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Badon Hill 2.0 + A Crusade Siege

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File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Mix
Number of scenarios: 2
Includes an update to badon hill. very nice!

- battle system featuring 4 dynamics, including
formation, training, equipment and morale.

- less control over troops by player

- more difficult
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Map Design4.0

Rather good and fun to play, this campaign is a "two in one" anthology containing the two scenarios the author has designed -- Badon Hill and A Crucade (should be spelled *Crusade*) Siege. Playability is strong, with FF in Badon Hill and B&D in A Crucade Siege. However, several bugs severely damage the experience. In Badon Hill, there are large sudden view changes, which would generally cause my computer to crash. I ended up having to pause the game and position my screen over the areas where the view changed to just before the view change occured. The author says that the scenario uses a "revolutionary, never before seen battle system" where you must destroy 75% of the enemy army without losing 75% of your own troops. A great idea, but in practice it turns out to be somewhat skewed. I actually lost the game twice, once when I had 90 troops surviving and again when I had 110 troops surviving. The game obviously takes into account my ally's troops instead of my own. This is a very inefficient way to do things, as your ally is tasked into battle much earlier then you and so takes heavy losses before you can even get your pants on to save them, so to speak. I had to I R WINNER my way past that scenario, as I would always lose prematurely no matter what I did. In the second scenario, when I moved the trade carts to the silk merchants my whole army changed ownership to the silk merchant player, as they were standing near the market. You should have left a hint explaining to the player to keep his units well away from the market. When I meet the Templar force in the forest, they say they will only join them if I bring a churchman to them. I brought my monk to their leader, but nothing happened. -3


The Badon Hill scenario is completely and utterly impossible to win, due to the bug stated above. A Crucade Siege is winnable, but frustrating. You have a pop cap of 60, making it extremely irritating to muster a decent economy and yet have enough space remaining for soldiers. Perhaps you made the Saracen city a little too powerful. Having to fight your way through several layers of walls, towers, siege onagers, and fully-upgraded mamelukes is never too much fun when you only have 30 population space for troops. However, you are never under threat yourself. There is a player called "Saracen Pillage Force" who at timed intervals tasks small groups of of camels into your town, but they are easy to defeat when you have units with over 50 attack, as your starting army is given. +2


The victory system in the Badon Hill scenario is new, but I definately wouldn't call it revolutionary. Also, I have a bone to pick about how both of the scenarios appear to be just remakes of MCrnigoj's FF campaigns. The Badon Hull scenario in particular was just a clone of Tannenberg 1410, right down to the morale system, the map layout, and the intro sequence where you are shown your army positions. I have nothing against designers being inspired by the works of others, but I believe that designers should go with their own individual styles, rather then just copying the styles and campaign concepts of others. In the A Crucade Siege scenario, I liked the idea of buying villagers for silk at the market, and the victory condition of destroying 35 buildings in the Saracen city to force your enemy to surrender was also new to me -- if a bit lame, and damaging to the realism of the scenario. Historically, sieges would last until the enemy garrison was incapable of (or unwilling to continue) resistance, not until a certain number of houses had been destroyed. -4


Most definately above average, although lacking in some areas. In Badon Hill, the map design was exceptional, the battle takes place over shallows covered in dirt paths, so your troops leave splash marks as they walk. There are plenty of forested hills covered in flowers and woodloam. The map design of A Crucade Siege left a lot to the imagination, however. There are huge tracts of land with nothing but sand on them, no trees or eye candy of any sort. The design of the city was OK, apart from the fact that all the Saracen farms were located in the heart of the city. What sort of medieval city would have it's farming district located in the centre of a teeming metropolis? -4


This campaign -- while it seems to have been designed along the lines of MCrnigoj's campaigns -- is dissimilar in one area: story. The two scenarios here have none of the epic beauty, historical depth, and detailed research work that MCrnigoj weaves into his campaigns. In Badon Hill, your pre-game briefing consists of:

"Arthur must survive.

Destroy 75% of Cerdic's forces

Keep your own army above 75%"

That's it. No explanation on who Cerdic is or why you're fighting him, or about the backdrop of the campaign. I presume it is about Arthur and his wars against the Saecsan invaders, but I can't really tell. The story is equally lacking in A Crucade Siege. The units and players have vague names like "King", "French Commander", "German Commander", "Saracen Army", as if the whole thing was just invented upon the spot. As easy as it is to look information up on the internet, the is really no excuse for not doing a little bit of research into medieval history. It would also help to avoid the many anachronisms and other historical bloops found in this campaign. For instance, the longbow was not invented until 1200, many centuries after Arthur's death. There are good, concise hints, and the occasional spelling mistake. +2


The designer shows promise in this anthology, but there is a lot for him to do before this is truly a good download. First, please submit a patch fixing the victory bug and view changing issues in the Badon Hill scenario, and the market issue and annoying monk problem in A Crucade Siege. You could also provide some history and story behind the scenarios, and try tweaking the difficulty a bit, to make it more challenging and less frustrating.


-- Good gameplay
-- The map of Badon Hill was a beauty


-- A lot of game-ruining glitches
-- No story
-- A Crucade Siege scenario was annoying

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Map Design4.0
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