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The Successor - Act Two: Initiation

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Mix
Number of scenarios: 2

*** This scenario received the awards for Best Gameplay, Best Story, Best Score and was named "Release of the year" in the AOKH Game of the Year Awards of 2013 ***

It was the year 1369. Four years had passed since Krall, formerly known as The Successor, had been crowned as king of Ravenia in the never-ending cheers of Kron citizens, after the demise of the evil Fanarian governor Willan. However, only half of his father's land was now free from invaders and war. The other half of Ravenia, the Sylvanian province, was still under Tugai dominion and Sylvanians suffered every day at the hands of the brutal barbarians from the steppes...

VERY IMPORTANT: To experience the game as it was meant to be played, make sure you have the files from Act One in your installed folder, because the sound files found there are used extensively in this second installment. They are very important, especially for the cinematic moments, so please take the time to include them! You'll find act one available for download >>>HERE<<<

In order to install Act Two, copy the .cpx file in the campaign folder of your Age of Empires II the Conquerors root folder, and the sound files in the sound/scenario folder.

The recommended settings for playing this game are: a resolution of at least 1024x768, normal speed, music off. Using other settings might ruin the game experience. While playing, make sure you always have "chat to everyone" selected in the taunts section. It is vital for the taunt-based moves to work later in the game.

1) A much stronger emphasis on the RPG aspect. You'll control one unit most of the time, improving his skills, stats and equipment throughout the game. In addition to that, the usual fixed force battles, puzzles, etc.
2) The game contains two scenarios. The first is playable and the second is a cinematic. The total gameplay time is over 6 hours (probably a lot more depnding on how much you enjoy exploring). There are around 1900 triggers in total.
3) A huge map featuring improved map design compared to Act One, including an updated and playable version of the city of Hansbrok (rated 4.7).
4) A storyline that builds up on the First Act and sets the stage for the Final one. Old and new characters, non-linear narrative with lots of twists and turns, lots of cutscenes.
5) Tons of side features and easter eggs. Remarkable interactivity (for AOK standards) in terms of character improvement: improving stats through exploration and quests, economy system, levelling up that changes character's appearance/equipment, learning useful skills and special moves. Almost every single NPC in the game (there's lots of them) will talk to you.
6) An extensive and immersive soundtrack in the vein of the previous Act.

CREDITS are to be found in the readme file. A special thank you goes to Excelsior, Shieldwolf23 and Khan Ivayl, for their contribution to shaping the game, and to Blackforest Studios for their support and for being awesome in general.

Thanks for downloading. Please comment and review, I am always looking for feedback :)

UPDATED 31.03.2013 fixing some bugs and balance issues. Related to the change view bug - there's nothing I can do about it, your best bet is to reload and try again, close all other applications running in the background or play on a more contemporary machine. With a pentium I3 processor and 4gb of RAM, I've never encountered any crashes while testing. Can't guarantee for anything lower than that.
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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
A W E S O M E, that's the word to describe this masterpiece, exactly!
I have played act one and act two, and this is awesome, really awesome, the playability of this game is unique, it attracts you to play and of course the author found a very good way to make you attracted to this game, personally I have to admit it though some moments, it almost made me cry, I swear. This is just awesome, can't wait to see the act three.

Balance: 5
The balance was good as well, but I have to be realistic here, I played in HARD mode and from my own prospective I still saw that I can control the balance, specially at the last part of the battle, + the gold that it's comes from the merchants really help you hire new soliders, and this is a great advantage, but still some parts were really hard to win, and I admit that sometimes in some parts took me more then 25 minutes to finish.

Creativity: 5
Creativity is UNIQUE. Why do I say that?
The author has found the right ways to reach the player feelings, this is a skill that most of the designers can't do, I can simply mention the movie directors as well, there's some movies that make us cry, but sincerely "ALMOST" making you cry from just a game, that's really rare and that skill is just unique.
I push forward the author to continue with this, because he really have some useful skills.

To be honest, and to tell you the right thing, the author used a great way of designing, he is very talented, in-game I saw lot's of areas highly-detailed and this means that it simply makes the campaign so realistic, and of course sometimes the ambient is very important & related with the game.
Sometimes it happened to me that, when I played any other campaign, while watching the cinematic scenarios the map design was so bad that It made me feel uncomfortable, and as a result of that I had to stop playing the game.
But anyways, back to the topic, MAP DESIGN 5 - that was just awesome!

Story/Instructions: 5
The author is very smart, I have to admit that, the story is amazing, i think a book for this would have been awesome!
The sotry is very, very, very appropriate to this kind of exposure that author decided to make, and of course I will mention it again that the author has some great skills of touching the players feeling, I don't know for the rest but this campaign almost made me cry in some scenes, I don't know it happened to the other players, or maybe it's because im highly-addicted to this game :).

Additional Comments:
I sincerely congratulate the author for sumbitting such a masterpiece campaign to the blacksmith, and I really push him FORWARD to continue on the ACT III, wich I have a feeling that it's gonna be U N I Q U E, as this one, keep it up, respect!

EDIT - Balance seems fine to me now, increased the Balance to 5.

[Edited on 01/25/14 @ 01:05 AM]

Official Reviewer
File Author
Nerty, thanks for the kind words, I'll wait until my colleague approves the review.

Almost everybody has said that the ending was too easy, so I'll definitely change that in the update.

By the way, how did you manage to play in the end? As I recall you were encountering problems.
NertyOX Yes your right Panel.
To be honest I really wanted to play this so I did what's best.

I simply reinstalled the game and I was available to play, I wanted to comment back that I have fixed it already but it didn't let me do so for the reason that I was repeating myself a lot!

But anyways though, goodluck on the other projects, hope to see ACT III soon.

ps; if any of your colleagues thinks that i crossed the line with the review they can deny it.
But the problem is that i'm being honest here, and all these stuffs i've mentioned are all real.

Anyways, take care.
devagrawal09 Hey panel,

I cannot find out how to reach the bandit Koryu the merciless. I have captured the a bandit who can tell me about him, but I don't know how to make him tell. Please help me.

Anyways, It is a very good campaign. When I'll complete playing it, I will post a review.

Hope you will soon help me.

[Edited on 03/24/13 @ 09:50 AM]

Official Reviewer
File Author
hello devagrawal09,

Your goal is to intimidate the bandit into talking, and that means try to take him to certain places in the city. If you look for it long enough, you will surely find the thing that he is afraid of the most. A villager close to the northern gate might give you a hint.
Slates21 I didn't want to submit a "review" persay because it feels too robotic for the amount of hours put into such a brilliant project. I played The Successor, part 1 and have, as of five minutes ago completely finished part 2.

Age of Empires 2: AoK came out in 1999, and I don't think any game has remained so much fun. I have played it for a fair few years now and no other game has remained so loved and played. However, this game is made so by this single project. I absolutely love it and have had no better time playing these 2 episodes, and do so very much wish there will be a third and final one.

The amount of time creating this (a loooonnggg time) has been well worth the effort, and I'm sure it's frustrating to not receive positive feedback after such a commitment, and I have posted in part 1 about it, and have done again on part 2. My only 2 posts on this forum.

This scenario is brilliant. Absolutely, undeniably, brilliant. Brilliant playthrough, entertaining and fun. I am gutted that I now have to wait until the next one gets released.

Congratulations Panel, you have done a superb job.

(I had a few crashes and bugs, but nothing major and regular saving ensured I didn't snap when they happened)

irwinnerdavidboy One minor problem(pretty big actually), the healer at the Ice town wont heal after the battle. I recommend removing the soldiers by tasking them to a house(task all vikings to the big building, all other troops to their respective building) or adding a super-heal trigger to Vallar.
Official Reviewer
File Author
Slates21, thanks a lot for the support, this kind of feeback does make a difference for me.

@Irwinnerdavidboy: Other people have reported that monk problem as well, it'll be fixed, along with other reported bugs and balance issues, in the update which should be uploaded in a few days.
Map Design5.0
The Successor - Act Two: Initiation is brought to the blacksmith by panel, a blacksmith staff. This campaign continues the story of The Successor, Act One, and the second Act of "The Successor" trilogy. Being an amazingly fantastic campaign, it forces almost everybody, who plays this campaign, to post a comment to appreciate it. Uploaded on 12th March 2013, it has received 3 reviews and above 25 comments by 27th March.

Simply awesome, as it provides solid entertainment and unlimited fun to the player. It is impossible to deny the scenario and refer it as boring. In all the scenarios, or I would say both the campaigns (Act One and Act Two), The author has used a variety of objects, triggers etc. to attract the player to each of the quests and units. The campaign comes with 2 scenarios, of which one is a large Role playing scenario, with the main objective of defeating a player, but broken out into many parts. The large number of side-quests, hidden bonuses and items, although being optional, make the game even more interesting. Managing the game and the enemies with a small number of units and resources was the majority of the game, and was the major factor of attraction.
Still its 5- as there were some problems like game crashing at some points, but can be solved by saving the game often. Saving the game often is highly recommended, as the player might be immersed in the game-play so much that he/she might forget about saving!

Balance was almost perfect. The challenges (not all) were little easy and time-taking. Even on the Hard
mode, the challenges were a little easy to complete. For instance, when Mohan was introduced, the battles
at lumberjack village could easily be won by keeping Vallar aside, as Mohan was very strong, and the paths blocked by stone mines could easily be removed in Part one. The Hansbork battle was also easy as the player regularly got 1000 gold. The map was filled with bandits and wild animals, which too were not a matter of threat as the player could retreat and get healed.
Still other challenges were very hard, which balances the game and gives 4.

The creativity was more than perfect. Everything in the campaign were fully creative. The main attractions were the ancient stone searching and the special skills. The author has also used made AI files for special skills, which is highly appreciable. The story too was completely attractive and filled with turnouts that can make the player emotional. Also, the truth of Zeno the village idiot was a big surprise!

The Map was very beautifully made. After finishing the campaign, I started it again and typed Marco polo, just to glance at the whole map. I found that even the places which were not visible to the player, were beautifully arranged. The main thing that attracted me was the temple of the oracle, and the city of Hansbork. The design, as an overall, is an EYE CANDY.

The story, of course, was excellent, actually outstanding. It was highly creative and impressive, and the ending story almost made me cry. The most shocking part was the end of the first scenario[SPOILERS]! I was also shocked to see the final dream.
The instructions were very clear to read and understand. No problem was there in continuing the scenario, and I did not had to click on the chat button to see what was said.


Additional Comments: A unique piece in the Blacksmith, I highly appreciate panel for such an amazing creation.
Thank You.

[Edited on 08/05/13 @ 09:46 AM]

FrankishPaladin9 Dear Panel,
I don't knw if it is a glitch or what but during the siege of hansbrog the game automatically says "The worker is dead, now all is lost" and displays "You are defeated"??!!
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Map Design5.0
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