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Downloads Home » Random Maps » Lost Kingdom of Orinoco - Revised Version 2

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Lost Kingdom of Orinoco - Revised Version 2

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Build and Destroy
Lost Kingdom Of Orinoco - Version 2

(now crash-resistant, see changelog at the end)

16 years ago, Conquistadores invaded this south-american jungle. They came up the wide rivers in search of gold. In a number of battles they crushed the local Civilization, but they too suffered great losses, and their numbers steadily dwindled, until the last bunch of these ruthless, intrepid, ironclad invaders fell prey to the local wildlife and diseases. Now, seperated groups of survivors of the ancient Kingdom of Orinoco struggle to renew their Empire, while treasure hunters from the west and east are venturing into the jungle again in search of fabled riches...

This map looks best with large, huge & gigantic mapsizes. It is perfectly playable on smaller maps but you won't get that "lost in the jungle" feeling ;) .

It is an eyecandy-fest, mostly. It is not designed with a specific strategy in mind (although you could call it a defensive map). I just wanted to create a nice looking jungle river landscape, like the amazonian rainforest. Wide, shallow, in parts swampy rivers, small jungle pools, some remnants of an old civilization, remains of treasure hunters, and a rumored last chapel, where the old Conquistadores hoarded their stolen treasures.

Links to some screenshots:

A complete Map:

A dried out river branch (happens sometimes):

The lost chapel in a particularly swampy jungle-patch:

A deceptive connection (which isn't one):

Resourcewise, there are lots of trees (obviously) and abundant food sources. Stone is not exactly scarce but not abundant either, and gold is plenty enough but a bit scattered. Important: there can be 4-10 Relics (including the ones "hidden" with the Lost Chapel).

Wildlife is dangerous (jaguars and wild jungle-boars), so you can't just have your villagers wandering around carelessly.

Players are mostly separated by wide rivers. There are no "official" connections (via the "CONNECTIONS" part of the script). Instead, there are random wadable patches of shallows that might connect player lands (or might not). Most of the time there are a few connections like that. (Main inspiration for using this kind of connections was Taurus212's "Amazon River" map.)

CRASH WARNING: Sometimes it crashes during map generation, but version 2 is way more stable than the first one. When it generates, it runs fine. I've never experienced in-game crashes. If it crashes, it's best to start another map before trying this again.

Some "odd" behaviour of the generating process:

The Jaguars appear in pairs and singles only. They should be in groups from 1-3.

The "lost" monastery isn't always placed. Due to lack of space I suppose, although there are always jungle-patches large enough for hosting it. The game-engine just doesn't find them always. However, that is just fine. It adds a bit of randomness.

Originally, I wanted to place a south american monastery (instead of the chapel). But I couldn't find a way to place one for GAIA. The game only places a western european monastery. Any ideas here are appreciated!

Have fun, and any comments or suggestions for improving this map (namely the crashing during generation) is welcome & greatly appreciated!

VERSION 2 - Changelog

It still crashes occasionally, but way less than before. Yay!

Main changes:
- streamlined the script
- took out lots of "clumping_factors" that didn't do anything
- completely revised the "Jungle Pools" (beachless water)
- simplified the water/shallow distribution
- decreased the base_size of player lands (more jungly now, still safe from water-based attacks and just enough space to build)

The beachless water seems to be the main culprit for crashing. But I'm not sure.

FUN FACT: The change in the water scripting (from 48 patches of initial WATER down to 1) makes for an interesting effect. Now it can happen (not often) that one of the river branches is dried up and only consists of a series of small, sandy puddles. This wasn't planned but it's fun!

The zip-file now includes the old version and the new (V2) one. It is highly recommended to use Version 2.
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