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Lancelot's Journey

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Version: Age of Kings 1.0
Style: Role Playing Only
Number of scenarios: 2
This is my first campaign about Lancelot. The campaign isn't historically accurate.

The campaign might have bugs or errors, so email me and tell me how to improve it.
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Map Design2.0
I was pretty forgiving with my scores, at least I think so. First off, I gave playability a score of two because on both scenarios, I could find no way to win, not because of the difficulty, but because the trigger system was faulty, so you could not win unless you killed everyone, which was not intended. The scenario instruction screen had only an story at all. I had the least bit of fun, when I started the first scenario, I noticed that there was absolutely no eye candy on the map. The terrain was either forest or grass1. They also made unappealing use of map tricks such as ice, “clouds,” and a halberdman, but this is AOK, not TC. As I approached Frankfurt, I was greeted a welcome by the guard. I reached a market and automatically started to instantly buy hordes or resources, but I had no idea what I was buying. I immediately moved Lancelot out of the area, but then I realized that I just spent all of my gold. I continued on, and then I was told that what was being sold was 10 wood for 50 gold, after I had bought it. Without any gold, I went back to the area where I obtained the wood, and found that I continued to buy wood, even though I had no gold. I was also able to purchase 100 food, and attack and armor upgrades without the need of gold, even though you must need it. I reached my destination and found
that I needed to garrison 5 relics in a monastery, but they were guarded and the battles would be tough. I found the first relic, which was guarded by two huskarls and a crossbowman: pretty easy. I found a second, guarded by two crossbowmen. The third was guarded by two knights. The fourth by a skirmisher and long swordsman. The last one, however, had a monk as well as huskarls and crossbowmen, but the monk didn’t even attempt a conversion. With nothing left to do but wait for my slow monk to travel far to garrison these relics, I found that when this happened, nothing happened, so therefore, I could only do “I r winner.” Declared victorious, I was greeted by a single sentence in the victory section.
The next scenario was even shorter. I had to go to a cathedral to meet a pair of monks. As I arrived at the
town, I went to the marketplace to buy a siege onager. If there was something that I did like about the entire
campaign, it was the fact that you could “trade” items: food for food, gold for stone, wood for gold, a siege onager
for a siege ram, plus 75 wood as well. This was interesting, but still, I didn’t really need anything, they were just given to me when I ran out of the resource needed to buy them. Another plus about the campaign was the ferry to the island in which the cathedral sits atop. You must position Lancelot on a flag, then a transport ship arrives, you place him in it, you don’t have any control and can’t see where you are going (I was afraid that he would just stay in there), but then you arrive on the island. I talk to the monks, but then my objectives wouldn’t change. Finding that I could no longer complete the scenario, I used my siege onager to try and attack a guard. I placed Lancelot in the transport. And then I changed the town with me to enemy...not a good idea, for I forgot that Lancelot would be ejected out of the transport and be killed because there’s no land.
I gave a two for playability because there is no way to complete either scenario, and there are few missions
that needed to be done. I gave a two for creativity because this is an RPG-type campaign, and people talk to you
when you approach. I gave a two for balance because the battles were easy to win. I found that there was few
challenges. I gave a two for map design because there seemed to be little effort to create a map. It seemed as if you generated a blank map and then got a “huge” brush for trees and randomly clicked around the map. I gave a two for
storyline because there was not a whole lot of story, and the instructions were as basic as you could get. The concept
of the campaign was a plus, however.
This scenario had few good aspects to it, but I feel that giving it all 1’s would be too harsh. It only needs a better map and trigger system, as well as a better story line. If the map was generated randomly, it would have earned a better score. I award the effort, if any, to at least try to create an RPG type campaign. This would have great potential if it’s aspects had more time to be planned and tested. The sheer idea of this campaign, though, is another plus on this rating’s behalf.

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Map Design2.0
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