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Age of Empires 2: Crusades Beta 0.4

Author File Description
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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
This modification for The Forgotten/Forgotten Empires focuses on the Near East and Iberian Crusades and allows you to play the most important civilizations during the age of crusades. It changes all civilizations, adds new technologies and units, allows you to hire mercenaries and supports new strategies.

Current Version: Beta 0.4

Playable Civilizations List (Beta 0.4):


- Ages are now called Stages: Village Stage/Town Stage/City Stage/Capitol Stage
- New buildings added: Mercenary Camp (hire mercenaries) and Royal Court (train unique units, special crusader units, and generals), Trade Workshop (research new late-game economy technologies)
- New strategical aspects (for example you can hire Raider Cavalry to steal your enemy's villagers)
- New unit lines:
Axeman line,
Maceman line,
Heavy Infantry line,
Crossbowman line,
Heavy Cavalry line,
Lancer line,
Siege Tower line
- All gunpowder units removed
- On each random map are mercenary camps. If you capture one of them, you can hire mercenaries.
- Currently 13 units in the mercenary pool, each civ can hire 3 of them + raider cavalry
- 20 new technologies: Embrasures, Fire Arrows, Fixtures and many others

2) MAIN CHANGES (to the Forgotten)

- More bonuses to make each civ even more unique
- Petards removed
- Many already existing units renamed for more accurate gameplay
- New leader names for the civs
- New predator animals: lions and tigers
- If you build a wonder you get +50 extra population until it is destroyed
- Buildings HP increased (+10%)
- Resources have more amount: Gold Mines +200 gold, Stone Mines +150 stone, Trees +20% wood (+20/+25), Forage Bush +25 food

New Recruitment System
- Heavy Infantry and Heavy Cavalry trainable at the castle
- Militia-line seperated
- Archer-line seperated
- More variety in the first age: Archery Range, Peasant Archer and Javelineer (old Skirmisher) available
- Mailed Knights (comparable to AOK's Knight) and Militia Lancers already available in the second age

New Combat System
- Foot Archers, Cav Archers and Siege Weapons have more range
- Foot Archers a bit more inaccurate
- Movement speed for cav archers and light cavalry increased
- Buildings do not have melee and pierce armor value anymore (each unit gets its own attack value vs. buildings)
- Lancers (former camels) get the new Lancers armor class instead of ships/camels/saboteurs

Naval Overhaul (v0.4)
- Builder Ship added, can build water buildings
- Sea Walls, Sea Gates and Sea Towers buildable
- Galley unit no longer buildable, galley line now starts with War Galley (city stage)
- Fire Ships and Demolition Ships improved
- Ships are now bad against land buildings but do some damage vs. water buildings (docks, sea walls, sea towers, sea gates)
- Demolition Ships are still effective vs all buildings


- Implementation of 11 civilizations
- Balance changes
- History section
- Campaigns

Version 0.4
- 4 civs added: Antiochenes, Egyptians, Iraqis, Seljuqs
- Better fitting names for some units
- Maceman line added
- Water buildings implemented
- Boarding Galley line and Builder Ship added
- early stages are more dangerous
- Markets are now lootable
- improved projectile arcs
- Mongols new second unique unit: Rocket Launcher replaces Naffatun
- Hungarians new second unique unit: Woodsman replaces Mounted Crossbowman
- Bloodlines moved to 3rd stage, Scout unit +10 HP in 2nd stage (45->55)
- Boiling Oil research added
- Scout Cavalry unit +5 HP (60->65)
- new attacking sounds for Cheirosiphons, Naffatuns
- Toxotis fixed, now unique unit instead of mercenary
- Trees now have 120/150 wood instead of 100/125
- Forage Bush food amount 125->150
- 3rd stage UTs research time now 40, 4th stage UTs research time now 50
- Elite UU research time now 50
- Asfin Al-Armani - cost to 250f, 200w (-50f, -50w)
- Armenian techtree bug fixed: Sheeps now move faster but are not cheaper anymore
- Scorched Earth - cost to 650f, 400g (-50f, -50g), now also makes tarkans attack 10% faster
- Logistica - cost to 950f, 600g (-50f)
- Elite cheirosiphon - cost 700f, 550g (-900f, -250g)
- new bonus for Byzantines: outposts built 33% faster (15s->10s)
- Byzantine siege cost -10% bonus now includes trebuchets
- Elite cuman lancer research - cost to 900f, 500g (-100f)
- Paganism - Relic/Wonder victories now take +200 years (+100 before)
- Cumans can now pack their town centers
- new bonus for Cumans: bloodlines free
- Yeomen - cost to 750w, 500g (+50g)
- new bonus for English: palisade walls +100 HP
- Chivalry - cost to 400w, 350g (-50g)
- Albigensian Crusade - now includes priests with relic
- Many new unit icons added
- Raider Cavalry -25 HP (75->50)
- Bulgarians get Faith
- New Heroes + New Hero Icons added
- Interface flags
- Many hidden units/buildings enabled in scenario editor
- Map Revealer (8 Tiles) added
- Galley unit no longer buildable, galley line now starts with war galley (city stage)
- The Spy unit (scenario editor only) changes color to the color of the unit next to it and other units no longer auto attack Spy units
- Stone Walls moved to City Stage, Revetments research to Town Stage (researchable at Palisade Walls)
- Longer reload times for most missile units

Version 0.3
- 3 civs added: Cumans, French, Hungarians
- new Axeman-line added
- principality ai updated
- if you build a wonder you get +50 extra population until it is destroyed

Version 0.2
- raider cavalry and varangian guard recruitable at outpost for Byzantines fixed
- principality ai improved, can now train the new units
- man at arms decay graphic fixed
- dead building decay time increased
- armenian ruler names fixed
- boyar graphics fixed
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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
hamidtahir37 that's a good mod thanks but can you tel me how to create a mod like this one
Maniacscrew I'm not sure if I done something wrong when installing, like having a different version of the game. But the Crusader States, Byzantines, Venetians and the Teutonic Order have building schemes that don't suit them. Like the Crusader States and Teutonic order have the Aztec build scheme. Is this supposed to happen or have I buggered up somehow?
zzyzxlatnok Fantastic mod. Love it. Can you please tell me though, how you managed to edit the Tech tree graphically? How did you get those new techs and units to show in the Tech Tree?
Dave3377 #1 This mod has some awesome units and great potential

#2 I'm seeing the same mis-matched buildings that the other user mentioned

#3 Call me greedy, but is there any way you could make the SPLs for some of these units available. I feel dignified in asking for this mostly because many units of mine were used int his mod too, so I say "share the wealth" as I have done previously ;)

#4 So happy to SEE my units in this mod. I'm glad other people liked them enough to use them. :)
Mahazona will there be future updates to this with all the bugs fixed?
and can you replace the units from other games with copy past mods from here?they look outa place and it will make this more more realistic.
wowegoo Hi Chruchil
I like this mod. I habitually play my own portable and I wonder if you will continue working on it. This very well. Congratulations.

P.D.: Sorry, i only speak a little bit of english.
TheMightyTom99 Usefulness/Novelty: 5.0
The Crusades Mod, either the original for the Conquerors, or this new one, is brilliant. It is perfect for a wide variety of scenarios. If the creator adds unique buildings sets, or just changes some of them, it could be one of the best mods for Age of Empires.

Quality/Instructions: 5.0
The technology tree is excellent and writing is also very well done. Some things need to be patched over, such as original unit names coming through, but these are just minor gripes. This is a fantastic mod.

For future updates I would like to see some custom campaigns in a similar to vein to the ones done by Age of Chivalry and possibly even The Forgotten. If that is a possibility...

[Edited on 06/14/14 @ 12:55 AM]

ProxDude33 can u add more civs
Cecil Harvey when u will release the next beta version? the one with the tavern and mercenaries
Perfectionist84 Is this mod dead?
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