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Port Graphics

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
To see the port building in the scenario editor of the game, replace the file empires2_x1_p1 in the data folder of AOC with the one from that modpack(i made the data editing with GeniEd2 for you). Make backup of the original file before replacing it! You need Mod pack studio installed to open the file "port".

You are free to use these graphics for your mods.

This modpack replaces the original graphics of the port. I made them with copy-paste from the AOC docks(i was in a shortage of ideas), lumber camps(for cranes) a few beta AOK towers(for lighthouses) and a ship skeletons from the game "Knights of Honor"(to make a feeling for shipbuilding).

The port can be a nice addition to the towns in your scenarios and campaigns, also it can be implemented in the game by separaring the civilian and military fleets, the dock will produce fishing boats, transport ships and trade cogs, and the port or shipyard will produce the military ships.

I want to make animation(but i can't) similar to the smoke from the blacksmith but with light rotating for the port's tower/lighthouse and if someone can help me or make it i'll be very glad :).

Also if you have any ideas or want me to make some building graphics for you, write in the comments below.
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Mahazona cant say this is up to the standard of your previous stuff,nothing wrong with the graphics but the idea is bad.they look like map copy stuff ant not very creative.
File Author
Thank you very much, for the feedback. You're right, i have to improve them. My first goal was to make graphics for the trade workshops and for the ports, because these buildings already exist in the data file and they easily can have different culture graphics. For the trade workshop and for the russian stables, even for the indian feudal set, it was easier because that buildings already exist for the other cultures and i knew how they should look like. But with the port i have a difficult time figuring out how should look like, also it's a naval building and the only one other building is the dock, so i had to use atleast a few parts from the dock. But i think i've succeeded to make the most important thing, that's to make the graphics fitting the 4 tiles width and the 4 tiles length of the building, the only other so big buildings are the castle, the town center and the market.(Maybe i'm the first person, that makes review of his own work. :D)
Mahazona Google is always your friend to little search of other game graphics for some inspirations when you lack your own.btw can you do a mercenary camp type of building?
crbenne Dude, you consistently do amazing graphics. True, like said it's not as good as your other stuff, but you're definitely on to something with the cranes, boat frames, and the idea of having a lighthouse.
File Author
Thank you Mahazona, i'll look for it in google. Yes i can try to make a mercenary camp, what type exactly do you want? I read that you want a different culture graphics for the pavilion and i thinked about that. Only issue is that the pavilion is not a culture specialized. But it can be made different for every culture, by adding some specified symbols and fabrics.

Thank you Crbenne, i already have some ideas for a new roofs and i want to make the building taller. Also it needs sounds, the trade workshop atleast have it's own sound and the both need icons.
Mahazona Pavilions in the game look too western.i was thinking for arabian or asain stuff like theese.
File Author
These graphics are really nice indeed, but what will be the purpose of the pavilion, it'll be just for scenarios or what? And what about the mercenary camp, how should it look like, will it be buildable in the game or it'll be just in campaigns. Now i have an idea to make a wooden fort/motte and bailey, it'll replace the church4's slp, it'll be big 8x8 tiles and it'll be used for kinda feudal age castle in scenarios.
Mahazona if you have the graphic it can be made buildable.i done have a clear idea on how a merc camp should look like now use your imagination.

I found all those ref pics through simple Google search as i said Google is your fried.

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