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Piece by Piece: Go Fourth

Author File Description
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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Strategy
Number of scenarios: 1

Piece by Piece: Go Fourth

Designed by the design community.
Co-ordinated by Trisatya, Tetsuo Shima, and Julius999.

newIdea, who co-ordinated the original said this:

"The idea for this map is to have a scenario completely influenced by AoKH. The goal is not to make the prettiest looking map, nor to make the most intricate triggers. The goal is to see how a community, like ours, can work together to achieve a goal. It is actually more of an experiment in this way. The goal I speak of, is to make a scenario that has map design and triggers from many different designers."

The story has as its protagonist Layne, a mercenary with an unpleasant past. He finds himself on a ship that is being battered by the waves of a distant ocean. What will become of him? Will he ever find a way home?

You may also wish to try out the previous versions of the Piece by Piece concept:

Piece by Piece 1 (hosted by newIdea)
Piece by Piece 2 (hosted by Dave_Earl)
Piece by Piece 3 (hosted by Julius999)

20th Jan 2013: Various bugs fixed.
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Official Reviewer
Map Design5.0
Piece by Piece: Go Fourth is a community project made by a variety of different people from our very own AOKH Community. It is the fourth instalment of the Piece by Piece series, an idea created by newIdea in 2006. The idea is that the map is divided into 25 squares and each member follows the story on, adding quests and minigames in their on individual square. Piece by Piece: Go Fourth sets up a new story in the Piece by Piece series, telling the story of a group of people who survive a shipwreck and find themselves on a mysterious island. They are taken by a native tribe who will give them a boat if they rescue the chiefs son Jude who has recently disappeared. This community project was set up and managed by Andanu "Whoracle" Trisatya and Julius999. A number a designers took part in the projects including, Julius999, Andan, Lord Basse, Panel, and many more, I myself also participated creating one small square. But this review will not be biased on that small square at all or any other individual square, but as a whole scenario and how it fits together.

Playability: 3
The real unfortunate downside is the playability of this scenario. The reason this scenario is posted in the Projects section is because it is ridiculed with bugs and that is really unfortunate. The problem with a community project is that you have so many different designers that everyone designs in their own unique way, and it means things can get messy, especially trigger work, which can be temperamental anyway. The other problem is it's hard to communicate with everyone and some designers don't always get the important messages so miss out key bits they may have needed to put in their square. Bugs include; the fact that there is no defeat message when you lose one of the main characters, and various trigger activations either failing or setting off at the wrong point. The scenario is very temperamental and it is a shame because I know how much time and effort went in to making this scenario. However, don't be discouraged because of what you can play of this scenario it is immensely fun and enjoyable. It has a great storyline and is full of creative ideas from the minds of so many different designers. Even though it's not fully playable I really recommend that people download it and play what they can because it is really enjoyable and a great game.

Balance: 5
The Balance if the scenario was brilliant. There were some very challenging moments, and some less challenging moments. Numerous creative challenges are thrown at the player and you've got to use a range of skills to win them, and some will take more attempts than others.The scenario has difficulty dynamics and lots of helpful hints and instructions, also messages warning you of a Save Point. You have a good mix of units in you're small band of heroes, including a ranged units, two swordsmen, a spearman and a female, so you should be suited to fight whatever enemies come at you. Elevation is provided well for some duel scenes so you can use you're elevation bonus against your enemies. The scenario's all round balance is superb and if it wasn't for the bugs a player of any level will be able to complete this scenario, with a few retries if necessary.

Creativity: 5
Without s doubt this scenario is creative. If I scored the scenario on this category alone, it will definitely be one of the highest rated scenarios in our Blacksmith. The advantage of having so many designers like when you have a community project is that every designer brings in their own imagination to the scenario. They bring in all of their unique ideas and designing skills. Each square always has it's own individual creative challenges that are very clever and unique. One of my favourite little challenges was on one of the maps first square; Dtrungle's Archery Training Challenge on square three.

Map Design: 5
The Map Design was beautiful. It is a beautiful design of the mysterious island in which the story is set in and has a range of landscapes such as jungles, marshlands, beaches, and native settlements. Every square is made by a different designer and they all include their own unique map design skills in them. What I love best about the map is that, even though it is made up in blocks and that could seem to make everything quite blocky and square, it doesn't; every square blends into the next one perfectly and the design pattern continue through the next square. Jungles continue through the map as does rivers and cliffs, they don't just stop when the square ends. The map design shows the beauty of the AOK map editor and very pretty examples of how to use good terrain mixing, elevation and eye-candy to make your maps look astonishing. Obviously with numerous designers, all at different levels, you can get bits of the map that doesn't look quite right. One bit that spoilt the map design for me was a large square full of cliffs that were unfortunately broken up due to elevation. I do not however that these small little thing effect the score that much though.

Story/Instructions: 4
This again is another weaker point of the scenario. The premise of the story is very interesting. I love the whole, Lost/Castaway theme, of being trapped on an island and that you have to survive and find an escape. The story brings a small group of survivors on a challenging quest across this mysterious island to look for a Native Tribal Chief's son who has gone missing. The story will take this group through dangerous jungles, into conflicts with other tribes, through to a battle with a ghost, and much more. The story is great and there is great dialogue between characters. Being a community project, each designer brings their imagination in, adding their own unique ideas to the story, creating cutscenes, dialogue, and flashbacks to the characters past. Unfortunately there are some downsides to the story, mainly due to the huge bugs in the story, you may not get to the end of the scenario. Due to bugs I didn't find myself getting all the way to end, which is a shame because I would really like to know how it ended. There are a couple of grammatical mistakes in the dialogue. In terms of Instructions, I think the scenario does really well. The instructions are clear and you will always know what you;re supposed to be doing. I would say however, that the scenario needs a few more hints in some parts. There are some challenges that I could of done with some more hints of how to complete them as I took a while to figure it out, and took lots of attempts.

Additional Comments:
Even though Piece by Piece: Go Fourth is not fully playable I really recommend that people download it and play what they can because it is really enjoyable and a great game. Its a shame that it is covered in bugs that effect the gameplay, but what you can play of it is brilliant, and you should check it out. It's got a great story, and some really interesting challenges that will really test your AOK skills.

Well Done AOKH - A Great Game


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Map Design5.0
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