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The Siege of Sornaith

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Fixed Force
This is only my second scenario. Any comments, ratings or concerns are more than welcome. In fact, they are encouraged. Thanks and enjoy.

Way back in the day there was the great empire of Alinaith at the centre of which was the capital city Sornaith. The great Emperor Chud of Alinaith had seven sons and he ruled over the various states with efficiency, proficiency and great wisdom. This led him to aquire immense wealth over time. Consequently, the seven sons grew to covet his riches and made a secret pact to overthrow him when the time was right. The Seven sons were Chaderpicus, Chudidiah, Chudlywump, Churdles, Chadygonukabakers, Chadre, and Chunt.

Years later Emperor Chud passed his leadership of seven of the largest provinces in the kingdom to his sons and went off with his most capable warriors in an effort to see the great empire he had created over his life. This was the opportunity that the treacherous sons had been waiting for... They seized their chance to sack the and so the epic battle for Sornaith began!

Credit goes out to the maker of the Cobra AI STRATUS, which usually works great for the level. This AI is attached in the file. Simply place it in the AI folder before playing. Let me know if there are any issues.
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cordite1016 i played through's not bad! i actually enjoyed myself playing it. Review is forthcoming.
Map Design3.0
The siege of Sornaith is a fixed force game where you control the massive city of Sornaith and must defend it from seven enemies (with names I can't pronounce)

Playability: 5
Despite some of the flaws that i'll mention below, I found the scenario overall to be a fun experience. I didn't encounter any bugs or issues that impeded progress of the game, so this category merits full marks. There was some noticeable lag in the game because of the huge numbers of enemy units, but I can't really penalize the author for that since I don't have the best computer.

Balance: 3
The computer enemies are agressive at the beginning but their attacks stall fairly quickly and even on hardest I had very little difficulty defending my city for the allotted time. The last 20 minutes or so was basically "whack-a-trebuchet" where my GOS's simply decimated every enemy trebuchet that rolled up with their enormous range and attack.

Creativity: 3
Fixed force games where you control a large well defended city and must outlast the enemy is certainly not an original concept. The author doesn't introduce anything new to the genre, but what he/she does is pretty well done.

Map Design: 3-
Not much to say here. Sornaith was visually pleasing with nice building placement and realistic design but the surrounding terrain was simply a random map, which didn't bother me too much since you aren't able to see it unless you use marco polo. (coastal i think)

Story/Instructions: 1
This was the one category that needs by far the most work. The only story introduced was on the webpage for the file. This category could be improved by even making the game a .cpx (a campaign) instead of a .scx and including some history, a scenario instruction map, etc.

Additional Comments:
This file provides a decent amount of fun for the time that it runs, so i would recommend the DL, however, it needs polishing to be considered 'great' in my opinion. That being said, I liked the scenario and for the only second file submitted by the author, i think he/she has a lot of potential.
thrillseaka i am new to all this mod pack download and making stuff and still learning! i downloaded this hoping i could install and play, however i dunno how or what to do with an scx file, maybe instructions for noobs here perhaps might help a lill?
Thrillseaka, you might want to take a look at the forums. Elaborate FAQs are available there.,37500,0,365
File Author
Thank you for the review Cordite!! I know what I need to work on for the next one! For some reason, since I am running the game through an emulator I cannot create scenario files which makes things like the story part impossible to implement. I would also like to put it out there that I found it extremely challenging to implement an AI that would continue to attack throughout the level. The COBRA AI that I put in is fairly good yet flawed. If anyone actually reads this and knows a good way to make that work I would be thrilled to learn :)

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Map Design3.0
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