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The Shattered Relic

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors
Style: Role Playing Only

The Shattered Relic

Even after ten years of retirement, Arthel is still haunted by dreams of the horrors he faced during his militery career. However he secure in the knowledge that all that is just shadows from the past. However those shadows may not stay in the past for much longer.


  • Over 250 triggers.

  • 4 unique bosses.

  • Dozens of people to talk to.

  • Activate Arthel's special powers with taunts.

  • A very strong main quest.

  • A compelling story with memorable characters backed up with numerous musical tracks.

A video featuring a game footage montage from the scenario if you want to see some of gameplay before you decide on downloading it.

Video trailer for the Shattered Relic

I'd also like to thank Zanzard Lothar for the Immobile Units AI GOLD ai which I have used and based my Taunt AI's on.

Immobile Units Gold

Other Age of Empires Campaigns

Prints in the snow
is another RPG in the same vein as The Shattered Relic, but is focused much more on multiple side quests then one very main quest. However it still contains a number of memeorable boss battles. Rated 4.0 by the Blacksmith reviewers.

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Official Reviewer
I remember your last scenario so I know this will be good. I'll try to play it until the end and review it, after I'm done with my own campaign (which should be in a few days).

BTW , if you want a scenario of yours to be reviewed, you can always issue a request in the review requests thread at the forums that you'll find here:,,0,30&st=210

While you're at it, you'll find that the forums are a great place for exchanging information and feedback about your projects with other people, so next time you plan a release like this, it would be great to let us know about it prior, show us some screenshots, etc. You'll gain playtesters and downloaders that way ;)

File Author
Thanks for telling me all this. I had no idea about how much forum activity there is that is linked to the blacksmith. I'll make sure to do so for next time.
Official Reviewer
Map Design4.0
"The Shattered Relic" is the third scenario uploaded by CrusaderCrab in a rather short timespan, and it further establishes its author as one of the most talented new faces we've seen around the blacksmith of late.

Playability: 5-
If you've enjoyed Crusadercrab's previous scenario "Footprints in the Snow", then you will most likely love this one. In my opinion it's an improvement over his past work in many aspects. The game, though short lasting for a bit more than one hour and a half in-game, is more action packed than its predecessor, and there's a lot less boring walking moments. Also, as stated in the description, this game focuses less on sidequests and more on one single narrative. This of course has advantages and disadvantages, but the story is a lot more cohesive, for one. The things that bring the enjoyment down a little bit are the rather anticlimactic ending and the balance, which I will get to in a bit. All in all, the overall feeling of the game reminded me a lot of the campaign "Blacksun" by the Kestrel, only a bit less polished and a lot shorter. There's a few bugs, none really critical. For example, during the "board games", if the player is defeated nothing happens, no defeat message, no game over. It's not that important, but could have been improved.

Balance: 4
As far as I'm concerned it's the area where most improvement is needed. The objectives are all creative and interesting, but most of the time very difficult to achieve through skill and you will most likely rely on luck a lot (the mage in the beginning and the labyrinth are the best examples of this). Fights are sometimes very brutal, but they can be handled. I just wished my archer (Benny) had more hit points or at least was able to regenerate like his pal did. As it is, you spend too much time worrying about him getting killed.

Creativity: 5
This is, just like "Footprints in the snow" and even moreso, an extremely creative RPG. Some of the objectives have never been implemented before in AOK in this fashion. One of the most creative moments (although unfortunately one of the easiest) was the "game inside a game" one. There's also the maze section, that was implemented in Footprints also, but it works a lot better this time around. Another highlight for me was the occasional humour, the dialogues are sometimes hilarious, and as I said, they reminded me of Blacksun, one of my favorite AOK campaigns. Not to forget, there is also a nifty little special attack that you can use, but you won't be needing it too much. Still, it's always good to have it there. Nice soundtrack, too!

Map Design: 4
It was average-to-good. Some places looked really nice, but not likely to blow you away, with elevation and terrain mixing being used to good effect. However,the design is much too linear to really be enjoyed, it's the regular winding path being dug through the forest that you have to take, with obstacles on the way. The forest itself does need a lot more attention, at least the part that is visible to the player. Right now, trees are pretty randomly place and don't look very nice. Gaia objects could have been used more too. In the places where they are used (a few flowers, tree stumps, rocks), they make a good job of giving life to the map.

Story/Instructions: 4
Some of the narrative moments are really good, I thought the "dream" sequences were very promising and anticipating a very interesting climax, but unfortunately it didn't amount to as much as I was waiting for. The ending was just way too straightforward, and that's also because the final duel scene was really not what anyone would've hoped for after all that build-up about the two characters that were supposed to face each other. (SPOILER: running around while your bowman shoots arrows against your archnemesis doesn't make for an interesting final duel). Nevertheless, the finale did leave room for a sequel, and that's always good.

Additional Comments:
Great talent is being showcased in this cool little RPG. It's not yet a masterpiece, but if CrusaderCrab keeps this up there's no knowing what might come next. I fully recommend this to all RPG fans, good job.

[Edited on 03/19/13 @ 05:55 PM]

king leorick
Map Design4.0
Playability: 4
Quite funny scenario! Not very long lasting, but above average! The story about the 3 bandits was fun. Honestly, I used only a few times the ability to Arthel, I've not find it so useful...

Balance: 3
Some missions were very hard, like the escape from the labirinth or the fire trap of Gael, before his tests... But I found the final battle against Gerard very easy...mmm...Arthel was not so usefull like Benny!!In my opinion the final battle must be the best part of the game!

Creativity: 4
As I wrote in the balance, the creativity changes from genial ideas to solutions quicker and less exciting. In general, however, I must compliment to you

Map Design: 4
For the type of scenario, so immersed in the nature, I gave a score more than good. 5 points I reserve them for scenarios where the cities are really very accurate. I didn't like the location of O'Reilly, half hidden behind the statue ...

Story/Instructions: 4
The dialogues in some cases were messy. For personal taste I don't like to see the last dialog appearing in the string 0, if are still visible strings 1 and 2 of the preceding dialogs. For the rest the story and the instructions are good.

Additional Comments:
At the end of the scenario, as always, curiosity got the upper hand, so I used marco polo to see what was hiding in the rest of the map, because I was afraid of having missed something but ..... : (

Good work, thanks! ; )
Gary_B Things were progressing well until trying to handle the explosions, I don't know if Arthel is supposed to attack or just stay alive for a period of time. I have tried both but the poor guy ends up dead anyway. When I stayed between 6 and 9 o'clock. The lad took damage and then recovered a few times until the fire expanded or moved and it was game over. I can't seem to get the character to attack and retreat fast enough. It has become too boring to go on. I don't feel like spending hours trying to get the timing right


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Map Design4.0
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