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UserPatch V1.4

Author File Description
Leif Ericson
File Details
Version: The Conquerors
Credits belong to the Userpatch team. I, Leif Ericson, am not the author.

View the ReadMe for installation instructions and more information.

Note: The Userpatch requires the 1.0c patch to be installed first. You can download the 1.0c patch here.

Core Features of v1.4 (Released 23 July, 2015):

- Population caps have been extended up to 250, or optionally 1000.
- All available video resolutions, including HD and widescreen, are selectable.
- Choose either the standard widescreen interface or the centered style.
- Spectate any single player or multiplayer game live without lag for the players.
- Mirror player civilizations with the new Team Random civ option.
- Select a maximum age for advancement using the "Starting Age" dropdown.
- Each map script generates 4,294,967,296 unique maps from 32,768 in v1.0c.
- Single player mode now operates at 60fps instead of 20fps in v1.0c.
- Browse saved and recorded games from subfolders in your SaveGame folder.
- Check real-time achievement statistics while watching recorded games.
- With the new Relics victory condition, capturing the relics is an instant win.
- The patrol system responds like The Age of Kings with little to no delay.
- New Random button above game settings for new styles of play.
- Flares are now bold and render player colors on the mini-map display.
- New higher resolution 1:1 and 1:2 full map captures with "Ctrl+F12".
- Age advancement notifications are now shown in each player's color.
- Restored games can now be recorded in all game modes.
- The vote panel/serial sync bug has been fixed for multiplayer.
- New auto-save if a problem occurs to ensure that resuming is possible.
- Optional multiple building queue to auto-distribute unit training.
- Many bug fixes for the core game and improvements for the AI system.
- The installer will correct any color problems on Windows Vista and later.

Changes from v1.3 to v1.4

- Performance improved significantly for single player and the rec viewer.
- Multiplayer CPU processing overhead reduced for human-only games.
- Double-click .mgz and .mgx recs in the SaveGame folder to open them directly.
- Team Random will mirror itself, preselected civs, Random, and Full Random.
- The interface now updates at 60fps for HP counters, progress bars, and more.
- Optional hidden civilization selection for lobby launched multiplayer games.
- Double-clicking on hero units will not select similar looking hero unit types.
- Barracks and castle huskarls are still selected together with a double-click.
- Set the Patrol Default state to On (10s delay) or Off (2s delay) with "Ctrl+F1".
- Hold "Ctrl" when clicking the patrol destination point to use the other delay.
- Always-on-top and Background modes now display onscreen notifications.
- Hover help can be toggled independently from event notifications with "F1".
- Browse several new in-game statistics views in rec/spec mode with "F4".
- Background mode is now tri-state: on, off, view lock.
- Additional bug fixes are included for the core game.

Spectator Stream System

- Hosts can control this with the spectator button at the bottom of the setup screen.
- Watch single player games, campaigns, and even 4v4 multiplayer games.
- Enable restricted viewing or allow up to 32 people to spectate at once.
- Spectators can late-join a game for about 10 minutes in game time.

Single Player Recording

- If "Record Game" is off, your game is recorded to "rec.mgz" and overwritten each new game.
- If "Record Game" is on, your rec file is uniquely dated: rec.yyyymmdd-hhmmss.mgz.
- Never miss an epic event in single player if you chose not to enable unique recording.
- For multiplayer games, if "Record Game" is off, it is completely disabled, as usual.

Record Viewer Updates

- The rate hotkeys (usually numpad+ and numpad-) switch players without dropdown box lag.
- The flare button/hotkey (usually Alt+F) will toggle the fog of war setting.
- Replay speed now spans from 0% to 100% (0% = original slow, 100% = fast/unbounded).
- The Slow button reduces speed by 25%, while the Fast button increases it by 25%.
- Hold the "Shift" key when clicking these buttons for finer adjustments.
- The Normal button will return playback to 50% speed (75% when spectating).

New Statistics Views

- Switch between Score, Population, Economy, Military, and Society views with "F4".
- Score: standard player/team score, along with relic/wonder victory status.
- Population: current/maximum, M: military population, C: civilian population.
- Economy: W: wood stockpile, F: food stockpile, G: gold stockpile, S: stone stockpile.
- Military: R: razed enemy buildings, D: own destroyed buildings, K: units killed, L: units lost.
- Society: E: map exploration, C: conversions, R: relics held, T: techs completed.
- The current age number is displayed after each player line in parentheses.

Scenario Editor Updates

- Setup units with the Create Object effect: set Number to 1 for enable, 2 for disable.
- Setup techs with Research Technology: set Number to 1 for enable, 2 for disable, 3 for force.
- Snap the view with the Change View effect: set Number to 1 for snap instead of scroll.
- Change Object HP and Attack can now directly set a value: set Number to 1.
- Heal units to maximum HP with the Change Object HP effect: set Number to 2.
- Change unit stance with the Freeze Unit effect: set Number between 1 and 4.
- Flash objects with the Change Ownership effect: set Number to 1.
- Resign a player with the Declare Victory effect: set Number to 1.
- Assign Ctrl groups with the Stop Unit effect: set Number between 1 and 9.
- Activating or deactivating invalid triggers will notify you instead of crash.
- Trigger elements are named and prefixed: C (condition), R (reverse condition), or E (effect).
- Fixed trigger corruption when attempting to select more than 25 units for a patrol effect.
- The Set Objects button will perform changes more reliably, avoiding unintentional deselection.
- Objects in the "Others" category will not be reset when returning to a trigger.

Multiple Building Queue

- Hosts can control this with the SQ/MQ button at the bottom of the setup screen.
- Select SQ for v1.0c style single queuing or MQ for the new multiple queuing.
- With MQ, if multiple buildings are selected, any units trained will be auto-distributed.
- Changing this in single player mode will preserve the default for future games.

New Civilization Options

- Team Random: mirrors civs on other teams, randomizing only if necessary.
- Random: the original Random, which attempts to give you a unique, random civ.
- Full Random: truly random, giving you the first pick, without regard for uniqueness.

Patrol Default Modes (Ctrl+F1)

- Patrol Default: Off - units initiate attacks after 2 seconds when patrolled.
- Patrol Default: On - units initiate attacks after 10 seconds (v1.0c style).
- Hold "Ctrl" when clicking the patrol destination point to use the other delay.

Extended Help Modes (F1)

- Extended Help: Off/Off - all of the extended help is disabled.
- Extended Help: Off/On - event notification messages are displayed.
- Extended Help: On/Off - extended hover help popups are displayed.
- Extended Help: On/On - both event notifications and hover popups are displayed.

Always-on-Top Mode (F7)

- Set View: Off - window will move behind other windows (default).
- Set View: On - window will stay on top of other windows.

Background Mode (F8)

- Back: Off - mouse locked inside window border, pause on alt+tab (default).
- Back: On - mouse free to move beyond border, no pause (spectator default).
- Back: View Lock - mouse locked inside window border, no pause (new).

Windowed Mode:

- Select a resolution lower than your desktop resolution to enable.
- Your chosen resolution will take effect once gameplay begins.
- Thanks to menopem for d3dhook, and veg for wndmode.

Port Forwarding:

- Install with admin privileges to automatically setup your firewall.
- Forwarding ports is only necessary to connect outside a LAN.
- Ports will be forwarded dynamically as required when installed.
- UPnP must be enabled on your router for this feature.

M3U Music Playlists:

- Set your favorite tracks as background music during gameplay.
- Create a "music.m3u" playlist in the "Sound" folder of the game.
- Please see the Music section of the guide for more information.

Color Fix for Windows

- The color palette distortion is fixed by this system compatibility update.
- Admin privileges are required one time to apply the required registry fixes.
- This issue only affects Windows Vista and later.

DWM Fixes for Windows 8

- 8-bit color mitigation is enabled by this system compatibility update.
- Admin privileges are required one time to apply the required registry fixes.
- This issue only affects Windows 8 and later.

Maximum Age Setting

- The "Standard" and "Dark - Imperial" settings span all ages of the game.
- All of the other settings are restricted as described from starting age to end.
- If you play against the built-in Computer, a Castle Age maximum or later is required.
- Wonder Race must reach the Imperial Age, unless your mod allows early wonders.

Relics Victory Condition

- This optional condition can be found with Standard, Conquest, Time Limit, and Score.
- In this mode, the first player/team to capture all relics wins the game.
- There is no countdown; once all relics are captured, the game ends immediately.
- This condition is almost identical to the scenario editor-exclusive condition.

Scenario Editor:

- Press "Ctrl+S" once to disable grid placement of non-building objects.
- Enable free placement of all objects by pressing "Ctrl+S" a second time.
- For free placement on a grid, press "Ctrl+S" a third time.
- Fill new maps or modify existing maps with any available terrain.
- Create maps using custom rms scripts directly in the scenario editor.
- Trees, mines, and more are now properly replicated by the map copy feature.
- Change the names of units in a specific area, without having to preselect.
- Use negative numbers more freely with trigger conditions and effects.
- New reverse condition checkbox to invert your scenario trigger conditions.
- Area selection options for the patrol effect and the fewer-objects condition.
- Change object speed, range, and armor with new trigger effects.

AI & RM Scripts:

- New maps can use grouped team positioning for a different experience.
- Start your civilization on maps like Acropolis with new elevation attributes.
- AIs are selectable in multiplayer (direct ip or lan games are most stable).
- Multiplayer games can be started with only AI players for practice.
- AIs can now choose to close openings created in their walls.
- Boar hunting and luring is now fixed and operational for AIs.
- Ungrouped AI players will not ally themselves against humans.
- AIs are now able to lure deer and clear trees on michi maps.
- Direct unit control commands are available for precision AI unit micro.
- The reference guide describes all of the new features.
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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
scripter64 Hi rumburak24! Yes, it will update your v1.0c age2_x1.exe. However, you can get back to v1.0c at any time with the Uninstall button. The installer, which only modifies age2_x1.exe, was designed to operate very quickly, so people can switch back and forth as needed.

You can also make a copy of your v1.0c age2_x1.exe before installing and rename it age2_x1.0c.exe, so you always have access to both.
Mayank Sharma
Official Reviewer
Hello. The native resolution of my desktop is 1600x900, yet Userpatch is always smaller than the screen for me. It takes up around 60% of the screen and is centered. Is it intended or a bug?
scripter64 Hi! Do you see a list of resolutions in the options?

If you see this list, please select 1600x900 and once gameplay begins (where you see units, etc.), it should auto-switch to your chosen resolution. The menus are always 800x600. If your resolution list is blank, and you're on Windows 8, please right-click your age2_x1.exe, select properties, select the compatibility tab, and set it to Windows 7 compatibility. Sorry for the trouble!

[Edited on 06/06/13 @ 05:44 PM]

Mayank Sharma
Official Reviewer
My problem was with the menu, the actual game expands to the entire scene. But since you say the menus are only in 800x600, I guess I'll just have to squint my eyes. :p
scripter64 Oh, it's part of the Windowed mode support. If you'd like it to stretch to fill the screen in the menus like v1.0c, you can run in fullscreen mode. For this, you can either add the "NOWND" parameter to your game shortcut (example: age2_x1.exe nostartup nownd), or reinstall UP with the "Windowed mode support" unchecked.
Orinoco Thank you very much for all your hard work on the userpatch! There are so many new features. In fact, I can't figure out what some of them do. Can someone enlighten me as to what the following features mean (my apologies, if these have been answered somewhere else already):

- Mirror player civilizations with the new Team Random civ option.

- New Random button above game settings for new styles of play.

I checked the pages/pics on but I'm still in the dark(age)...

Oh, and 1 more thing. It says "Ungrouped AI players will not ally themselves against humans." I found this not true. At least on some multiplayer games with humans and AIs, AIs with no team setting "-" did work together.
scripter64 For the "Team Random" option, you can find it under the Civilization dropdown list, at the bottom. If players opt-in to Team Random, they are placed in a pool and their civs will be mirrored across teams.

P1 Team Random T1
P2 Team Random T1
P3 Team Random T2
P4 Team Random T2

might become

P1 Britons T1
P2 Franks T1
P3 Franks T2
P4 Britons T2
P1 Goths T1
P2 Byzantines T1
P3 Goths T2
P4 Byzantines T2

The Random button appears above the settings on the top-right of the game setup screen, next to the Reset button. If you click it, it will randomize all of the settings on the right side.

Finally, for the ungrouped AIs fix, the AIs may still choose to attack you (they aren't prevented from choosing to attack you, in other words), but they will not be in a team against you if they are Team "-". For example, if they see each other's units while invading you, they might battle each other in your town lol.

Note that if "Lock Teams" is disabled on the game setup screen, the built-in AI may change diplomacy to ally with other AIs mid-game, so it's best to lock them. Custom AIs are less likely to change diplomacy randomly and can take advantage of the other new AI features far better than the built-in AI.

[Edited on 06/24/13 @ 01:04 AM]

Orinoco Many thanks for the clarification(s)! And thanks again for the Userpatch :).
Skippy657 Just a quick question,I'm wondering of there is special support for this patch if running on a Windows 8 platform laptop? My one friend with a windows 8 laptop can't install the patch, which is irritation when trying to play a massive LAN game with this patch (which is AMAZING by the way). Other than this one issue I love the patch and have had nothing but fun using it, thanks.
scripter64 I've seen several people using it with Windows 8. What is the error message? Is the issue mentioned in the Help/FAQ section of the Readme ( Sorry for the trouble!

[Edited on 06/24/13 @ 10:46 PM]

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