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Cheater AI (still not bad)

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
INSTALLING: Unzip the 2 “TheCheater” documents to your AI folder
GENERAL NOTES: This is a relatively powerful cheating AI. If you do not prefer powerful AIs that cheat, then don’t use this, as it receives 10000000 of each resource at the beginning of the game, and its invasions are quite annoying, as it generally brings along more siege units than actual troops.
Preferred civilization: Turks
Preferred starting age: Post-Imperial Age. If it doesn’t start from that it won’t research any technologies, and thus will not advance in ages. Also, all of the AI scripting is meant for the Post-Imperial Age.
Preferred population cap: 100-200
Preferred map: Any land map
Preferred starting resources: Any will work, but choosing the “high resources” favors you because it won’t even make close to a dent in the AI’s resources.
Preferred teams: usually 4 vs 2 cheaters for normal people or 5 vs 3 cheaters for advanced players seems fair
Other general game info: Do not disable the cheats. Although the computer does collect resources, it collects them very slowly and will not be able to thrive without them. This AI will probably have some glitches, as this is my first time programming one. However, I have tested it for glitches in the scripting and found none, but be wary of them anyway. Also, please do not expect a super good AI, as this one is just 14kbs, and thus is very limited: this AI will probably have similar patterns every time it plays. This AI stops attacking you a little after 3 hours, but if you want to extend the attacking time you can just copy and paste the last sections of the script, with a little editing (I was too lazy to make the attacking past trigger 60).
SPOILER: Do not read this if you do not want to know what the AI will do during the game.
This AI will build pretty much infinite castles and towers, etc., so it is best to attack it before its town becomes castleville. At the very beginning of the game, the AI will usually send 2 villagers to collect food and 1 to build a castle. After that, it will build a castle about once every 2 minutes for the next hour or so. Past that, I don’t know. It will create lots of janissaries (if you are playing the Turks) and trebuchets. Once it has too many castles, it is also harder to invade because the janissaries keep coming out every ½ second, and the computer doesn’t really mind because it has (pretty much) infinite resources, and although you probably will be killing more value of the computer’s troops, only you will be feeling the economic strain. Onagers are not too effective because the janissaries use a hit and run technique to destroy them. This AI’s invasions usually compromise of mainly janissaries and trebuchets, with a few petards (recommended to destroy petards immediately in order to prevent severe damage: your units/buildings will not automatically prioritize killing them. Petards only hit around 25 damage on units, but are capable of hitting over 1500 on buildings. It is possible for an army of 20 petards to lower your population limit by 100 (1 petard/house), which could be very inconvenient while you are getting invaded, as you will not be able to create more units.
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Campidoctoris This is harder than most PIDM AIs because its cheats, but it still can be beaten by non cheating AI.

To improve you need houses. Ok, castles provides pop slots, but houses are faster to build. Houses should accelerate a lot your military training. And it's a key to win PIDM matches.

If you want to learn to make strong AIs without (or with) cheats, you should read Xafaxarcos Tutorial and the Training AI.

In any case,the hardest thing is to start. Welcome to the world of the AI Scripting. ;(

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