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Downloads Home » Single Player Scenarios » The Way of the Warrior I

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The Way of the Warrior I

Author File Description
Great Emperor
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Strategy

The Way of the Warrior - Part I

The Way of the Warrior - Part I

Samurai Honor


Bushido - the way of the warrior. This was the term for the Japanese code of honor of the samurai.

It was formulated during the 16th century, at the same time the class of the samurai was at it's climax. In this time Japan was divided between uncountable feudal lords, the daimyos. And there was a never ending civil war. They fought one against another, either honorably on the battlefield or by cunning, using spies which were called the ninja or shinobi. Out of 250 daimyos, only 10 survived in the end...

Slip into the role of Kato Tadaoki, a calm, but distinctive samurai in the service of the daimyo Yoshimori. The destiny throws him onto high tops and then again into deep abysses, but he does not believe in destiny. With all the murder, betrayal and intrigue around him, he tries not to behave according to the traditional way, but to his own mind and conscience. And this is definitely extraordinary for his time.

He tries to find his own way, the way of the warrior.

It depends on you whether he will find it.

Additionally you can play this scenario using an icon mod created by me as well. It changes the icons of some units and makes them look more Japanese. You can download it here

(111 kb):

If you have a fast connection, please also download the addtional sound files.

You can get the music here:
(3.21 MB)

And the recorded dialogues here: (3.4 MB)

NOTE: For the dialogues, you have to rightclick on the link and to choose 'save as', otherwise it won't work!

I created this scenario originally in German. That's a translation (the sound and trigger names are still German). So I apologize for all the mistakes that surely have occured. You can find the original version "Der Weg des Kriegers" at

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AuthorComments   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
WildCardDoW I am sure this campaign will be as well made as your previous one. "Vlad Dracula" (4.8). and, from the quick glance I had at the map theres a chance it will surpass it, though that may just because of the samurai :p. It also looks that there will be another campaign in the series. I have no doubt that this series will be as popular as Cerebrus' "The Last Samurai."

Great Work,

Great Emperor
File Author
Well, thanks. I've done my best to make this campaign better than "Vlad Dracula" was. And when you finish it, you'll notice that it will be quite different from other samurai-campaigns and the others parts won't take place in Japan anymore.. But see for yourself. ;)
Lord_Fadawah Sounds very good. I've just downloaded it, and I can't wait to play it. I suppose you'll be wanting a review?
Great Emperor
File Author
Of course, I expect it. ;)
But i've recorded sound files for all the dialogues during the game. I'd like to upload them first (on my webspace).
It will be another 3MB, but I think you'll understand the story better this way and if you have a fast connection, it won't hurt you anyway. ;)
Lord_Fadawah I'm afraid a 3MB file will hurt me, but I'll live. As for now, I'll continue writing the review.
Jeremiah Great, another samuraicampaign! I'll take a look if this one is really as good as you guys say. =)
Great Emperor
File Author
I have to make some comments on the review:
1) The guy is called Kato, not Kata
2) Dr. Mabuse didn't write the AI, he just gave me some hints to make the enemy in the last part attacking in waves.
3) The game becomes hard only if you rush ahead with all your troops. You have to be very carefully and retreat sometimes or use sometimes other paths to get to the enemy. But I shall update the map and make it easier.
WildCardDoW I'll agree with Fadawah's review in every part, except for balance. I found that the start was a bit hard..but I didn't lose as many men, its a simple case of running with a cavalry unit, to "scout" then draw them back. (Using this, I managed to return with most men) But I will agree that the attacking the camps was extremly hard. I reccomend attacking in order as told, otherwise..I seem to be short to many men, at then mining camp. Its a great campaign..just a tad to hard.

This is yet another great campaign by Emperor..its better than Vlad Dracula, but barely. But then again Vlad Dracula is an amazing campaign. I still havn't finished it, but its a superb map.
Great Emperor
File Author
*sigh* You guys should read the hints, really. For the second part there should be written something like "Direct attacks will be futile, look for ways to bypass the enemy towers and attack from the rear."
And that's all you have to do! This way, the towers won't cut your men to pieces as written in the review, you'll be able to stay always out of their range!
Read the hints, be careful, always use halberdiers against cavalry, cavalry against infantry and so on... That's all about it!
WildCardDoW I actually found the secret routes,(one of them is very hard to find but possible), but I still only managed to make it out with 4 samurai.. this is one of the best campaigns I have played. Though..for a small bit I was stuck on the shinobi part. I walked right past "the thing to distract the gaurds" about 40 times, lol. I finished it and I eagerly await Part Two. I think everyone who plays this will say its a least I think so. Definitly surpasses Vlad Dracula..congratulations.
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