perhaps a bit short would be the biggest problem. I also think it looks to be a tad to easy running away from the Black Riders, a fewsuggestions. You may have some of these already, I am not sure. (I couldn't check, with extractor, and you can't finish)

(1): Have it so Frodo's health will steadily decrease after getting stabbed. Giving an urgency to the game, as he will die.

(2): For when running from the riders have them constantly chase Frodo, as otherwise IMO it looks way to easy.

(3): When Frodo crosses the bridge. have it so the flood happens, this could look very cool if done correctly.

And mainly, make it harder, longer. Other than that, its very nice.
Map Design4.0
The Fellowship of the Ring 2 is Endoras the Elf's attempt to follow up on StG_Phoenix's Fellowship of the Ring scenario (one of the most popular Blacksmith LotR scenarios, of which there are many!).

Playability: 2
Because of the bug that put Frodo near Glorfindel at the beginning, I was not sure what to do with him killed by the Nazgûl...owch. This did not make me lose the game, though (and it should have, this being LotR). It took me a bit of thinking to figure out what to do, and the solution is just to leave Frodo alone and bring Aragorn and the other hobbits to him. However, if it weren't for that bug, this would be quite a good scenario. Please fix it, Endoras! When I crossed the river into "Rivendell" (there was no Rivendell), I didn't win. What do I have to do to win?

Balance: 2
It was far too easy, Aragorn with his 220 attack just sliced through the orcs, and even the Nazgûl were killed in one swipe. The only thing I would be worried about is the hobbits, but even they have 500 hp. When the Ringwraiths started chasing Frodo, I just had Aragorn kill them, and then had a lot of empty land to trek through boringly.

Creativity: 3
This map was not especially creative, but it wasn't boring either. Therefore I give average score. Sorry, but I hate rating creativity!

Map Design: 4
I quite liked the map design; the Great Road (or whatever it's called) was very tastefully laid out with cliffs and good elevation use. Bree was small, but nice, although I would have liked a bit more renaming. One thing that bugged me was Weathertop, it was a boring square elevation with a few palisades, not much room to manoever. However, the map design was great overall.

Story/Instructions: 1
No instructions. Well, how am I supposed to give anything more than a 1 with no instructions? Especially since Frodo is subject to that bug; I had no idea what to do!

Additional Comments: This has the potential to becoming a great LotR scenario, but fix that goddamn bug and make it a bit harder, and write instructions! Great attempt, Endoras!

[Edited on 02/20/08 @ 08:00 PM]

Official Reviewer
Endoras_the_Elf submitted an unfinished test version, checking the mounting of the horse at the end. To fix, move Fodo next to Sam, Merry and Pippin. Put trigger 'Task Frodo' Starting State to 'Off'. Trigger 'Flight to the Ford' new Effect 4, Task Object, Player 1, Light Cavalry, Set Area around the wild horse and the yellow Elf, Set Location south east across the river next to first group of trees to the map edge. Put trigger 'Frodo Falls/End' Starting State to 'Off'.

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Map Design4.0
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