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Downloads Home » Best Cinematic Scenarios » The Watchman of Hermiston - Trailer + Prologue

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The Watchman of Hermiston - Trailer + Prologue

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
The Watchman of Hermiston
-Trailer and Prologue-

This is simply 2 tiny cutscenes which total about 12 minutes together. One is a teaser trailer I set up for the campaign and the other is the prologue for the campaign.

I hope you enjoy watching them as much as I did making them. Any comments regarding any aspect of these two cutscenes would be appreciated :-)

~ Aftermath
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YOSOYELARMY this has been the best cut scene I have seen so far it feels like your actually there.good idea of having vampires and oth3r creatures. I would have gave this a 5.0 but I dont think thats allowed because its only a cut scene.
Lord Basse
Official Reviewer
Map Design4.0
The Watchman of Hermiston is a double cut-scene, consisting of a trailer much like the trailers you can see for movies to come in cinemas, and a prologue, a more classic type of AoK cut-scene.
I found i very strange that only one person has commented this work and it made me a little sad. I therefor take it myself, as I review it.

Playability: 4

These two cut-scenes are highly enjoyable. The first one, the trailer, only tells where you are, who you're playing as and whats happening in the land. Not much more. The music and sound effects combined with the dialogue and facts make it quite interesting.

The second is the better one. It tells a story about a vampire that helps another vampire through his life. The vampire one day walks by an old castle and he has to stay for the night. He discovers a man lying halfdead in a corner, and he can see that he's also a vampire. He helps the other vampire out and gives him some advice on how to get more energy, and then he leaves.
Thats a thing I've never seen in AoK before, and that adds points to the enjoyment!

I found the scenarios very enjoyable thanks to the music, the rather unique story and the feeling of darkness that surrounds the cut-scenes. It could have been deeper though, to let the player know the charactors more or more facts about the different tribes. Besides that there's not much negative I can say. Therefor a 4

Balance: 5

There are no playable elements in these two cut-scenes and I can therefor not judge the balance of them, and according to the review guidelines the reviewer must then give a 5.

Creativity: 4

The concept with vampires and fantasy is not new, and the nation fighting rebels is almost overused, but until now I haven't seen these fused together. It might be because I usually dont play many fantasy scenarios, but I dont have any memory of anytone talking about a scenario with these two concept fused together.
That as a single thing makes the campaign very creative.

Then we have the smaller things, and there's plenty of them. Not lots, but still much. There's music, a few talking sounds, sound effects, vampires and invisible creatures, deers running away from the demons, an ancient university and so on. The least creative parts are however the battles. They simply consist of soldiers charging against each other and then fighting until one side is victourious, and thats quite boring to watch even if there's music in the background.

So its not perfect, but its very good and better than average. A 4

Map Design: 4

The rating 3 goes for a map that is in same class as a random map. An outstanding map should get a 5. These scenarios are clearly better than random maps. The forests and nature dont look randomly out out and the cut-scenes have a good ammount of eyecandy, even though the terrain mixing could have been done better in some places. The snowy places are quite plain, only snow and snow dirt. Although snow covers everything in reality, since the snow has been melting it would look good with at least a little snow grass.

The map is not outstanding. There are few elevations, some scenes have other dont. Also, the mansion that the vampire comes to is just a celtic wonder in the woods and it looks quite weird in contrast to the rest of the terrain.

The town of Hermiston is well made but some people on the streets would look nice. With that I mean in the trailer where you're showed the city with buildings, but no people in it.

So for a summary, not outstanding but clearly better than random and above average. A 4 here too.

Story/Instructions: 4

As said before, the two concepts that is mixed in this campaign are often used but not often fused together into the same campaign. That the authour has done it in this campaign is creative and good for the story.

The story introduces several tribes and beings that lives in the land, vampires, humans, invisble creatures, mercenaries and demons. These aren't new but they are used in a good way and they make story more interesting.

The instructions however aren't as good. All text starts with "Old man's voice". It would be enough to have it like that in the first text part, then the player understands that it is the old man talking since the text has same colour all the time, blue, when its the old man telling the story.
Another thing is the tempo. The text flies by sometimes and sometimes it comes smoothly, sometimes there are spelling mistakes but that not often.

These things sum it up to a 4.

In a word: Interesting

In closing: Creative and good story, features many interesting tribes and will propably suit both fantasy and other players, like myself.

Overall: 4.2
Not bad and high above average, a good trailer/prologue to a campaign that I hope will be finished... if the authour shows up again...
Official Reviewer
Interesting cutscene, it's a wonder it got only one comment so far, it's actually rather good.
Official Reviewer
I downloaded this a while ago and absolutely loved it. I have no idea why I never thought to reply. Still, great cut-scene and trailer! It would be fantastic if the author was to return and finish the story.

Thanks Basse for reminding us. ;-)
Official Reviewer
Map Design4.0
‘The Watchman of Hermiston’ is a trailer and a prologue, two scenarios to an unfinished project. The story brings to life the tale of a human-turned-Vampire called Fletcher and a Vampire called Dranath in the war-ravaged land of Hermiston of the year 227 A.D. The dark forces within threaten to overrun an already weakened kingdom wracked from war, and two feared Demon Hunters, Lyrnor and Arnath, arrive to help lead the forces of good. Tension is brewing, a climax inevitable. All the while a ‘Watcher’ watches over the land. Waiting.


I enjoyed watching the trailer and prologue of this project, a quality watch of a unique and promising, yet unfinished story. I liked the characters, how an old man told the story to a room full of children, and the rebellion in a kingdom called Hermiston. The sounds and music were great and the way the story unraveled, how the trailer teases, the atmosphere, the tension, added to a very nice and enjoyable watch. At over twelve minutes the campaign is very promising, but sadly for a story that will never be completed.

BALANCE: (5.0)

In a teaser, a prologue, where playability elements are non-existent, the review guidelines here require a perfect rating in this category. Balance cannot actually determine a scenario whereby you sit back and watch and instead only factor when the game becomes playable.


The creativity of this scenario was exceptionally good. The story, the sounds and music, the imaginary kingdom and characters with vampires, demons and spectres are great and added to the creativity of this category. The aspect of Vampires fighting for the rebellion speaks of something suspicious, and the cemetery with a church is creative with haunting voices and a ghost. In addition nicely renamed units, realistic with tone, and telekinesis is always a creative touch to any scenario. In particular I very much liked the manor, a stone castle in a mountain pass and the story behind it.


The map design was very good, featuring the design of a kingdom wracked from rebellion and of places haunted by the unseen forces of the world. The terrain mixing was very nice, together with elevation and a good use of Gaia. In addition the cliff side, the villages, the layout of buildings are all very well done adding to a well-earned score.


The story was simply captivating, incredible to say the least. I liked the characters, the story line, where I was being taken, and what I was being shown, with not too much being revealed as to take away the fun and mystery. Both the teaser and prologue ended perfectly, leaving just enough to tease your interest for more. There were plenty of chat messages to bring the story forward and few spelling mistakes, but still the history and hints screens in the pre instruction page were left blank, best to have not been touched in the first place. Futhermore I felt that more detail and an overall final polish together with a bitmap would have benefited both scenarios even more.


‘The Watchman of Hermiston’ is one of those rare projects that actually has a decent story, well thought up and with good characters. The cut-scenes tease its audience and the viewer’s thirst for more hits him right in the head when he realises that the story will never be completed. I highly recommend this to all cut-scene enthusiasts and to those still who do not usually watch them. An enjoyable watch is hard to come by these days, but a good story is just as rare.

In a word – Intriguing.

In closing – A must download.

[Edited on 03/08/07 @ 06:16 AM]

Emperor Mossy Lol, I wonder if I'm the only person who picked where took "Woh Music4" from!

Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy!

Star Wars ftw!

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Map Design4.0
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