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Chi Zi Kung--Human Wave Version

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Version: The Conquerors
Style: Mix
I had power up my old campaign,now you have to face the "hman wave" in the final battle.I also added some new events on other stage.When I tried it,I killed 2556 units to complete my campaign!
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Official Reviewer
Description from the first version by jcchen on 3/20/04

In the Min dynasty, lots of Japanese pirates, named Woko, often robbed the south coast zone of China. Chinese regular army could not match Woko until a famous general--Chi Zi Kwung appeared. He commanded about 3000 soldiers, known as Chi-Ja-Jyung(Chi's army), terminated all Woko. Now, you are the hero, please lead Chi-Ja-Jyung come to victory!
Map Design4.0

Chi Zi Kung--Human Wave Version is a fictional campaign about a plague of pirates attacking southern China during the 17th century, and Chi Zi Kung's battle to stop them. My verdict: a must download. It took me well over two hours and three reloads to finally beat it, but the game maintains its epic scope and fast pace right the way through. There are no long walks from place to place, nor slow sieges. You start out with only two officers under command, and you journey to various outstations seeking help. Many generals turned me away, but finally I found some help to the south. A patriotic merchant offered to help me -- but in exchange I must kill a dragon living to the south. At the expense of one of my officers, I completed my task, and was rewarded with some money to pay for a mercenary company. From there, the scenario finally culminates in a final attack against the Woko pirate HQ on Zo San Island. The scenario ran smoothly (I encountered a bit of lag near the end, you'll find out about the "Human Wave" part), and there were no bugs to be seen. A great scenario, overall. 5


Most campaigns become progressively more difficult as the game goes on, but jcchen seems to have gone against the grain to make a campaign that is easiest at the end. If the survive the first half of the scenario, you should have no trouble with the second half. The scenario is difficulty dynamic, but to be honest I didn't notice much difference between the difficulty levels. The dragon part in itself should be challenging enough for most players, even on easy mode. Micromanagement is the word, as many units seem to have their attack raised to unrealistic levels, so whoever gets the first blow will generally win a confrontation. Once the player takes control of Jim Men Island, the scenario suddenly loses a lot of its brilliant balance to become an easy "attack the base" affair. There are no time constraints, so the player can build up and attack at his leisure. Having time limits to achieve your objectives is a good idea in B&D scenarios. 4


Doing a quick marco/polo peek will reveal that the map is full of side-quests, options, and replayability. It seems that around every corner is a gaia soldier, or someone willing to help you. I think that you will find the greatest bonuses to come from exploring the map. You can purchase troops using an innovative system I have never seen before, and access to unbalancing techs is denied using the little-used Researching Tech condition. There was good use of the tactical AI during the final attack. 5


Definately above average, but certainly not deserving the vaunted spot of a 5. While a lot of care has been taken with painting terrain and juxtapositioning objects, there are some glaring problems. Above the cliffs at General Chen's garrison, you can see an unattractive mass of grass1. Those small islands in the ocean stuffed with enemy troops looked a bit absurd. You could at least have placed a tower or some other outpost on the islands, or maybe a ship rather then having them stranded there. -4


The first language of the author clearly isn't English, so the occasional spelling mistake can be forgiven. While the campaign has a story, it is not an unusually good one. No explanation of Chi Zi Kung's past is given, and only the bare bones of the Woko attack. Basically, you're some faceless guy sent to fight some faceless pirates. An already great scenario could have become infinately better with a bit more story added too it. Matters are made worse by the fact that the hints are confusing and misleading. In the beginning, I am told that Generals Chen and Lee will help me. I visit both of them, and they do nothing except scoff at my cause. When I recieve my orders to attack the Woko, I am not told where to look for him. With some dedicated scouting, I discover the Woko base, and unload all four of my transport ships on the Zo San shore. I am immediately attacked by...Saracen Mamelukes and Spanish Conquistadors?! Perhaps it is possible to be bit too creative. 4

This campaign most definately worth your while.


-- Great theme and epic gameplay, fun to play right through


-- Map design was patchy and inconsistant, some obvious bloopers in evidence
-- Storyline wasn't the best
-- Scenario balance takes a turn for the worse near the end
laz123 Okay, how do you kill the 'dragon'?

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Map Design4.0
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