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Age of Sherwood - Graphics Pack

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c

The Age of Sherwood Conversion Pack was a Mod Pack, created by the AOKH community which changes two civilizations in AOK into two civilizations from the Robin Hood Legend.

The Idea came from Courtjester1's Unit Request thread where many people were asking for Robin Hood units. I thought why not just get all of these units and create one big Mod Pack. I created a thread stating my ideas for the Mod and asked the community that they can help whenever they wanted. Whether that was creating graphics, data editing or creating Random map Scripts. At first it was mainly new designers who hadn't done much graphic designing before, including myself. As time improved we improved our skills at designing and also got a few experienced designers to create a few buildings or units for us, including Tetsuo Shima, Jorgito_Qua27 and Eric of Vaseby.

Age of Sherwood is obviously based on the Robin Hood Legend and was going change two civs. The Britons were going to be turned into Sherwood and the Celts into Nottingham. Custom graphics are made to change almost every building in-game for every Age. Other changes include new misc items added into the game and hopefully, a whole new terrain set - which was started but never sent to us. New heroes and units will also be added like Robin Hood himself, maid Marian, little John and the Sheriff of Nottingham, most of these are based on the real legend and films like "Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves" and the "BBC Adaptation of the Story".

Unfortunately due to this being a community project it was slow and many graphics were not being create by deadlines or never sent to me to be stored together in order to Mod them into the game. The project was going well for the first year, but going into 2011, progress slowed down when graphics weren't being sent and people stopped working for us. In 2012 I tried to keep the Mod going, making most of the graphics myself but I had no experience a Actually putting the graphics into the game via data editing, and those who had offered to help with data editing were not committed anymore. Finally in March 2013, I official announced the Project as Dead. So I have collected all of the graphics and put them here in one large Graphics Pack.

This Graphics Pack contains all of the graphics we ever made. It includes Building Set for Sherwood and Nottingham for all ages, as well as loads of other misc buildings and other misc items. We also remade the landscaping, replacing the Tree with our own trees (See the Tree Table). We also started to create units including unit icons. Only a few of these were ever completed however. We also made three Random map scripts to go with the Mod and started working on ideas for Technologies but we only made a few.

So now all of our ideas and Graphics are being handed over to you. I've included all of the graphics we made, including Unused and Unfinished graphics just so you can see what we were doing. You can use one or two graphics for your own Mods and Scenarios or use all of them and try and finish the Mod yourself. There yours to play with. Just remember to credit the original creator. You can find a list of who made which graphic in the other Word Document.

Robin hood by his Castle
The Feudal Age of Sherwood

The Age of Sherwood Design Team
Possidon - Team Leader, Group Organizer, Graphics Designer, Random Map Scripter & Data Editor
Leif Ericson - Co-Leader, Random Map Scripter
Joshua4missions - Graphics Designer
Fanica - Graphics Designer
Dementor561 - Graphics Designer
Stroke (Mayank Sharma) - Graphics Designer
Achesun - Graphics Designer
Pepp - Graphics Designer
monsterslayer - Graphics Designer
fr steve - Graphics Designer
Pallando27 (Jorgito_aqua27) - Graphics Designer
GermanicCrusader - Graphics Designer & Terrain Editor
dragonslayermcmx (DEVESATOR) - Graphics Designer &

One Off Designers
We would like to thank these people who have kindly given us help to create a one-off design for the Mod

Watson (The Unconvincing Spook) - Creator of the Barrels and Anvil Misc Objects
Sebastien (Tetsuo Shima) - Creator of the Sherwood Castle & Eye-Candy Church
Eric of Vaseby - Creator of the The Gold Eye Candy, The Nottingham Herald & The Animals
Courtjester1 - Creator of the Outlaw Unit
ELiTE TEUTONiC - Creator of the Nottingham Flag
Pulkit - Creator of the Nottingham Feudal Age Market
Taichi San - Creator of the Lamposts

Credits to
The Creators of Middle Earth Total Conversion and Age of Chivalry - Inspiration
Pallando27 (Jorgito_aqua27) - For his Graphics Pack
pong676 - For helping with ideas for the Technologies and for comming up with a few technologies himself.
PhatFish - For his which gave us some more buildings to use in our own designs. And for Supplying BETA Graphics
The Creators of Old Steel Reforged - For allowing us to use some of their fantastic graphics.
All of the One-Off Designer's - For creating their designs.
Everyone else at AOKH - For supporting us throughoput the making of the Mod and giving us some helpful tips.

Remember the majority of these graphics were made by amateur modders in the community. Most of them are their first ever attempts at modding. I'm sure they would be greatful for comments and reviews.
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Watson Alas! It was a promising idea when it lasted.
Mahazona Im finishing up the Azeem unit it will be a good add on to the eastern units.
mjl89048 I download your project and I am quite amazed at the graphics.
Official Reviewer
Age of Sherwood was a Total Conversion project started by Possidon a few years back, seeking to replace the Britons and Celts with Robin Hood's Outlaws (Sherwood) and the Sheriff's Men (Nottingham). It is quite a shame that the project died out, but equally generous for Possidon to have uploaded this great collection of graphics for all to use, possibly in a future Sherwood mod.

Usefulness/Novelty: 5
Nobody has yet attempted a Robin Hood total conversion mod and nearly all graphics are totally original, thus novelty immediately merits a 5. As for usefulness, many graphics have singular uses (most Sherwood buildings, for example) in a Robin Hood mod, though there is some room here. However, the vast majority of the graphics are incredibly versatile and could serve any purpose imaginable. The Will Scarlet unit, for example, is being used in two other mods as well. Perhaps with the availability of new modding capabilities such as adding new civs, these could be added on to the original game while maintaining the original civs as well.

Quality/Instructions: 5
All of the graphics are of top-notch quality and quite unique, whether they were made via copy-paste or through a 3D modeling program like Poser. There are no possible complaints to assess here, thus quality merits a 5. The instructions are clear enough; the graphics are provided in .bmp form with icon .bmps included and 3 word .docs providing information about the mod. In addition, all graphics are separated into organized folders, easy to edit or import into .slp form. There is no instruction provided about how to put them in the game, but seeing as there are numerous dissertations on AOKH about modding, turtle pack, AGE3, etc I deem it unnecessary, ergo a 5.

Additional Comments:
I must again appreciate the generosity of Possidon here in providing his unfinished mod for us to use in the future. There is no doubt that these graphics, icons, and even RMS will be of great use in the future. I can only hope that somebody can help Possidon pick the torch back up and finish this masterpiece!
Official Reviewer
File Author
Thanks so much for the review Sam! I'm sure the other designers appreciate it as well.
DaddyLeon Most of the links to the pictures (listed on the mod page here:,39703,60,30&st=910) area dead... is there a way I can take a look at these pictures/units?

Do I need to download a genie editor for that?
Official Reviewer
File Author
Hi DaddyLeon

The thread is now old and most links are broken. This is not a Mod Pack but a Graphics Pack. This is pretty much all of those images that are now dead put into one file for you to use at your own will. To make them into a Mod Pack yourself you will need two tools.

Turtle Pack


If you want to learn more about Modding visit the Modding Guild.,42022,0,30

Hope this is helpful

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