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The Battle of Poitiers

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Version: The Conquerors
Style: Fixed Force
The battle of Poitiers was fought between the English and the French during the 100 Years War. You play as the English, and you must use the power of your Longbowmen if you are to win the battle. I have tried to make this as historically acurate as possible.

-Retreat system (your army will not fight to the death, if too many casulties are taken expect some of your units to retreat)
-Historically accurate (The terrain and army formations were taken from historical maps of the battle)
-Fast pace gameplay

This is my first attempt at making a fixed force senario, it is done in a similar style to Tannenburg 1410, with some differences. (much shorter intro, faster paced gameplay). I tried to make this senario difficult, however I am not sure if I got the balabce right. If you do play this senario, please comment on the difficulty balance.
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Map Design5.0
Battle of Poitiers is draugaer's first campaign to be released to the blacksmith, and it is some top quality work. Following in the same style as MCrnigoj author of some very popular FF Battle campaigns. This is about the Battle of Poitiers, which took place in the 100 Years War between the English and the French.

I had great fun playing this scenario, and although the length is a bit short, I also felt even on hard this was a bit easy ( this will be addressed later in balance). One advantage that this had over other FF scenario's is the lack of lag, it was enjoyable to have a battle without my men walking slower than sloths. I was entertained none the less, and I can see myself playing this again and again when I don't want to spend ages playing AoK, just a quick little match.

As mentioned above balance is very leaned towards being easy, though this could be a good starter for newer players in the Fixed Force genre, or even in the playing Custom Campaigns. Unfortunately on the hardest difficulty, this is still to easy for anyone partly accustomed to the campaign.

Here draugaer shined, some interesting ideas, such as if you lose to many men your army starts to retreat, and the map is based on the actual area where the battle took place. The intro is also entertaining yet provides some useful info and facts. There is also a good use of music and sounds, keeping me entertained. The win conditions are normal, but what was creative is the fact that each group of the french would retreat after losing 75% of their men.

As mentioned in Creativity the map is actually based on the area where the battle took place, there is also a practical use of palisades, of which the player can make a great use of. The map is interesting, and uses good terrain, and it is not overloaded with eye-candy, which would be a hindrance

The instructions are very informative there are no surprises, and the player is aware of how to win and lose, he also gave a brief historical backdrop to the battle. Nice work draugaer!

* The Review Guide says a scenario should not lose points because of its length.

[Edited on 01/21/13 @ 04:25 PM]

Map Design4.0
I personally thought that this scenario was pretty top-notch. I'd think that anyone who likes fixed force should play this: it's pretty good. It's inspired by Marko Cjm... that guy. It is particular Tannenburg, which I myself consider to be the ultimate in fixed force warfare.

The game is progressively harder on standard, moderate or hard. Standard is fairly easy, provided you use a decent tactic. on hard, it is still fairly easy to win, although your cavalry will possibly flee. It is fun to play the game up to about 5 times in a short space of time before it bomes dull. Play once on easy, once on moderate then three times on hard. Because of this, it is quite replayable, although like all things it will get boring. I personally enjoyed it. 4/5

The game is reasonably well balanced. It could be a little harder, but it is not far too easy. The suggesting I have is that the longbows are too powerful (20 or so attack each)
This means that you can easily kill the enemy master general who has 3000 HP in under 10 shots with a group of 25 or so. To make it a little more challenging, perhaps it would be an idea to have less recovery time after waves of attack. Having said this, it works pretty well, so again, a 4/5

The game *probably* uses less than 100 triggers, so we're talking about the simple and good plan here. It has paid off. It has a nice cutscene at the start, and the scenario is generally presented well. 4/5.

Map Design:
The map is simple. Dirt in the middle, grass on the otuside. There's a villiage in teh north, and the elevation is not overdone (ie by not creating step pyramids of elev7 over elev1) Some time has been put into the map as well. I think I remember a cactus? 4/5

There's a detailed history section, a layout of the enemy and yourself, information etc. 'Tis done well. 5/5
Map Design5.0
Playability: 4
The map is very fun, it has no lag, but it has one problem, it is too easy. The longbowmen have great attack points, that almost give no challenge, in rest its okay.

Balance: 4
The game is not very balanced, you have too few troops. The enemy is full of troops. Besides, your troops, especially longbowmens, are very strong, and theirs are weaker.

Creativity: 5
The map is very creative, i'd say. Lot of eyecandy. It's good, especially the battlefield.

Map Design: 5
As I said, the design of the map is good. Anyway, it is good.

Story/Instructions: 5
The story is great ... The history is history. Great work about that.

Additional Comments:
Id say the map is good, but work a little at the balance and about the difficulty

[Edited on 07/20/08 @ 06:52 PM]

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Map Design4.7
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