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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Strategy
I made this senario about a year ago with two friends. It has over 100 triggers.

You start out at the southern part of the map and your enemy is at the north. He has a huge fortress and a large army, so you will have to hold off his army and weaken it. Also note, that there are many sub-quests despite the map's linear design.
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File Author
Be Prepared for version 8.0! it evens the match and makes the game a little harder. I gave Sofang more health... its coming out for a month... so stay tuned!
Map Design1.0
Fantasy is an appropriate name for something that has the player control Riders of Rohan, suicide bombers, characters from FF7, and a miscelleny of others all on the one map. It seems that everything in the designer's imagination has been dumped into the one scenario. The result is like mixed Pepsi and milk -- it looks zany, but tastes shocking.


Fantasy is basically a supercharged battle between you and your forces and a megalomaniac monk named Sofang. The player starts off in a massive city, with 999999 of each resource, and hundreds of troops. The author says in the description page that it has over 100 triggers, and it is obvious to me that quite a bit of time has gone into it. However, a bit of playtesting and repeateadly asking "is this fun?" would certainly have made it a better campaign. It has a lot of messages displaying at once, and this disorients the player. I move my screen to one part of the map, and I'm bombarded with volleys of messages. "Connor the con artist: I'm working for Sofang and I'm never going back to prison!" "Sofang: you destroyed my dock, DIE!" "Eric: I'm a captain in Sofangs army, and I'm never going back!" "You: there is a relic in the hills, let's look for it!" all popped into my screen in the space of a few seconds. My computer crashed to the desktop twice, and I experienced masses of lag from hundreds of units fighting. 1


Pretty tough to rate. Sofang starts off in even a stronger position then you, and both sides have many heroes with thousands of HP and attack. Having paladins able to take down castles in one hit isn't too much fun. With a bit of persistance, a good player should be able to destroy most of Sofang's army and buildings, but it is extremely annoying trying to beat his far-too-strong bodyguards, all of which could take down an army on their own. The player is never attacked. -2


There are lot of sidequests to do, and so there should be a strong replayability factor. However, the sidequests are so confusing that I never completed them. There is nothing original about renaming a couple of characters and giving them masses of HP and attack. Nor is it original to place hundreds of troops down on both sides and give the player a "kill X unit" objective. +2-


Some towers, buildings, and units placed on a grass1 map. There are some forests to the east, but they are all the same tree type. Overall the map displays a lack of effort put into it. If the author doesn't feel up to designing a full map himself, he can always generate a random map, thus salvaging a few points. 1


A lot of your characters have been renamed, and there should be a very complex story going on, but there isn't. You are not told who Sofang is, who you are, and why you are fighting Sofang. Some sort of grab for word domination? An insult? There are no pre-game instructions, but plenty of trigger-generated objectives. Proving the old adage "Great wealth brings great shame", these trigger objectives actually make the experience worse. For a start, you have 19 objectives. All of them are in the objective box at once. They are mainly optionals for completing side-quests. Also, your primary objective "Slay Sofang" is way down near the bottom of the list, so the player has to scroll down through the list to find it. You should introduce objectives gradually, a few at a time, and then remove them from the box using the "Deactivate Trigger" effect. No-one likes 19 objectives all on the screen at once, especially when he has to sift through them to find his main objective. There are no hints. Many people would be offended by the player having Osama bin Laden and an army of Al-Qaeda terrorists at his disposal. 2


I've got a feeling that the author has quite a bit of talent, but this campaign is ruined by its numerous playability and concept issues.




-- No story
-- Map was pathetic
-- Lag
-- Too many objectives on the screen at once
Official Reviewer
Map Design2.0
Fantasy is a single scenario, a FF with B&D elements. The story is fiction; you play Ryan, your objective to slay Sofang.

PLAYABILITY: You start with 99'999 of each resource, exception for the hard level where food reduces to 90'000, and 180 units, joined by ten sword masters. At the start, too many messages display in short intervals, which was confusing. The fun was limited, to play a too easy scenario on an unappealing map. I encountered no bug or lag. 2

BALANCE: I played the scenario to the end on the hard level and the beginning on standard and moderate. Even though player 2 attacks constantly, it is never challenging. Sofang's army was far too weak. I only needed the navy, eight Riders of Rohan (HP 5175 AP 5017) and a certain Nick (HP 10'430 AP 10'017), all self-healing, to annihilate the enemy army, to flatten towers and castles. Most of the enemy army consisted of arbalests and neither the 20 relatively weak bodyguards (HP 260 AP 14) nor the Keeper of Evil (HP 20'250 AP 20'150) can change the tide. 2

CREATIVITY: The author is creative and has good ideas, lacking is effort, experience and play testing. I am sure to see better designs in the future of him, effort and play testing anybody can do, experience will come automatically, but creativity is a gift. There were many side quests, many renamed units and some good humor. Make people laugh and I boost this category rating by one point. In addition, the author attempted to create difficulty dynamic levels. The enemy has two extra bombard towers on hard near your base and player 1 has extra bombard towers on easy and one castle more on moderate. 3

MAP DESIGN: Too much grass one; no elevations, just flat and the towns are square. Still some good features and effort to serve the game play. The author should work on a computer-generated map, a random map in the future. 2

STORY/INSTRUCTIONS: No introduction screen, multiple objectives, most of them self-fulfilling during game play and one good hint. 2

OVERALL: The design shows creativity and talent, but lacking effort and experience.

SUGGESTIONS: You should change your 'object visible' conditions to 'object in area' or better, disable the spy tech. To use the spy tech when offered is not cheating, especially when it costs only 200 of gold. ;-) Try a story and make the enemy stronger. A good way to balance your scenario is more than one enemy player of the same player color.

IN CLOSING: Fantasy is a good download for inexperienced players.

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Map Design1.5
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