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Downloads Home » Best Files » Tsubasa's Tale II - Act 1

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Tsubasa's Tale II - Act 1

Author File Description
Night Conqueror
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Only
T S U B A S A ' S


The year is 1868 - the year of the Dragon and Japan lies split apart in civil war. On one side lies the thousand year old Shogunate. Decades of decay and corruption has left their armies weak and their numbers of battle-ready samurai low. Tokugawa Yoshinibu fights desperately to hold his position as ruler and Shogun of Japan. Fighting to usurp the throne of Japan, the young Emperor Meiji leads the imperial revolution. Supplied with western arms and the support of millions of pro-imperial Japanese, his armies clash with the aging samurai.

Tokugawa Yoshinibu, incensed at the new grab for power by the fifteen-year old Emperor, leads 15,000 soldiers in an attack on Kyoto itself to bring the upstart to an end. Despite outnumbering the Emperor's men 3 to 1, Yoshinibu's forces are routed in an embarrassing defeat at Toba-Fushimi. With his prestige tarnished and his clans abondoning him left and right, the Shogun struggles to keep hold of his kingdom. Meanwhile, the Emperor's forces advance on the Shogun's capital of Osaka...

Somewhere within Osaka city sleeps an old, ex-samurai, blissfully unaware of the great events unfolding around him. A young boy, armed with an enormous No-Dachi sword, searches the city alone.

  • In addition to fighting styles and active abilities, are new passive abilities. Changing your character and playstyle, these abilities add a new layer of depth.

  • Over a dozen new abilities, with nearly one hundred different combinations possible. Upon leveling up you are given the choice between two different abilities. Each have their own advantages and disadvantages. Combine different abilities to maximize your power!

  • Fight alongside one of four other Samurai, each with their own personalities, special abilities and additional quests. Maximum replayability!

  • Challenge more powerful, tricky bosses. Boss fights are now huge and take up large portions of the map. Defeating these warriors will be a true achievement.

  • More open, sprawling areas allows exploring and multiple paths to your goal. Many more secrets to reward exploration.

  • Soundtrack with numerous tunes to set the mood of each scene.


  • AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
    Carrova It looks very good!!

    I am going to trying it tomorrow!

    paperclip007 This is great. It's fairly short, but that's to be expected given its only a third of the package. I'm really looking forward to Act 2 and 3 this summer. Excellent work, Night Conqueror!
    Lord Basse
    Official Reviewer
    Haven't had time to play this yet (exams...), but as soon as I get some time over, I'll give it a try and probably a review! :)
    Lord Basse
    Official Reviewer
    Map Design5.0
    PLAYABILITY: While the scenario was pretty short, it was a very fun ride while it lasted. The starting cut-scene was, in my opinion, a little too drawn-out, showing many of the events that had already been described in detail in the Story and History sections before the start. But once the cut-scene ended and the gameplay got going, it was an energizing ride from start to finish. I don't want to spoil all the fun by describing everything in great detail, but I can say that it is definitely one of the most fun scenarios to be released this year, or, even better, since the release of the first Tsubasa's tale! So, all in all a clear 5.

    BALANCE: The balancing was very good most of the time. The boss fight was tense and it took me several restarts to finish, but it never seemed impossible. Other parts were a little on the easy side. Because the healing herbs were so plentiful, you didn't have to be too careful about not wasting them, meaning that you didn't have to be all that strategic before running into a fight. Strategy was still important, but it seemed a little too simple at times. Overall quite challenging, particularly the second half which was pretty much perfectly balanced. 4+

    CREATIVITY: Definitely one of the main highlights of the scenario. Tsubasa's Tale 2 is filled with creative twists and turns, from the unusual anti-hero story, to the heart attack-inducing chase scenes through Osaka, to the complex taunts and attack styles system and the final boss. All of these things bring the scenario far above most other maps in terms of uniqueness and makes it all the more memorable. 5+

    MAP DESIGN: This is a very pretty map with a spacious city to walk around in, a great-looking village as the ground for the boss fight, and other nice areas in between. Some sections, like the highway, looked a bit plain as it was drawn just with a thick brush of Road Broken. But all in all it is a very well-made map and a pleasure to look at and play through, and the few negative tidbits don't drag it down. 5-

    STORY & INSTRUCTIONS: While the tale of the drunkard samurai wasn't as unique and intriguing as it was the first time, this scenario managed to create a new twist to the story. With Ichiro following Tsubasa around everywhere, and the two of them discussing and helping each other, it felt a bit like a buddy cop movie... only with samurais... in AoK! Several of their exchanges had me laughing out loud, and with a couple really unique twists (e.g. Tsubasa's stroke), you never really knew where the story was going to go next. This made it all the more interesting to play. The instructions were also very clear and there were never any issues with the rather complex taunt system that the author has set up. All in all, a definitive 5.
    Official Reviewer
    Map Design5.0
    Tsubasa, everyone's favorite AOK samurai is back in this sequel to the 2009 scenario. Being a huge fan of the original, I was eagerly awaiting this. I cannot say I was dissappointed, quite the contrary, but at the same time it left me wanting more.

    Playability: 4
    The game is extremely entertaining, with highlights such as some exciting new game mechanics (leveling up allows you to actually choose your new abilities) and a great backstory set up during the civil war in Japan.The beginning cutscene does drag a little bit long, and the playable continuation is not quite as satisfying as one would expect, in quantity. It does make up for it in quality though, but the ending was so abrupt and unexpected it really left me with a somewhat bitter taste, especially since the amount of unexplored space on the map (I hadn't used any cheats) encouraged me to believe there was at least another playable section coming before the end. That said, the playable segment of the game, short as it may be, is a true example of how entertaining an RPG type map can be when designed by someone with the trigger mastery and experience of Night Conqueror.

    Balance: 5
    The playable part was a perfect balance of challenge and enjoyment as far as I'm concerned. And that was hard to achieve taking into account that the author has included the option to choose from very different abilities when leveling up. The choices that this presents the player are very meaningful and force him to think out his battle strategies ahead, which contributes to the enjoyment of the game. The obstacles and stronger enemies that the player encounters also require him to put some thought into them, in order to be overcome. I generally regard this as one of the best balanced games I've played this year, despite it being so short.

    Creativity: 5+
    A Night Conqueror scenario never lacks in this category, and this one surely doesn't. I've already mentioned the choices the player gets when levelling up, every time between two very different special combat moves. This gives the game so much more depth, not to mention replay value. The soundtrack is fantastic and it immerses the player further into the game, as do the custom sounds. The objectives and fights all have something special (as in a never-before-seen in an AOK scenario kind of special). The "drunken" duel at the end is a perfect example of that. In general, the nature of the creative aspects of the game reminded me of the first Tsubasa adventure, only better executed (and alas, shorter...)

    Map Design: 5-
    Though it still has its lacks, the map design definitely enhances the scenario's atmosphere and it is visibly better than Tsubasa 1. Terrain mixing could use a bit more care, but in general it's a very good looking map. Some parts of the city were a pleasure to look at.

    Story/Instructions: 5
    I liked Tsubasa a lot as a character and it was an absolute joy to get to be in his shoes again. We are also introduced to an interesting new character (somewhat of a "disciple" figure) which promises to be just as interesting and funny as Tsubasa (though in very different ways). The story and characters are extremely well set-up , much like the first Tsubasa's Tale, but... it's still only a set-up right now. The players will be left with the impression that the adventure is just beginning and will be looking forward to the continuation, which might reduce the enjoyment just a little bit.

    Additional Comments:
    I am not sure whether it's a good idea for this game to be released in different acts or if would have been better to release Tsubasa's Tale II in its entirety later when it would be finished, but I confess am happy to have had the chance to play this, even though it was more of a tease for what is to come. It would have probably been somewhat more enjoyable if the ending were less abrupt, though. In any case, this is a must download for anyone who loves AOK rpgs, because you won't really find better than this, quality-wise.

    [Edited on 05/27/13 @ 01:08 PM]

    Night Conqueror
    File Author
    Thank you both for the very kind reviews. I really do appreciate it.

    I released the game as is because at the time I was uncertain if I would ever be able to finish it, due to stuff happening in my life. Luckily, I should have more time to complete it. I'll take all your suggestions in mind, too. They were quite helpful.
    Knaber Great scenario!
    Both exciting and funny =D
    relly looking forward to part2! is it comming for HD only, or is it for both HD and normal?
    Official Reviewer
    *** This scenario received the Dumbscombe Trophy (most creative scenario) in the AOKH Game of the Year Awards of 2013 ***
    thor1st This is great! but when I use the AoE Taunt straight out with his own!
    dawidh85 Is the act 2 going to be published somehow or not? i really look forward to play it, my compliments to the author!

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    Map Design5.0
    Favorites: [Who?]3
    Size:8.46 MB