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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Build and Destroy
Number of scenarios: 10
The campaign Antiquity requires Age of Empires : Forgotten Empires you can download this by the link below :
Unzip the files and put the campaign, sounds, and files AI.

Play with:
Alexander the Great (Issos, Tyr, Gaugamela, Hydaspus)

Alesia (head Vercingetorix against the Romans in -52 BC).

Roman Emperor Trajan (Dacia;2nd Dacian war; Arabia conquest; conflict of Parthian, the Revolt of the exiles).
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Official Reviewer
Map Design2.0
"Antiquity" is a campaign for the AoFE 2.2 mod that takes the player into AoE1 era historical gameplay. Unfortunately i did find the missions to drop in quality with each successive mission, resulting in dropping the campaign at 5\10 scenarios played. That is plenty for a representative sample to determine the expected quality.

Note;The language of this campaign is french mixed with some english.

Playability 2

The campaign started off decently, with a battle between Alexander and Darius;however the battle used a super high attack strategy with all units having around 100+ HP but also 60+ attack, resulting in all units dying nearly instantly. This doesn't do much to make battle more tactical and realistic as your men die fast simply due to the games bad pathfinding engine, which causes melee units to walk around enemy formations to attack units in the rear while being exposed to attack themselves.

Mission two took a steep dive in quality, as the ES Saladin "Tyre" mission was simply copied and made worse, with one of the enemies removed, the friendly village for trading gone, and no positive additions to speak of.

The next two battles took a more conventional approach to battles, with normal units placed in formation and the whole affair was mostly left to the player, sometimes with random triggers in the middle of battles redirecting your troops and spoiling things. On the whole, its extremely simplistic with no gameplay mechanics of any kind;you can replicate this yourself by putting a few hundreds of men on any random map and letting them clash.

Mission five devolved even further, aiming to recreate the Vercingetorix vs Caesar battle;i recommend instead playing AoE1s version instead. The map features the player in a B&D fortress loosely surrounded by a series of mostly undefended walls around the entire map, and must bring his hero to Caesar, though i received a random victory before this could happen. The enemy are completely passive with no way to receive reinforcements;the player can build up in peace and whatever he likes.

Balance 2

The first mission seemed well balanced, with the player needing to control his units well to win;however subsequent missions tailed off and provided cakewalk difficulty in many cases. The enemies were passive and awaited their defeat without making any offensive gestures, and the best mission for an interesting game was probably scenario2, which was a copied ES campaign, but made worse.

Creativity 2

There is quite little effort put into making a decent set of battle scenarios;the missions are entirely simplistic with no gameplay additions with mechanics to differentiate them from your typical "2000 troops spammed on a map" efforts. At least there was a good amount of historical information presented.

Map Design 2

The opening level seemed decent enough with some customization done to a custom map, with some basic terrain mixing and detailing;unfortunately it was the best of the lot. Some missions clearly fell into blank terrain territory, and in other cases struggled to match even random map quality.

Story\Objectives 3

There was a good amount of objectives and historical information on most missions;one had virtually no text provided however. There was very little ingame storyline. The language was a mix of french(95%) and english (5%) so i couldn't determine its quality, but it seemed to be a reasonable amount of good historical information from the parts i could make out.

Final thoughts:There isn't much to see here, even if you speak french;the ingame language is english, so it probably wont be of interest to speakers of that language anyway. A very simple set of scenarios without any depth to them.

[Edited on 04/12/17 @ 04:08 PM]

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Map Design2.0
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