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Downloads Home » Search Results » Country of Hinnegard - Marching To The Freedom (pt1)

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Country of Hinnegard - Marching To The Freedom (pt1)

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Mix
Marching To The Freedom

This Campaign starts from Country of Hinnegard - Prologue and continues in Country of Hinnegard - Xanowa's Track, wich continues in]Country of Hinnegard - The Last Struggle[/url]


All you need is in Hint/Objectives/Scout, explaining all about side-quests, the gameplay and settings.
It's highly recommended to play on easier difficulty, because the beggining is easy, but along you advance, the things become a bit more harder... To install, is just download the campaign, and put the files on respective directories.


All has begun when a man, emperor of a country - a Hinnegard's neighbour, has resolved to expand his empire, killing innocents and rising it's income.

That country were divised in two parts - The core, governed by the emperor Wyan Shaskiire. And the borders, governed by the brother of the emperor, Charles Blingen.

There were a life of peace in Hinnegard, many riches, marvelous designed farms. As they haven't ever had a war, the whole army from Hinnegard were just a few thousand of poorly armed men.

The days were passing quietly until Wyan Shaskiire has finally arrived, bringing tens of thousands of the most trained and equiped men. His troops have slaughtered many burgs and villages. While Charles Blingen received the mission to enthrall the biggest town from Hinnegard; the Lyandertown. After a few weeks, the most nations from Hinnegard were completely destroyed. The few survivors were obliged to pay absurd taxes of gold and food.


  • Many Side quests and other ways to refuse the main history, explore and earn gold!
  • Some HMF's own musics.
  • Skippable cut-scenes (by taunts).
  • Many complex trigger tricks, design features, and AOK Triggers studio Features too.
  • No lag! No crashes.
  • Data compatibly! No mods, no data changes.
  • A gameplay that you will spend 5 hours or .more on it!
  • Dinamical Dificulties! With drastical changes, on AI, hp, strategie, units, buildings, and even in Side-quests!
  • Side-quests with creative rewards (not only gold).
  • Infinite possibilites of gameplay, like going to siege camp and upgrade your war lobster!
  • Some secret things wich you will only discover playing more than 5 times!
  • Real time RPG. Lot of units and/or areas changing according to the time!
  • Not one changelle, but 2! You must raze Charles Blingen and Wyan Town.
  • Some random things! Like wolves race.
  • More than one possiblity to do things (not only irrelevant things)!
  • There is a cheat (for the newbies), by sending taunt 99.

    Obs - There is an unexpicable BUG wich I have already known of it. When you play, after some time, a percentage of units/buildings garrisoned or invisible turns visible again.


    1.3 (NEW)
  • Other critical bug tracked and fixed (after defeating the town of Saskaren, when you bring the units there the game were crashing)
  • After you defeat Saskaren, there was another bug; now fixed.
    There are no more bugs in this campaign; provably the nexts updates will be about grammar.
    1.21 (OLD)
  • Xanowa's Track, put by mistake, now is removed from the installation pack
    1.2 (VERY OLD)
  • More Bugfixies
  • The campaign dont 'restart' anymore
  • Balancement changes
  • Text corrections
    1.1 (VERY VERY OLD)
  • Many Bugfixies
  • Balancemment changes
  • Some corrected texts
  • The game wont crash at the final anymore

    Comments and reviews are always welcome!

    Steam version - Marching To The Freedom
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    AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
    I have moved the file to the projects-section as it is currently unfinished. Feel free to give us a heads-up when it is ready to be moved back to the campaigns-section.

    - Blacksmith Administrator
    File Author
    Official Reviewer
    I remember this project, it looked very promising. I will surely play and post some feedback later on.
    iLikeHell The file is a scx and you dont have attached the ai
    Official Reviewer
    The file is not playable right now, because you have not included the AI files. Also, I get a crash within the first few seconds , I don't know if that is related to the AIs missing or not. Please update this within a week, or I'll have to remove it.

    You might want to make it a .cpx so you don't need to include the AI files.
    File Author
    Sorry, I've alerady made it as cpx, it was only a choosing error... Here is the cpx file.

    [Edited on 06/02/13 @ 04:15 AM]

    File Author
    Please, download this file again....
    Knaber i just killed that "sir" whatever hes name was and that duke, but when i head back to the Town i cant get back cus that i need to go with the Three ppl and kill the duke (even if i just did that) can you please fix it?
    File Author
    Man, when you kill the 'sir whatever his name' and the duke, just procced to to mountain road, and go to the village (Theroxia). (WEST)
    Knaber oh, :P i did just not see the road behind the trees xD

    EDIT - Thanks allot =)

    [Edited on 08/25/13 @ 06:51 AM]

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