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Downloads Home » Single Player Scenarios » Country of Hinnegard - Marching To The Freedom (pt1)

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Country of Hinnegard - Marching To The Freedom (pt1)

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Version: The Conquerors
Style: Mix
Marching To The Freedom

This Campaign starts from Country of Hinnegard - Prologue and continues in Country of Hinnegard - Xanowa's Track, wich continues in]Country of Hinnegard - The Last Struggle[/url]


All you need is in Hint/Objectives/Scout, explaining all about side-quests, the gameplay and settings.
It's highly recommended to play on easier difficulty, because the beggining is easy, but along you advance, the things become a bit more harder... To install, is just download the campaign, and put the files on respective directories.


All has begun when a man, emperor of a country - a Hinnegard's neighbour, has resolved to expand his empire, killing innocents and rising it's income.

That country were divised in two parts - The core, governed by the emperor Wyan Shaskiire. And the borders, governed by the brother of the emperor, Charles Blingen.

There were a life of peace in Hinnegard, many riches, marvelous designed farms. As they haven't ever had a war, the whole army from Hinnegard were just a few thousand of poorly armed men.

The days were passing quietly until Wyan Shaskiire has finally arrived, bringing tens of thousands of the most trained and equiped men. His troops have slaughtered many burgs and villages. While Charles Blingen received the mission to enthrall the biggest town from Hinnegard; the Lyandertown. After a few weeks, the most nations from Hinnegard were completely destroyed. The few survivors were obliged to pay absurd taxes of gold and food.


  • Many Side quests and other ways to refuse the main history, explore and earn gold!
  • Some HMF's own musics.
  • Skippable cut-scenes (by taunts).
  • Many complex trigger tricks, design features, and AOK Triggers studio Features too.
  • No lag! No crashes.
  • Data compatibly! No mods, no data changes.
  • A gameplay that you will spend 5 hours or .more on it!
  • Dinamical Dificulties! With drastical changes, on AI, hp, strategie, units, buildings, and even in Side-quests!
  • Side-quests with creative rewards (not only gold).
  • Infinite possibilites of gameplay, like going to siege camp and upgrade your war lobster!
  • Some secret things wich you will only discover playing more than 5 times!
  • Real time RPG. Lot of units and/or areas changing according to the time!
  • Not one changelle, but 2! You must raze Charles Blingen and Wyan Town.
  • Some random things! Like wolves race.
  • More than one possiblity to do things (not only irrelevant things)!
  • There is a cheat (for the newbies), by sending taunt 99.

    Obs - There is an unexpicable BUG wich I have already known of it. When you play, after some time, a percentage of units/buildings garrisoned or invisible turns visible again.


    1.3 (NEW)
  • Other critical bug tracked and fixed (after defeating the town of Saskaren, when you bring the units there the game were crashing)
  • After you defeat Saskaren, there was another bug; now fixed.
    There are no more bugs in this campaign; provably the nexts updates will be about grammar.
    1.21 (OLD)
  • Xanowa's Track, put by mistake, now is removed from the installation pack
    1.2 (VERY OLD)
  • More Bugfixies
  • The campaign dont 'restart' anymore
  • Balancement changes
  • Text corrections
    1.1 (VERY VERY OLD)
  • Many Bugfixies
  • Balancemment changes
  • Some corrected texts
  • The game wont crash at the final anymore

    Comments and reviews are always welcome!

    Steam version - Marching To The Freedom
  • AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
    Official Reviewer
    Map Design5.0
    Country of Hinnegard - Marching To The Freedom (pt1) is a one-scenario campaign (and as such, it would probably be better suited for the single player scenario category instead of the campaigns one). It is a combination of RPG, fixed force and build and destroy on a vast-sized map which seems to draw a lot of inspiration from Lord Basse's Gwyndlegard series, depicting the fight for freedom of a few rebels against the stronger nation/kingdom that is invading their land. Although the premise is not very original, this is a pretty ambitious project for a new designer and it shows a lot of promise. Unfortunately, there are a few problems that bring down the game's enjoyment, which I will refer to below.

    There are certainly a few things to be praised, for instance the multitude of sidequests and the feeling of "epicness" that the author has tried to achieve. However, there are also a lot of things that can turn the player off such as the number of heroes that you need to take care of at all times, some of which are very fragile, the extremely long walks, sometimes with nothing notable happening in between, and the pretty frequent bugs which eventually had me forfeit the game altogether. After I defeat the orange player and I get my heroes to Wheatsburg, the messenger comes to announce me of the incoming army that I'm supposed to fight, probably the final scene of the scenario... And then nothing happens. I waited for a good ten minutes but still nothing. This is not the only instance in which triggers don't get activated properly. A few sidequests suffer from the same problem. In one of them I'm told to bring my heroes to a certain fort which is basically on the other side of the map. I bring them there (and it's a real pain since one of the heroes is a teut knight) and then nothing happens yet again. These are two examples but there's a few other instances in which triggers either malfunction, or don't get fired at the proper time, or objectives don't get updated at the right time. All of this increases the player's frustration. Lots of testing should still be done to get the gameplay to a more decent level. First and foremost the designer should make sure the game can be finished by the player, in order to get a better score.

    BALANCE: 3-
    I played on moderate. The game was mostly easy, up until the B&D part. The latter was not what I would call "challenging", but rather "impossible". There's a gate and a castle with a lot of hitpoints you have to get through in order to defeat your enemy, but you only get feudal age technology with no siege and some mediocre sidetroops from sidequests, such as knights and a handful of teuts, axemen, xbows and halberdiers. It's implied that you can get explosives but I wasn't able to buy any, because the carts that supposedly carried them were wandering around the map and there was no visible way to get control of them. Needless to say, I got through this section using cheats. Regarding the rpg/fixed force part, it's mostly just walking around from point A to point B. The few battles happening in between are okay in terms of balance, there's even a kind of boss fight in the beginning, but these are very few and far in between.

    The ideas used for sidequests and for some of the main objectives are mostly interesting and creative, such as the "boss fight" I was referring to earlier. I also enjoyed the soundtrack, even though some of the music tracks were getting mixed up at some points. The main highlight of the game's creativity was certainly the map design which I will expand upon in the next section.

    MAP DESIGN: 5-
    There's not a lot to complain about here. The map looks great and my only problem is that sometimes it is too crowded with objects, which makes it hard for the units to be maneuvred around (Wheatsburg is an example of this). I liked the mix of building styles and the landscape looked nice also. There are obvious influences from other designers but the map preserves its own originality.

    This was probably the lowest aspect of the game for me. The instructions are hard to follow and sometimes just missing. In one of the sidequests which involved killing a berserk, I had no idea where I'm supposed to go back and get my reward, as the instructions didn't mention the name of the reward guy or the place where I met him, and after more than an hour of focusing on the main quest I had completely forgotten where that was. Even a map revealer or a flag would've helped a lot in this instance. Speaking of names, there's lots of characters with very hard to remember names which helps to confuse the player even more. The English language being used is also very approximate and hard to understand at times. Having a native speaker proofread the texts would make a great difference here and would probably raise the rating for this category with at least one point.
    The story itself is not too original, and the characters are very underdeveloped. The beginning of the game looked promising because there was some dialogue between the characters and a more "stealthy" mission in which a couple of them were sent out, but then by the end of the game all heroes involved would be just regular units with no depth. I'd really think about reducing the number of heroes, because that would serve both the story and the gameplay better. (incidentally, this was also one of the qualms I had with Basse's Gwyndlegard)

    To conclude, at this moment I would only recommend the game for people that really enjoy scenarios such as Gwyndlegard or the Rockspring Revolution and don't mind bugs too much. This could change if some more testing was done to remove the bugs and some in-depth proofreading of the dialogues and instructions to make them more intelligible. Even though I couldn't enjoy the game to its full extent due to the aforementioned problems, Rewaider is a promising designer and I'm looking forward to playing more of his scenarios.

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    Map Design5.0
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    Size:25.01 MB